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A Place in the Sun Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements


A Place in the Sun Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about the A Place in the Sun Audition 2024-2025 | Application, Requirements

About the Show:

Finding the “perfect property” on the market in the UK, abroad, and “abroad” is the focus of the British Channel 4 lifestyle television program A Place in the Sun.

It has also included a number of locations from throughout the globe, including Florida, Caribbean, France, Portugal and Italy. It has displayed places as different as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and even Cape Verde over the past few years.

We finally learn if they went on to purchase the property or another in the area when we ask them if they have a favorite property at the end of the program. It was a reaction to the rise in British home purchases abroad.

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A Place in the Sun New Series 2024 Start Dates:

The New Series of the Channel 4 Reality Show “A Palace in the Sun”. The exact date of the show will be announced soon.

  • The Online Casting Application: May 2024
  • Deadline of the Application: August 2024
  • Release Date: Nov-Dec 2024
  • Filming of the Show: September and October 2024

A Place in the Sun New Series 2024 Host:

 Jean Johansson:

Presenter Jean Johansson of A Place in the Sun was taken aback when a visitor instructed her to “hold it” when she asked if she wanted to make an offer on her perfect property.

In a repeat show tonight on Channel 4, the 42-year-old property expert was assisting teacher Danuta in finding her ideal vacation home in Valencia, Spain.

Jonatan Johansson, a former player and current football coach in Finland, is married to Jean. The pair got married in 2008 and have since purchased, built, and sold a number of houses.

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A Place in the Sun New Series 2024 Entry Criteria:

Why not apply to participate on the TV show and take advantage of our professional assistance in making your selection if you’re serious about purchasing a property overseas and have already made the decision as to which country you’d want to invest in?

  • Participants must be at least 18 yrs old.
  • Participant must be legal citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Participant fully vaccinated by the COVID-19 Dose.
  • Participant must be looking for property.
  • Proof of Identity, citizenship and bank account details is mandatory.

How to Apply for A Place in the Sun New Series 2024:

We are looking for enthusiastic contributors for our next series. If you’re looking to buy a property abroad please fill out this questionnaire, giving as much detail as possible.

To Appear in the channel 4 Reality Show A Place in the Sun 2024 must follow below given steps:

  • All you have to do to be taken into consideration is send us an email with some information about yourself, a brief description of the kind and location of the property you are searching for, your budget, and a picture.
  • To ensure that we have all the information required for the selection process, you can also download, complete, and email the application form below.
  • A Place in the Sun will never ask you for your bank details or for you to transfer any money to us.
  • After meeting you and learning exactly what you’re looking for, our researchers will recommend a few houses for you to view while the filming is taking place, eliminating all the tedious searching on your part.
  • Then, after providing you tips on what to look out for and assisting you in making a decision about what is truly essential to you, our presenters will take you to tour the properties that made the short list.
  • Our presenters will offer advice and pointers on how to secure the best bargain if you decide to submit an offer on one of the homes you view, knowledge they have gained from years of negotiating for homebuyers.

Email us: househunters@fftv.co.uk

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Where to Watch A Place in the Sun New Series 2024:

All new upcoming season will be aired in Channel 4 official site or app. Fans can access the official site of the Channel 4 and sign in the account for new user. After successfully registration, user can login and watch the whole episodes.

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