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Curse of the Sands Teasers November 2021

Curse of the Sands Teasers November 2021

We(zainfo.co.za Team) are pleased to inform you about Curse of the Sands Teasers November 2021 | read full details below

Friday 1 October 2021

Episode 145

Ananya brings a gift for Shiv and daydreams about their marriage. Meanwhile, to please Ananya, Amar decorates her room with balloons. Chaya plays one of her own games to thwart Dadi’s plan. Ananya faints due to the poisonous gas filled in the balloons by Ketki.

Saturday 2 October 2021

Episode 146

Mohini and Shiv’s words put Amar deep in thought. Due to Chaya’s move, Girija gets imprisoned in the bottle instead of Mohini. While Amar plots to kill Shiv, Chaya informs Mohini about it. Amar threatens to kill Mohini when she tries to stop him.

Sunday 3 October 2021

Episode 147

Ananya gets furious with Shiv regarding the gift he gave to Amar. Mohini begins to regret her actions and decides to save Shiv from Amar. Shiv’s surprise leaves Ananya exultant. Later, Mohini fails in her attempt to find out Amar’s next move.

Monday 4  October 2021

Episode 148

Amar tells Ananya that they will get married anyhow. Amar finds a way to kill Mohini. Meanwhile, Mohini requests Shiv to marry Ananya. Ananya curses Shiv for his decision.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Episode 149

Shiv finds Amar with Mohini’s help and attacks him in his devil form. Sunanda asks the family members to get Ananya and Shiv married. Just then, Devika and Shantanu arrive, and all the family members dance together.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Episode 150

Shiv worries for Ananya. Amar fails at his attempt of applying mehndi to Ananya. Ananya and Shiv’s wedding rituals begin. Further, they suddenly stop the pandit from performing the next ritual.


Thursday 7 October 2021

Episode 151

As soon as the ritual starts, Shiv’s powers begin to come out of his body. When Ananya comes forward to absorb Shiv’s powers, Amar pushes her and absorbs them himself. As soon as he does so, he turns into a pile of ashes. Further, Amar, after his revival, returns home and Ananya gets scared to find him in Shiv’s room.

Friday 8 October 2021

Episode 152

Amar stabs Mohini. Ananya is left shattered when Mohini shows her true colours. Kamal curses Dadi for supporting Amar and Mohini. When Shiv returns home, Ananya tells him everything but he too speaks in favour of Amar and Mohini.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.

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