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Nongcebo Mckenzie Biography: Career, Net Worth & House

Official Nongcebo Mckenzie Biography: Age, Husband, Ukhozi FM Career, Net Worth, Child, Contact Details, Cars & House

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Nongcebo Mckenzie Biography

Nongcebo Mckenzie is a South African media personality and one with a strong interest in her community. Not surprisingly, she has a foundation that helps people get a good education. She credits her parents with having propelled her into the person she is today.


Nongcebo Mckenzie’s age is something she has been keep close to her chest. However, while she hasn’t been forthcoming with that, speculations are rife she’s in her 30s.


For one who said she would marry when the time is right, and to the right man, a respectable and considerate soul, Nongcebo Mckenzie had sparked interest when she married Mbongeni Ngema, becoming a spouse in a polygamous relationship.

She had admitted soon after that she had become uncomfortable in the union. According to her, she was blind. Bt now she can see, and she’s looking t the |Bible to guide her marital decision.

Ukhozi FM Career

After a stint in the corporate world, Nongcebo Mckenzie had veered into radio broadcasting, snapping a spot at Gagasi 99.5FM, one of the notable radio stations in KwaZulu-Natal.

Three years later, in 2008, she had joined the behemoth SABC, taking a position as a presenter and producer at one of its subsidiaries, Ukhozi FM. Interestingly, it is for her role as a presenter at this station that many know her.

Thanks to the Excellency of her deliveries as a presenter, she has had the opportunity to anchor the Crown Gospel Music Awards, the South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA) and hosted the Annual Durban Business Fair Gala Dinner.

Net Worth

Nongcebo Mckenzie is one of the private media personalities out there. And while her net worth has been a subject of speculation for a long time, the media personality herself would not comment on that.

Anyway, industry insiders include her among the millionaires in the industry. Not bad, we might add.


Last we checked, Nongcebo Mckenzie actually has no child. But then, she has not ruled out having a child in the future. She once wrote on her blog that she was at the age of getting married and having children, but she wasn’t going to rush the process, as she prioritizes love, respect and commitment.

Contact Details

If you’re keen to get in touch with Nongcebo Mckenzie, you may not have a dead-end. She is active on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram (@NVMcKenzie) and might be reached via both media, by a direct message or by a mention.

She’s also got a professional website where she shares movements from her life and professional career, as well as words of wisdom from greats past and present. Finally, for those who want to reach her professionally, she’s just an email away: info [at] nvmckenzie dot co dot za.

Cars & House

Nongcebo Mckenzie’s quest for privacy extends to assets like her c and house. However, where other celebs keenly share these assets, the actress and media personality would rather keep hers under wraps.

But of course, fans and others have encountered her assets now and showed their admiration for them. For instance, back in 2013, a fan who had seen her car had described it as nice.

But the fan didn’t stop there. The fan dropped a note, asking when the media personality would be getting married. This note formed the subject of a blog post she wrote soon after.

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nongcebo Mckenzie
Real Name: Nongcebo Vukile Mckenzie
Occupation: South African Actress, Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: KwaMadlala, Port Shepstone,  South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University of KwaZulu Natal (Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management and Economics))
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