Home Teasers Begusarai Teasers October 2021 – Latest Episode

Begusarai Teasers October 2021 – Latest Episode

Begusarai Teasers October 2021 – Latest Episode

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Saturday 4 September 2021

Schedule alert!

Begusarai moves to 18h00 and 19h00 this Saturday and then changes times throughout the month. You’ll see below…

Episode 85 at 18h00

Komal successfully creates a rift between Lakhan and Poonam. Bindiya becomes even more determined to find out who “The boss” is. Mithilesh continues to give the occultist innocent people.

Episode 86 at 19h00

Bindiya’s goodness comes out as she gives of her own money for Soni and Pintu’s education. Poonam, Maya and Grandma corner Komal with knives. Turns out that Lakhan and Poonam are both fooling Rekha and Komal.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Schedule alert!

Please note: Begusarai changes to one episode a week from today to accommodate a new reality show Dance Africa Dance, which premieres on Saturday 18 September at 19h00.

A series of build-up episodes air on Saturdays at 18h00 and 19h00 and Sundays at 18h00 until it starts.

This is the description of it: For the first time ever, Africa meets India on the dance floor on this spectacular dance extravaganza.

Begusarai Episode 87 at 19h00

Poonam figures out that the boss is a member of the Thakur family. The boss arranges for the Thakur factory to be burned down. Bindiya gets tasked to do something that is almost impossible. Question is, what could the task be?

Sunday 12 September 2021
Episode 88 at 19h00

The boss sends the Thakur family a small gift that leaves them all very upset. Grandma formulates a fill proof plan to find out once and for all who the boss is.

Sunday 19 September 2021
Episode 89 at 19h00

Lakhan tells Poonam that the boss can’t be aunt, it has to be someone else. Lakhan manages to not only fool the boss, but he also frees Bhushan from captivity. Now that the boss can no longer control Lakhan, what will she do now?

Sunday 26 September 2021

Schedule alert! Begusarai moves to 17h00 today, to make way for new series Money Merchants at 19h00 and 20h00.

Episode 90 at 17h00

The throne of Begusarai gets given two both Lakhan and Mithilesh. Komal and her gran take over Manjeeta’s house. Lakhan plans something special for Poonam on their first wedding anniversary, unfortunately Komal interferes.

The rebroadcast of Begusarai airs on Zee World on Saturdays and Sundays, until 5 September when it airs on Sundays only.


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