Council of Dads teasers August 2020

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Council of Dads teasers August 2020-Latest Episode

Scott Perry is the main pillar of the show, dying of a rare form of cancer. He is married to Robin, a pediatrician who met him as a single father to an 8-year-old daughter, Luly Bell. They now have 5 children –  Theo, a complicated teenager (Which teen isn’t after all?), Charlotte – wise beyond her young age and adopted when she was 5 years old, JJ. the heart of their home, lovable and loving glue of the home and Hope, conceived while Scott’s cancer was in remission.


Oliver is Scott’s doctor and his wife’s best friend. A gay married man to Peter and they have an adopted daughter, Tess, who is Charlotte’s best friend.  Anthony is Scott’s childhood best friend who is a chef, running his own restaurant but comes once a week to help Scott at the family restaurant, the Crab Shack. Larry, a strict military parenting style friend who met Scott at a very difficult time in his life and wants to be there for Scott and his family during this difficult time in their lives.


As Scott faces his death, he starts worrying about how his family will survive, manage, or handle life without him. He is after all the fun, loving, always there, and devoted husband and father. He decides to appoint his friends as a Council of dads for the year after his death –  to be there for his family in times when a father figure or role is needed. He is realistic and doesn’t put high expectations on his chosen council to love his kids and wife as he did but to support them in ways that will make the grief stages lighter. Sounds like a good plan but so much can go right and wrong at the same time.

I don’t think men share or bond like women do. Men deal with so much. Alone. Men deal with all kinds of joys, fears, stresses and only they know.  Is this by design, choice or some ingrained genetic flaw or blessing?


How many would just focus on their own struggles, issues, and demise? How often do we hear of men doing great? How many TV shows or films focus on how good men can do when they truly and genuinely love?


The world is swirling with so much negative news, stories, and whatever you can think of about men in parenting and relationships. Wow! Think about father’s day and all the gloom and sadness that we see on social media about absent fathers. The world needs shows that build strong men and this show is a great start.


I have been craving a show that shows us the male psyche from a positive perspective – even if it is somewhat positive. I am hoping men watch some tv apart from sport to get some tips on life about building and growing families. I binge-watched this show and look forward to next season. You can catch it on MNET on Thursdays at 8pm.

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