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Geet December Teasers 2021

Geet December Teasers 2021

We(zainfo.co.za Team) is pleased to inform you about Geet December Teasers 2021-Full Episode

A rebroadcast of Geet starts on Star Life on Saturday 20 November, replacing Waiting for Love which ends the day before.

Coming up in the first episodes:

Saturday 20 November 2021

Episode 1

A girl tries to escape from a group of men who try to kill her. Darjee beats Geet when she comes home without her dupatta. Later, Geet’s mother worries as Geet hasn’t come back from college yet. Finally, the men find the girl. Will they kill her?

Episode 2

When a boy’s family comes to see Geet, she asks not to be married. Darjee apologises for Geet’s immaturity. Later, the prospective groom, Dev, agrees to the marriage and also announces that he likes Geet. Will Geet’s family agree to her request?

Sunday 21 November 2021

Episode 3

Dev’s family agrees to the marriage and Darjee forces Geet to agree too. But Geet doesn’t want to move to Canada and Dev gets upset. To everyone’s surprise, Dev wants to talk to Geet in private as the elders decide to perform the pre-marriage ritual. Will Dev change his mind after talking to Geet?

Episode 4

Channi’s mother questions Brij about Channi’s death. Rupinder and Rano are worried when they don’t see Dev at the Lohri celebrations. Meanwhile, Dev’s family overhears Brij talking about killing Channi. Later, Rupinder hushes up Geet’s refusal to go to Canada. Will Geet’s refusal become an issue?

Monday 22 November 2021

Episode 5

Dev assures Geet that she will be comfortable in Canada. Geet is relieved that Dev didn’t tell his family about her wish to stay in India. Channi’s mother curses Darjee’s family. Dev gets a call which upsets him. Is it something that will make Dev’s family change their decision?

Episode 6

Dev informs the Handas that he has to go Canada and will not be able to return to India within a year. Daarji returns the bangles to Dev’s mother and refuses to get Geet married to Dev. Geet refuses to accept a gift from Dev. Brij assaults Dev for meeting Geet.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Episode 7

Daarji scolds Geet for meeting Dev. Dev informs Daarji that he has asked Geet to meet him. Later, the inspector tells Daarji that Ranjeet Singh’s wife has lodged a case against Brij. Daarji questions Dev whether he is ready to get married to Geet within three days. The Handas celebrate Geet’s roka.

Episode 8

Mohinder tries to console Geet. Rano agrees to give the jewellery to Dev’s mother. Daarji confronts Rupinder for refusing to give her jewellery to Dev’s mother. An anonymous caller informs Mohindar that she wants to reveal the truth of the Khuranas to him. Kamya steals a necklace.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 9

Daarji scolds Dolly for accusing Kamya of stealing the necklace. Brij tells Daarji that Dev and his family have gone to Hoshiarpur. Dev and his family visit the Handas. Dev’s mother returns the jewellery, but Daarji refuses to accept it. Mohindar informs Daarji about the phone call.

Episode 10

Dev asks Geet to meet him in the garden. A woman tells Mohindar about Dev and his family’s misdeed. Dev professes his love to Geet. The woman refuses to identify the Khuranas. Daarji confronts Mohindar for suspecting the Khuranas and asks him to apologise. Mohindar apologises to the Khuranas.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Episode 11

Naintara tries to calm Dev’s mother and tells her that she has bribed the woman to lie to the Handas. The Handas and the Khuranas attend a festival. Dev suggests Geet give a ganesh idol to his mother and the bangles to Kamya and Naintara. A few goons tease Geet.

Episode 12

The goons chase Geet into a jungle. Geet slips and falls in a river. A stranger rescues Geet. Meanwhile, the Handas and the Khuranas are worried on seeing Geet missing. Rajji tells Daarji that they have left Geet at the festival venue by mistake. Daarji, Brij, Mohindar and Dev search for Geet.

Friday 26 November 2021

Episode 13

Brij slaps Geet for travelling with a stranger. Naintara confronts Kamya for stealing the necklace. The Handas and the Khuranas celebrate Geet’s mehendi ceremony. Mohindar tells Daarji that the Khuranas are not taking Geet to Canada. Dev tells the Handas that Geet has to attend an interview for the visa.

Episode 14

A bad feeling grows in Parminder, as she feels that Dev and Geet are not a proper match. She asks Dev to rethink about the marriage. Dev informs the Handa family that Naintara will be trying to get Geet a visa. Later, Naintara gets Geet’s signature on a blank paper and leaves for the formalities.

Saturday 27 November 2021

Episode 15

Parminder tries to inform the Handa family that Dev and Naintara are deceiving them. Kamya patches Parminder with Naintara over the phone. Naintara makes her realise the situation and asks her to cooperate with them. Meanwhile, Maan visits the town in search of someone. Later, Geet gets married to Dev.

Episode 16

Geet’s family hands over the property will to Parminder. Dev along with Geet bid farewell from the temple after the marriage. Geets family breaks down into tears on Geet’s farewell. Dev and Geet are stuck on the road because of the car break down. Later, Naintara yells at Parminder for her behaviour.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Episode 17

Dev and Geet take shelter in a lodge for the night. Naintara becomes anxious on learning that Dev and Geet are missing. Naintara finds Dev and believes that he is deceiving him, but Dev slaps her for questioning on his character. Geet collides with Maan in the same lodge while searching for Dev.

Episode 18

Geet panics on not finding Dev in the middle of the night. Dev finds Geet in distress and consoles her. The next day, Dev along with Geet arrive at the airport. Meanwhile, Maan wants to speak to the Handas for a property deal. Dev and Naintara execute their last phase of their plan of deceiving Geet.

Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 19

Dev is tense. Parminder tries to alert Geet about Dev and Naintara’s treachery, but Naintara stops her. Geet drinks the spiked coffee in which Dev had mixed a sleeping pill. Dev spills the coffee on Geet to buy some time in order to flee without her notice. Dev and his family flee leaving Geet behind!

Episode 20

Geet feels dizzy and seeks help from the airport authority to find Dev. Meanwhile, Geet’s family prays for her welfare. Geet faints on learning from the airport personnel that no one by the name Dev Khurana has boarded the plane. Later, on gaining consciousness Geet finds herself in the prison

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Episode 21

Geet tells Darji and Mohinderlaal that Dev went missing at the airport. Brij informs Darji that Dev did not go to Canada. Geet refuses to believe that Dev has cheated her. Her family is shattered to learn about Dev. Meanwhile, Dev’s mother gets angry at him for cheating Geet and her family.

Episode 22

Chander Kaur informs Geet’s family that Dev had given her money to get him married. Darji tells his family to consider that Geet has not been married to Dev. Geet sets out to search for Dev. Meanwhile, Maan Singh Khurana visits Geet’s house and informs Mohinderlaal that he has purchased his land.

Premiere episodes of Geet air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00 and 18h30.

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