Love Island USA season 5, episode 24 revealed more funny unseen moments from the current week. As always, the episode was a fun break from all the drama on the show. Recently, a lot has gone down, especially as the islanders headed to Casa Amor to meet some new bombshells.

Keenan Anunay forgot all about Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray as soon as he got to know Najah Fleary, and Leonardo Dionicio moved on fast from Kassy Castillo with Johnnie Garcia. Meanwhile, Kassy got to know Matia Marcantuoni at Casa Amor, but unlike the male islanders, Kassy and Kay Kay remained respectful. Before Love Island USA‘s Casa Amor recoupling, Love Island USA aired a much more light-hearted episode with more unseen bits.

What Day & Time Is Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 24 On?

Love Island USA season 5, episode 24 aired around 8:30 pm eastern on Saturday night. The series airs from Thursdays through Tuesdays but had a special Wednesday episode this week since it’s Casa Amor week.

Love Island USA Season 5, Episode 24 Recap

The episode kicked off with Hannah Wright shaving Marco Donatelli’s back in the bathroom while Leo walked in and made fun of him. Then the female islanders watched on as the male islanders did intense workouts, and they made fun of them. Though, they later teased Kassy, too, when she told them about her and Leo and accidentally spoke in her baby voice.

In an unseen clip from the game based on America’s votes, hosted by Love Island UK alum Maura Higgins, islanders voted Leo as the islander with main character energy, with reasons like, he always talks about himself and he spends a lot of time looking in the mirror. Then, Imani hung out with Jonah in the bathroom, and he couldn’t deny how attractive he found her as he helped her put lotion on her body.


Kay Kay then helped Keenan put in eye drops as he struggled to keep his eyes open, and later Marco and Leo wrote a song for Hannah and Kassy and performed it to them to their amusement. Rob Rausch then told an odd story about the time his grandparents caught him hooking up with a girl on their yacht because they had installed security cameras. Meanwhile, Marco made animal shapes with his hands and was frustrated when Kenzo Ludo didn’t recognize his dog shape.

As always, the Love Island USA episode ended with the Islanders playing Beach Hut Blitz. This time they answered what’s their favorite party trick, but most of the islanders struggled to come up with an interesting answer. Later, narrator Iaian Stirling created his favorite memes using photos from the game.

Where Can I Watch Love Island USA Online?

Love Island USA season 5 is available to stream on Peacock. The season premiere episode is also free to watch on YouTube

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