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Sbahle Mpisane Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Sbahle Mpisane Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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With a body that just won’t quit, this fitness guru has inspired so many people to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Many of us can relate to her struggles with low self-esteem and struggles with body confidence but that didn’t stop her. Now she holds weekly fitness boot camps and maintains her fitness with an hour workout every day. Sbahle Mpisane is working it!

Personal Life

Sbahle Mpisane, born on the 18 of June 1993, made ripples in South African media when she started sharing her fitness videos online.

The influencer then progressed to running fitness classes to share her love for staying fit and healthy. She is the founder of the personal training and boot camp Fitness Bunnie.

Sbahle Mpisane became a household name when she started dating one of South Africa’s best goalies, Itumeleng Khune.

Here’s a little more about Sbahle Mpisane’s journey into the limelight.

Also known as:

Fitness Bunnie

Real name:

Sbahle Mpisane


Fitness instructor, social media influencer, and reality show star


18 June 1993


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

South Africa


5’8 or 175cm



Net Worth:


Sbahle Mpisane’s Schooling

Sbahle was a brilliant student with scores that were high enough to get her into any university. She graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and obtained a degree in Housing and Town Planning.

Mzansi’s Fitness Bunnie took up this course with the hope of taking over her family’s construction empire. However, fate had different plans for her, and she became a fitness mogul in her own right.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Career

Sbahle is an online influencer and fitness instructor. She also has endorsement deals with companies that help supplement her income.

How Did Sbahle Mpisane’s Career Start? 

Sbahle experienced body insecurities as she was growing up. Not confident about her size, she decided to take matters into her own hands and began a fitness routine while she pursued a degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

As she progressed, she started an online boot camp called Fitness Bunnie to inspire others to start a fitness journey. She used her social media platforms to meet clients and create a community motivated to stay fit.

Many of Sbahle Mpisane’s Instagram followers are her clients and people who began their fitness journey after discovering her. The fitness influencer mainly holds her boot camps in her hometown, Durban at least once a week.

Now in the limelight, Sbahle Mpisane has bagged an endorsement deal with Acqua Air, a new atmospheric premium bottled water company.

Sbahle and Orlando Pirates’ midfielder Fortune Makaringe are co-ambassadors of the water company. The caliber of ambassadors Acqua Air has chosen makes it evident that the company has aligned itself with the fitness community.

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Sbahle Mpisane’s Accident, ICU, And Recovery 

On the 9 of August 2018, at around 4 am, Sbahle Mpisane got into a car accident. She lost control of her car, and it hit a light pole before crashing into a tree. The accident happened near the Yacht Mall, located close to Victoria Embankment.

Sbahle fractured both her hands and a leg. She was quickly rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. Sbahle’s accident put the whole country in shock as pictures of her badly damaged car surfaced on social media.

Sbahle Mpisane was in the ICU and shared pictures of herself from there. She said that the accident taught her to be thankful.

Her road to recovery was inspiring. She always kept her fans updated on her progress. She received a lot of support and prayers from her fans.

Her stepmother, Shauwn Mkhize, thanked God for such a great miracle on her social media, and Sbahle responded in the comments by thanking her for pushing and believing in her throughout the tough journey.

Her then-boyfriend, Itumeleng Khune also gave her so much support and frequently visited her in the hospital.

In March 2020, the 26-year-old finally shared a picture of herself on Instagram – without the cast that she usually had on her right leg. Sbahle captioned the picture:

“25 March 2020 #MomentsThatMatter.”

Since her recovery and discharge from the hospital, Sbahle has tried to get her life and career back on track. After hard work and many attempts, she was finally able to walk. The Fitness Bunnie now has an inspiring story to tell.

What Caused The Accident?

After months of speculation about what caused Sbahle Mpisane’s accident, she spilt the beans on her YouTube Channe, in a tell-it-all interview.

According to her, a former friend of hers, who remains unidentified caused the accident. She resisted the urge of going into the details of her fallout with this particular friend.

