Seize this opportunity to work as a light vehicle driver in Dubai, with the added advantage of visa sponsorship for foreigners. Connect our driving team and become a necessary part of Dubai’s transportation network, ensuring the secure and efficient development of individuals and goods in one of the most energetic cities in the world. Apply today to begin a rewarding career on the road.

Are you a talented and reliable light vehicle driver looking for immediate work openings in Dubai? We have urgent openings for Light Vehicle Driver positions, and we offer visa sponsorship for qualified universal candidates. Connect our group and contribute to secure and efficient transportation services!

The candidate should be at least 5’7 with a 65 kg weight or a perfect BMI. With a fundamental compensation of 7500 AED, visas, accommodation, transportation, nourishment, and medical protections will be free. Experience is not vital but will be favored. Fundamental written and spoken English abilities are a must, but if you’re a high school graduate, that’s even better. Let’s discuss everything you need to know before writing up this incredible opportunity for Light Vehicle Driver Employment in Dubai with a visa sponsorship for you

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Light Vehicle Driver Jobs in Dubai
  • Job Industry: Transport and Personal Services
  • Employer Title: Dubai Expo
  • Education Required: Basic English is required. High School Diploma preferred
  • Experience Required: Preferred
  • Age Limit: Not above 35 years of age
  • Average Compensation: AED 7500 per month
  • Employee Benefits: Free Visa, Nourishment, Accommodation, Transport, Insurance

Qualifications and Requirements

While particular prerequisites may change among employers, there are common capabilities and prerequisites for people looking for light vehicle driver occupations in Dubai:

  • Valid Driving License: A valid and recognized driving license is a principal necessity for anybody trying to become a light vehicle driver in Dubai. It is fundamental to guarantee that the license is suitable for the type of vehicle to be operated.
  • Experience: A few employers may favor candidates with prior driving experience, particularly if the work includes transporting travelers. However, entry-level positions are also accessible for those with a clean driving record and a willingness to learn.
  • Language Capability: An essential understanding of English is usually essential because it encourages communication with colleagues, bosses, and visitors. Arabic is one language where knowing a second language can be useful.
  • Knowledge of Traffic Laws: For the driver’s and the passengers’ security, it is fundamental to have a careful awareness of Dubai’s movement laws and rules.
  • Customer Benefit Skills: For roles including passenger transportation, amazing customer service aptitudes are highly valued. Considerate behavior, reliability, and a professional attitude contribute to a positive client experience.

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Job Duties

As a light vehicle driver, your essential duties will include:

  • Performing routine vehicle assessments and maintenance checks.
  • Assisting travelers with boarding and exiting the vehicle, if applicable.
  • Maintaining exact records of trips, including mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Reporting any vehicle issues or mishaps promptly.
  • Providing amazing client service to travelers or clients.
  • Safely working light vehicles to transport travelers or goods to their destinations.
  • Adhering to traffic rules and controls while maintaining a high level of safety.
  • Planning efficient courses and guaranteeing on-time arrivals.

Average Compensation Package

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a light vehicle driver regularly earns AED 12,050 a month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a light vehicle driver ordinarily receives an additional cash compensation of AED 8,850, with a range of AED 3,600 to AED 24,000.


Light vehicle driver jobs in Dubai come with a few benefits that make them appealing to foreigners:

  • Competitive Compensations: Pay rates for light vehicle drivers in Dubai are generally competitive, giving a steady wage for expatriates.
  • Accommodation and Transportation: A few employers offer accommodation and transportation as part of the work package and assist in facilitating the relocation process for remote workers.
  • Career Development Openings: Dubai’s flourishing economy offers various openings for career progression within the transportation division. Skilled and dedicated drivers may discover themselves qualified for promotions and higher-paying positions.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working as a light vehicle driver in Dubai permits people to connect with people from different societies, contributing to a wealthy and differing work experience.

Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

One of the key attractions for outsiders considering light vehicle driver occupations in Dubai is the accessibility of visa sponsorship. The method involves a company or employer in Dubai sponsoring the remote worker’s visa, permitting them to legally reside and work within the nation. This eliminates the need for expatriates to explore complex immigration methods independently.

Visa sponsorship not only streamlines the relocation process but also gives a sense of security and legitimacy to outside laborers. Employers in Dubai frequently recognize the value that talented and dedicated drivers bring to their businesses, making them more willing to contribute to the vital paperwork to facilitate a smooth contracting process.

Application Method for Light Vehicle Driver Jobs

We kindly request that you send your resume and contact information to or

Note: We( don’t request money to offer jobs, and don’t pay money to anyone.

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