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Katlego Danke Profile – Biography, Net Worth, Awards & Contact Details

Full details of Katlego Danke Profile – Biography, Net Worth, Awards & Contact Details

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Katlego Danke Biography

Katlego Danke is a South African actress, disc jockey and television presenter.  She fancies herself as a work in progress but God’s masterpiece all the same. She exudes the same confidence in her roles and many now look up to her because of that.

Her interest in acting dates from when she was very young. Now almost two decades in the industry, she had appeared on flicks like Isidingo, What’s Bothering Marc Lottering, 7de Laan, Elna Liebe in Afrika, and Generations


For one who has hidden almost everything about her from the public, it is interesting that Katlego Danke’s age should be public. Born in 1978, she’s currently 42 years. She’ll be 43 in November.


Whether by design or by accident, Katlego Danke fell pregnant and gave birth to a son in October 2014. Her world has been revolving around the kid since.

She has been parsimonious with sharing information about the child. While other celebs would open social media accounts for their kids and push them to celebrity status, Katlego Danke has mostly hidden her son from the public.


Wondering who Katlego Danke’s husband might be? You’re not alone. That topic has been a subject of conversation for many years. And yet there’s no answer to it…

And that’s because the actress actually has no husband yet, at the time of writing. She has a son, though, and she’s more than pleased to be a mother to him.

Net Worth

For one who has successfully kept many aspects of her life private, it’s not surprising the actress has also successful kept the public guessing what she might be what.

Although she wouldn’t speak on her net worth, her earnings suggest she’s one of the millionaire figures in the acting industry right now – not bad for one whose focus has been her career and not on noise.


She may have shielded many aspects of her life from publicity, but Katlego Danke was unsuccessful in shielding her house. In 2019, it was reported that her house was about to be repossessed because she couldn’t pay up the loan she took to buy the place.

Baby Father

As a public figure, it was inevitable the identity of Katlego Danke’s father is one the public would love to know. But the songstress has not been forthcoming on who her baby daddy might be.

From the look of things, she’s happy with the current arrangement in which she’s raising her son alone and saying nothing about the man who got her pregnant with her only child.

Although she would say nothing about her baby daddy, speculations are rife he is no other than the mining billionaire Patrice Motsepe. We cannot confirm this, however.


In an industry that glorifies awards, Katlego Danke is doing fine. She was nominated for and actually won the South African Film and Television Awards in the Best Actress – TV Soap category.


Katlego Danke is a great believer in education. In fact, she’s one of the few educated thespians out there, with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and performance from the University of Cape Town.

Contact Details

Katlego Danke is one of the few celebs who have made things easy for those who want to get in touch. She has an active Instagram account and might be reached via that medium, by a direct message or a mention.

For those who want to book her and make similar enquiries, she might be reached via the email: kdanke.biz [at] googlemail dot com

Basic Information

Stage Name: Katlego Danke
Real Name: Katlego Danke
Occupation: South African Actress, DJ and Presenter
Date Of Birth/Age: 7 November 1978 
Place of Birth: North West, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Cape Town (BA – Theatre and Performance)
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