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Kelly Khumalo Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Kelly Khumalo Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Some call her a cursed woman, but Kelly is one of the most talented musicians in South Africa. She’s had so much controversy but no one can doubt that she’s also one of Mzansi’s favourite actresses. Get more from this Kelly Khumalo biography.

Personal Life

The singer, actress and dancer, Kelly Khumalo whose full name is Kelly Nonhlanhla Khumalo was born on 11 November 1984 in Diepsloot, Gauteng, South Africa. She grew up in Katlehong’s Spruitview community in Ekurhuleni.

Real name:

Kelly Nonhlanhla Khumalo


Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Brand influencer, Entreprenuer


11 November 1984


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Diepsloot, Gauteng, South Africa




Christian and Thingo Meyiwa

Net Worth:

R3.5 million or $1-5 million

Who’s Kelly Khumalo’s Father?

Kelly Khumalo grew up in Katlehong’s Spruitview community in Ekurhuleni. She was raised by her mother, Ntombi Khumalo and her “father”, Titus.

Apparently, Titus was not her biological father. Kelly Khumalo revealed in 2015 that Titus physically abused her as a child and her mother eventually left him.

When she was in her late twenties, Kelly discovered that the man she referred to as “Uncle Mbatha” was her biological father.

She often saw the taxi driver and suspected he was her birth father but her family brushed off her suspicions.

Who Is Kelly Khumalo’s Sister?

Kelly Khumalo’s sister Zandile ‘Zandie’ Khumalo is also a famous singer. The singer and her sister, Zandile, made headlines early in 2020 when Zandile posted a strongly worded announcement declaring she was “divorcing” her sister.

Zandie left everyone shocked because of Kelly’s reaction to an article that said Zandie’s husband, Mhlo Gumede, had allegedly used Kelly’s name to extort money from an event organizer.

It looks as if there’s no compromise in sight for Zandie Khumalo-Gumede and her older sister after Zandie filed for a restraining order against Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly Khumalo’s Rather Heartbreaking Personal Life

In 2012, Kelly Khumalo spoke out about her experience of being in an abusive relationship and became an advocate against domestic violence.

The singer admitted to being a drug addict for at least two years during her association with singer Molemo Maarohanye popularly known as Jub Jub. She cleaned up by attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Kelly Khumalo’s Schooling

In an interview with the MacG podcast, Kelly Khumalo admitted to having dropped out of school in grade 10. Her passion for music led her to this decision which her mother disapproved of.

“I went to grade 10 briefly, and by March, I was out of school. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t keeping up and I was like, I know I’m a smart child but I’m just not happy.” she said. “My mom hated me for it. I remember her saying that I will not be anything.”

Kelly Khumalo’s Career

Kelly Khumalo who shot to fame after the release of her debut album T.K.O in 2005, has been unstoppable since. So popular was Kelly Khumalo at the beginning of her career that she was named the Best Newcomer of 2005 in the Afro Pop music circuit.

Kelly Khumalo’s Accomplishments

Kelly Khumalo’s albums were always a huge hit with fans.

Her debut solo album T.K.O. was released in August 2005 and was nominated for two South African Music Awards (2006).

In addition, she was named the Best Newcomer of 2005 in the Afro Pop music circuit.

On the heels of her success with her first album came Kelly Khumalo’s second studio album Itshitshi, released in September 2006.

The Past, The Present, The Future album was released in November 2012. For this album, Kelly Khumalo scooped the Best Female Artist of the Year award at the 19th South African Music Awards 2013. Next came Kelly’s next album, Back to My Roots in 2014.

In October 2014, the hit by Kelly Khumalo, Asine, was released and nominated for Song of The Year at Metro FM Awards in 2015, and her album, Back to my Roots for Best African Pop Album.

It was nominated for Best African Adult Album at South African Music Awards XXXI (2015).

What Are Some Of Kelly Khumalo’s Songs?

Kelly Khumalo has nine albums, including her latest, The Voice Of Africa (TVOA) – released in 2020.

“Asine“: From her album Back To My Roots comes her hit song Asine, a Zulu song by Kelly Khumalo, released in Oct 2014.

The song, which tells a story of a female murderer, sparked a lot of debate. The public accused Khumalo of having a hand in the death of her late boyfriend Bafana Bafana midfielder Senzo Meyiwa, in 2014.

Kelly Khumalo defended the message behind the song “Asine” with ‘I was Kelly Khumalo before Senzo.’  She said that she is slowly making a comeback after the tragedy.

Jehova“: Kelly Khumalo released her gospel song Jehova ft. J Flo in 2018. It was from the album, “Unleashed”.

Happiness“: Kelly Khumalo’s song “Happiness” is the second track of the South African singer’s “Unleashed” album.

Themba“: Kelly Khumalo’s “Themba” is a song from the album “My Truth“, which was released in 2016.

What Is The Name Of Kelly Khumalo’s New Song?

Kelly Khumalo’s “Ngathwala Ngaye” ft. Mondli Ngcobo premiered in Feb 2021. The Soul and kwaito-tinged Afropop inspired by African heritage has had over 4 million views.

Kelly Khumalo’s Acting Career

Kelly Khumalo’s biography also shows that she’s an actress. She was cast in Rhythm City in which she played the role of Sunay. She’s also featured in the film uSkroef noSexy and Zulu Wedding.

Kelly Khumalo has also had multiple television appearances. She was a judge on SA Idols, coached in the musical competition Clash of Choirs, competed in the show Tropika Island of Treasure Season 10 and also appeared on House of Zwide.

