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Naked Alone Racing to Get home Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements


Naked Alone Racing to Get home  Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about the Naked Alone Racing to Get home  Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements

  • On the brand-new survival shows Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home, two competitors have opened up on what it was actually like and how uncomfortable it was to strip down fully naked with a stranger and travel across the country.
  • As the amateur survivalists are stripped of all their clothing and possessions and unleashed into the arduous British wilderness, there are two teams in this episode.
  • They must outwit one another over the course of three days while scavenging for food, shelter, and materials to stay warm. They are without phones, money, or clothes.
  • A financial prize is at the end of it all, but getting there will need a lot of effort and perhaps even the survival of strangers.
  • According to executive producer Jamie Isaacs, “No clothes, no food, and no help,” the series “promises to be the ultimate test of courage and resourcefulness with the dramatic twists along the way.”

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Naked Alone Racing to Get home 2024 Location:

  • The Last Season was filmed on the Scottish Highlands. In the midst of lochs and mountains, the Scottish Highlands provide magnificent, natural beauty and delightful privacy.
  • Due to its dense populations of Scots pine forests, the Scottish Highlands are the only region in the British Isles to have the taiga biome.
  • Naked Alone Racing to Get home 2024 location will be disclosed soon.

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Naked Alone Racing to Get home 2024 Entry Criteria:

Before applying online make sure the participants are eligible for the show.  Here we have mentioned all importants point regarding the entry criteria of the show.

  • Everyone who applies must also undergo a battery of medical and psychological examinations to ensure that they are both physically and mentally fit for the programme.
  • The show’s producers are searching for individuals who have a passion for outdoor survival and aren’t afraid to push themselves to the limit.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old and in good physical condition.
  • Particiaptns must have citizenship of the United Kingdom.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination is mandatory.
  • They possess the endurance required to face the difficulties of spending 3-4 weeks alone in the bush without access to supplies or contemporary conveniences.
  • The competition show frequently looks for competitors with prior outdoor expertise, but it will also take into account those without any prior survival training if they have other unique abilities or attributes.

How to Apply for Naked Alone Racing to Get home 2024:

To Applying the new survival show of the Channel 4 follow the below given procedure. The return of Naked, Alone, and Racing to Get Home on Channel 4 has sparked a frenzied fan response.

  • Go the official site of the channel 4.
  • Check out the entry criteria and click on the application form.
  • Fill out the complete application with all necessary  details such as Name, DOB, Email ID and other personal details .
  • Applicants needs to fill out the details about the medical condition.
  • Also fill out the all details about the physical measurement and other survival techniques.
  • Uploads the recent photographs with headshots.
  • Uploads the video as per the given format.
  • Selected participant will be called for document verification. medical and physicals evaluation and face to face interview.

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Where to Watch Naked Alone Racing to Get home 2024:

  • The pilot episodes for Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home debuted on E4 in 2021. Viewers at the time acknowledged being “shocked” and “confused” by the program’s premise.
  • However, a full six-part series was subsequently ordered, and it premieres tonight (Thursday, April 6, 2023) on E4.
  • Every episode features two vying teams of amateur survivalists who are abandoned in the bush after losing all they own. Also watch on the FOXTEL official site.

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