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Information presented on this page by the zainfo.co.za team concerns the Official Taletso TVET College Website Login Home where you can be updated on everything about this great Institution. the Taletso TVET College Portal is created for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Staff & Parent to create an account and perform certain Academic Activities at ease.

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Taletso TVET College Admissions selection criteria: the Taletso TVET College uses these to select whom they will accept to study at the Taletso TVET College. First, they decide who has met the (minimum) admission requirements.

Taletso TVET College Applicant: You (A person who applies to study for a degree, diploma or certificate). Once you register at the Taletso TVET College, you become a student.

Taletso TVET College Application fee: This is the fee required as part of your application. It is non-refundable, even if your application is unsuccessful.

Taletso TVET College Applicant number: An alpha-numeric number will be allocated to you to identify and track your application. It is important that you quote this number in any subsequent correspondence that you have with the Taletso TVET College.

Taletso TVET College Applicant status: Once you have submitted your application, you can check the progress of your application on the Taletso TVET College website. You will need to use your application number or personal details to access information

How to Login to the Taletso TVET College Student Portal

Note that you can visit and access the Taletso TVET College using a computer or mobile by following the links provided respectively. login into the Taletso TVET College Students Portal is as simple as ABC–here we go..straight to Taletso TVET College Student’s Portal..

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