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BBNaija Beauty Etsanyi Tukura Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


BBNaija Beauty Etsanyi Tukura Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ (born October 21, 1997) is a lawyer, model, beauty queen, and entrepreneur who emerged as the 43rd Miss Nigeria, a scholarship pageant held in 2019. She is also addressed as BBNaijaĀ Beauty.

She is now a reality TV star and was unveiled as one of the housemates in Big Brother Naija Season 7.

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ is a humanitarian who spearheads different social causes in Nigeria. She is the founder of theĀ Girls Lead Club.

Full Name: Beauty Etsanyi Tukura
Stage Name: BBNaija Beauty
Born: 21 October 1997 (age 24 years old)
Place of Birth: Port Harcourt, Rivers State
State Of Origin: Taraba State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.8 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tukura
Siblings: N/A
Husband ā€¢ Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend ā€¢ Partner: Not Disclosed
Children: N/A
Occupation: Model ā€¢ TV Personality
Net Worth: US$30,000-US$50,000

Early Life

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ was born on the 21st of October 1997 to the family of Mr. and Mrs.Ā Tukura. The Tukuras named herĀ Beauty Etsanyi Tukura. She was birthed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She spent her formative years residing in Port Harcourt city.

She comes from a family of six and is the youngest child in the family. She has three older siblings.

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ is an indigene of Taraba State. Being from Taraba State means her tribe might be Fulani, Jukun, Chamba, Tiv, Kuteb or the Ichen. She was raised in the Christian faith. Her childhood dream was to become a lawyer, and she worked hard to achieve it.


BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ underwent her elementary and secondary school education in Port Harcourt.

She studied Law at a prestigious university in Nigeria. She bagged her Law degree in October 2019.


Although BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi Tukura was invested in her law studies, she was also interested in modeling. As an undergraduate, she modeled for brands around her city. She also competed in beauty pageants in the country.

In 2016, she was one of the contestants in the Most Beautiful Girl (Taraba) competition. She emerged as the competitionā€™s winner and served as the Most Beautiful Girl in Taraba State for one year.

Three years later, BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ emerged as the beauty queen of Nigeria after contesting in the Miss Nigeria competition in 2019. She is the 43rd Miss Nigeria. She used her position to be involved in several social causes, especially those targeted at the Girl Child.

She advocates for better education and equal opportunities for the Girl Child. She is passionate about helping young girls and teenagers from low-income families achieve their dreams. She is the founder of theĀ Girls Lead Club.

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ is a brand ambassador to notable businesses in Nigeria. She has modeled for several national and foreign brands. She was nominated for the Online Personality category at The Under 30 CEOs Awards.

On the 23rd of July 2022, BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ was unveiled as one of the 24 housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 7. She has become a reality TV star competing to emerge as the Big Brother Naija Level Up edition winner.

Social Media

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ has amassed thousands of followers over the years. She currently has over 123k followers on Instagram, positioning herself as a social media influencer.

  • Instagram handle: @beautytukura
  • Twitter: @beautytukura
  • Facebook: Beauty Etsanyi Tukura

Personal Life

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ is a very beautiful young woman. She has spotless skin, which makes her a very attractive woman.

She held a lavish private dinner party to celebrate her 24th birthday on the 21st of October 2021. She is known for being her authentic self and doesnā€™t pretend. She is also overly expressive and drinks a bit too much.

When BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ is not modeling, she works as an arbitrator/lawyer. She also runs an online business called Stylish Beauty. The brand sells original brand items from different designers at retail prices to customers in Nigeria.

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ might currently be single, unmarried, with no kid, as she hasnā€™t publicly made that available.

Net Worth

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi TukuraĀ has built a successful life as a model, beauty queen, and lawyer.

BBNaijaĀ Beauty Etsanyi Tukuraā€˜s net worth is estimated to be US$30,000 to US$50,000.

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