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Kelly Khumalo’s Businesses

Kelly Khumalo is an entrepreneur. In 2020, she launched a drink brand labelled Controversy Gin as well as a skincare brand labelled Kelly Khumalo Skin.

She partnered with Bioquantine SA to produce a product that is geared toward reversing the ageing process.

Kelly Khumalo’s Relationships

Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub ended their relationship after two years due to abuse. According to Kelly Khumalo, Jub Jub was sweet and loving in the beginning, but everything changed when he began abusing her.

Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo’s relationship was marred by allegations of abuse and domestic violence which saw Jub Jub sent to prison for culpable homicide.

Kelly single-handedly raised their son, Christian and kept him away from his father even after his release from prison.

Previously, Christian did not have a relationship with his father but Kelly Khumalo reached out to the Uyajola 9/9 host and his family.

According to the reality show “Life with Kelly Khumalo”, the singer tried to bridge the gap between father and son, by introducing her son, Christian, to his father’s family.

Who Is Kelly Khumalo’s husband?

Kelly is not married but came close. She was engaged to her ex-fiancĂŠ Chad Da Don with whom she almost walked down the aisle.

Khumalo said it would have been the worst mistake of her life. She called off the engagement when he showed he was insecure about her friends and fans and asked why they were hugging and taking pictures with her.

Who Are Kelly Khumalo’s Children?

Kelly Khumalo has two kids. She has a son named Christian from her relationship with the South African rapper Jub Jub.

Kelly Khumalo also has a daughter named Thingo with Senzo Meyiwa, the slain Bafana Bafana goalkeeper.

Thingo was born in 2014, and unfortunately, just a few months after her birth, lost her father. Kelly Khumalo’s late boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa, met his untimely death as he was gunned down in the home he shared with Kelly.

Kelly Khumalo’s Controversy

If you look up Kelly Khumalo’s biography, you are likely to get a search result about the death of her late boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa. That incident in 2014 left a dark cloud on her that still keeps hovering. We unpack the details.

The Story Of Senzo Meyiwa And Kelly Khumalo

On 26 October 2014, Kelly Khumalo’s boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa, captain of the South Africa men’s national football team, was shot dead in her presence at her family’s home in Vosloorus.

Since the trial began, five suspects have been charged with murder although they have all pleaded not guilty.

There’s been a twist with Kelly Khumalo required to appear before the court and be further investigated after a leaked document showed that police included her name in a charge sheet.

The singer’s phone call records as well her financial transactions are in question as they point to her having been in contact with some of the accused.

Another hearing is scheduled for 30 May 2022 and word is that Kelly is willing to testify.

According to Kelly Khumalo, the case proceedings have affected her and she revealed that she had to undergo therapy to deal with the death of her late boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa.

Kelly Khumalo was reduced to tears while talking about Senzo Meyiwa on her reality TV show, Life With Kelly Khumalo.

In a statement, Kelly Khumalo’s lawyer, Magdalene Moonsamy, said Kelly had not been officially charged or implicated in Senzo Meyiwa’s murder.

She acknowledged that Kelly Khumalo had been subjected to harassment since the incident happened.

Kelly Khumalo’s Cars

In 2017, Kelly Khumalo purchased a luxurious Porsche Cayenne Tiptronic at roughly R500,000. It has since emerged that the embattled musician might lose the car after she defaulted on her loan payment.

She ought to be paying R10,000 until 2023 and has arrears of up to R62,000. Nedbank has since moved to court to reclaim the car.

The singer snubbed the court after she was summoned and hasn’t also handed over the car to Nedbank.

Kelly Khumalo’s House

Some information about Kelly Khumalo’s house surrounds the murder of Senzo Meyiwa which happened at the singer’s house in Vosloorus.

She definitely will not be living there now with other unverified pictures hinting at a luxurious abord in CapeTown where she lives with her two children.

Kelly Khumalo’s Net Worth

Kelly Khumalo’s net worth is about R3.5 million or $1-5 million. She has made this through her career as a musician, actor, business and also brand endorsements.

Awards & Recognition 

Kelly Khumalo has been nominated for numerous awards like Song of the Year, Best Afro Pop Album, Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year amongst other awards

Of all those, she won the Best Female Artist award at the SAMA in 2013.

Social Media

Kelly Khumalo’s Instagram: @KellyKhumaloza

Kelly Khumalo’s Twitter: @KellyKhumaloZA


What is Kelly Khumalo’s real name?

Kelly Khumalo’s birth name is Kelly Nonhlanhla Khumalo.

How old is Kelly Khumalo?

Born on 11 November 1984, Kelly Khumalo’s age is 36.

Where does Kelly Khumalo live?

Kelly Khumalo lives in Johannesburg with her two children.

Who’s Kelly Khumalo’s father?

Kelly Khumalo’s biological father is a taxi driver she referred to as “Uncle Mbatha”. She was raised by her mother, Ntombi Khumalo and her “father”, Titus, who was not her biological father. She later revealed that Titus physically abused her as a child. Her mother eventually left Titus.

Who was Kelly Khumalo married to?

Singer Kelly Khumalo is not married. However, on her engagement to Chad Da Don, she says marrying her ex-fiancĂŠ Chad Da Don would have been the worst mistake of her life.

How rich is Kelly Khumalo?

Kelly Khumalo’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million which translates to R3.5 million. She makes this through her career in music, brand partnerships and businesses.

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