That stated, Sbahle admitted that she indulged in alcohol before her near-fatal accident, but denied that her accident was alcohol-related.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Family

Sbahle Mpisane’s father is S’bu Mpisane, a Durban-based tycoon, and her stepmother is Shauwn Mpisane, a businesswoman, reality TV star of the show Kwa Mam’Mkhize and the owner of Royal AM FC.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Biological Mother 

While we don’t know who Sbahle Mpisane’s biological mother is, we know that Shauwn is a great and supportive stepmother. Sbahle has three siblings, including her brother Andile Mpisane and two sisters.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Mother?

Sbahle, who moved in with her dad and stepmother when she was about six or seven years old, is rather tightlipped about her mother. So, we are not sure if she is just physically absent from her life or even if she is alive at all.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Relationships

Sbahle Mpisane’s Boyfriend 

Sbahle was in a relationship with Mzansi’s favourite goalie, Itumeleng Khune. The two had a difficult time throughout their courtship and this saw them take a break while remaining close friends.

One of the most trying times of their union was during Sbahle Mpisane’s accident. The fitness junkie admitted that it put a strain on their relationship and they eventually went their separate ways.

The Fitness Bunnie is not dating anyone at the moment but has expressed her desire to have a partner and start a family.

Is Sbahle Mpisane Engaged?

No, she’s not engaged. After her breakup with Itumeleng Kuhne, Sbahle Mpisane hasn’t rekindled a romance with anybody else and is focused on getting her life back on track.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Controversy

There was an outbreak of disturbance on social media when Sbahle’s brother Andile Mpisane shared a video of her progress as she recovered in hospital. Sbahle received so much love and care from family and friends during that time.

However, the video received a lot of mixed reactions from the public. While some were glad to see that the fitness instructor was pushing through, others felt that the video was an invasion of Sbahle’s privacy, prompting Andile to take down the video.

The family distanced themselves from the video as it was broadcast on social media without their consent.

A year after her accident, the Fitness Bunnie dropped a bombshell that no one saw coming. Out of nowhere, she said she knew who had caused her accident. This sent shockwaves across social media.

However, Sbahle Mpisane vowed to not reveal the individual’s identity. Sbahle Mpisane’s Instagram shows all the stories that reveal startling details about the incident.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Cars

Sbahle is no stranger to wealth, having grown up in the family of a business tycoon. She’s also no stranger to fancy cars.

One car worth mentioning, though, is the one she got gifted on her 24th birthday. It was a swanky BMW 440i Cabriolet which is worth between 1.3 million Rand and 1.6 million Rand.

Sbahle Mpisane’s House

Sbahle moved into her new apartment and although she lives a private life, opened her doors to the world as a result of an endorsement deal she has with the brand that decorated her house. Previously, she lived at her stepmother’s swanky mansion.

Sbahle Mpisane’s Net Worth 

Sbahle Mpisane’s career as a fitness junkie and a reality television star has given her a net worth of around $250,000.

Awards & Recognition

Woman of The Year in the category of health by Glamour Magazine in 2017.

Social Media

Sbhale Mpisane’s Instagram: @Sbhale_mpisane

Sbhale Mpisane’s Twitter: @Sbhale_Mpisane_


Who is Sbahle Mpisane? 

She’s a fitness instructor and social media influencer who founded the fitness boot camp called Fitness Bunnie.

How old is Sbahle Mpisane? 

Born on 18 June 1993, Sbahle Mpisane’s age is 29.

What does Sbahle Mpisane do for a living? 

Sbahle is an online influencer and fitness instructor. She also has endorsement deals with companies that help supplement her income.

What happened to Sbahle Mpisane?

On the 9th of August 2018, at around 4 am, Sbahle had a car accident that left her injured. She was in the ICU for many days and has since made a full recovery.

Is Sbahle Mpisane engaged? 

No, she’s not engaged. After her breakup with Itumeleng Kuhne, Sbahle Mpisane hasn’t been romantically linked with anybody else and is focused on getting her life back on track.

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