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Charlie Vundla is American-born South African actor, director, writer and film producer. He was the writer, producer and creator of such films as Cuckold, Hotel on the Koppies among the few. Furthermore, these movies were made by himself and few of his friends. However, they went on to recieve wide acclaim internationally. And, one of his films was even added to the Amazon streaming platform, Prime Video. [1]

Biography: Charlie Vundla

Full name: Charlie Vundla
Place of birth: Manhattan New York, USA
Current residence: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Occupation: Actor, writer, director and film producer
Known for: Cuckold and Hotel on the Koppies
Parents: Mfundi Vundla and Karen Vundla
Citizenship: South African and American
Nationality: South African

Early Childhood of Charlie Vundla.

Charlie Vundla was born in Manhattan, New York in the United States of America. [2] However, he was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Giving him a great deal of diversity. Furthermore, Charlie Vundla is an award-winning independent filmmaker. He created the new lockdown feature film Hotele Lerallaneng (Hotel on the Koppies). Vundla is the son of Mfundi Vundla and Karen Vundla. Whom some sources suggest to have met in the United States. Where Charlie happens to be born.

However, since Mfundi’s career was almost entirely based in South Africa. He decided to raise his son in South Africa. You may know Mfundi as the creator of Generations. Both the former and the present are his creations. And in 2015 he had to end the entire production. Only to remake it again when actors protested for being underpaid. So, he went on to fire everyone who protested. And thereafter, restarted the soapie with a new cast.

Education of Charlie Vundla

Exactly where Charlie Vundla attended his high school or university remains undisclosed. Both on his website and on his public records. However, there are sources that may suggest he attended his high school in Johannesburg. And, there’s a disagreement on whether he studied for his filmographic knowledge.

Considering his father’s experience in film making and film production. This idea is supported by something Vundla said in an interview with news24. In the interview, Vundla said that his father and mother being in the film business was a head start. Because it allowed him to gain a lightyears ahead worth of knowledge and accessibility that he otherwise wouldn’t have had.[3]

Charlie Vundla’s personal views in film

Charlie Vundla has shared some of his views with News24 before. In an interview with News 24, he revealed his thoughts on film production and some of his favourite films. According to Vundla, he filmed his movies in South Africa due to a higher chance of getting governmental funding. As well as the accesibility of talent which in the united states he claims can be very expensive.

However, as much as things are cheaper here. Vundla doesn’t believe in throwing money at the problem. Saying that such an approach kills creativity and he says not having forces you to be creative with what you have. As a result, Vundla values creativity and most times he does most of the work by himself. Instead of hiring people to do it for him.

Charlie Vundla career accolades and acclaim

Which was an official selection at the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam. Moreover, Vundla is also the writer-director-actor of the critically acclaimed feature film Cuckold (aka The Tribe).

Which was an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival. As well as at the Chicago International Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival. The Raindance Film Festival and the Africa International Film Festival. Where he won the Best Actor prize. His debut feature film as writer-director was the box office hit and critical success How to Steal 2 Million.

The debut film was the winner of four Africa Movie Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Film. It was also a prize winner at the Pan African Film and Television Festival 2013. The film secured North American distribution. And, was an official selection at the Seattle International Film Festival

As well as at the Fantastic Fest, Durban International Film Festival. And, the Lincoln Center section of the New York African Film Festival, amongst others. Vundla is a Berlinale Talents alum, and chief executive of the production company House Rising Pictures. Whose mission statement remains re-defining Africa and her people. In an exciting and authentic light within commercially viable content.

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