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Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Johnson SulemanĀ (born 24th March 1971), known globally as ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman, is a Nigerian televangelist, businessman, pastor and minister of God. He is the general overseer ofĀ Omega Fire Ministries International.

ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ founded the church ten years after receiving the vision from God and service with theĀ Armor of God Church.

With headquarters in Auchi, Edo State, the church has evolved to include branches globally in the United States, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa, and many other nations.

This article is centred around the bio, early life, education, and other relevant information about ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman.

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Johnson Suleman: History ā€¢ Bio ā€¢ Photo
Real Name: Johnson Suleman
Stage Name: Apostle Johnson Suleman
Born: 24 March 1971 (age 51 years old)
Place of Birth: Benin, Edo, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Edo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: N/A
Parents: Imoudu Sule
Siblings: N/A
Wife ā€¢ Spouse: Lizzy Johnson Suleman
Girlfriend ā€¢ Partner: Stephanie Otobo (rum.)
Children: Divine Johnson-Suleman
Occupation: Pastor ā€¢ Businessman
Net Worth: US$200,000

Early Life & Education

Mr.Ā Imoudu Sule, a Muslim and APC chieftain, gave birth to ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ on March 24, 1971.Ā He hails from Edo State, Nigeria.

ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ is aged 51 years, his father is a multimillionaire Edo businessman who is currently the APC Leader in Auchi and the APC Deputy Leader in Etsako West, Edo State, Nigeria. Auchi was the centre for ApostleĀ Johnson Sulemanā€˜s primary and secondary school.

According to ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman, he was acclaimed to be a billionaire while still in school at the age of 19. He was transporting cocoa on trucks from his state to Nigeriaā€™s northern region at the time.

Coming to his education, ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman has a Bachelorā€™s degree in Mass Communications as well as a Doctorate in Human Resource Development.

Career & Ministry

The ministry of ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ began when three Prophets from Warri came to Benin (his birthplace) with a message from God. When his parents inquired about the message, they were told that God had told them that ā€œa prophet who would minister in Godā€™s presence has been born.ā€ His parents refused to listen any further because they were Muslims and did not believe their son could ever leave the faith.

ApostleĀ Johnson Sulemanā€˜s parents noticed that he acted differently from his peers as he grew older. Even while going to the mosque with his father, he had a soft spot for Godā€™s ordinances. He felt he wasnā€™t on the right track. He was at Auchi for his secondary studies when he met CHRIST, but the pressures he was under forced him to retire for a while. He returned to Benin after a short while and reconciled with God.

On June 20, 1994, ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ had a revelation when he was given an image of the globe with Acts 10:38 written on it.

Before launching his ministry, ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ worked as an associate pastor in theĀ Armor of God Church. Godā€™s message inspired the nameĀ Omega Fire Ministries: ā€œPut a stop to affliction; I am sending you with an Omega Anointing.ā€

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Omega Fire MinistriesĀ has now spread to more than 52 countries across five continents by the Powerful Hands of God.

Personal Life

ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ is married toĀ Lizzy Johnson Suleman, and they have six children together.

One of his childrenā€™s names isĀ Divine Johnson-Suleman, who happens to be his daughter.

Sex Scandal With Stephanie Otobo

Canadian-based vocalist,Ā Stephanie Otobo, has taken steps to deliver recordings demonstrating her old case of a supposed sexual relationship with General Overseer ofĀ Omega Fire Ministries, ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman.Ā Stephanie Otobo, in a progression of the tweet on Monday, shared screen captures of video talks she asserted were of herself and the minister.

Stephanie OtoboĀ rehashed old cases of her supposed loving relationship with the minister. She blamed the minister for harming and attempting to kill her, adding that he utilized ā€˜jujuā€™ against her.

Stephanie OtoboĀ and ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ were first in the information in 2017 when the artist sued the evangelist for attack and inappropriate behaviour. One of the screen captures she shared on her Twitter handle showed a man holding his masculinity.

Stephanie OtoboĀ asserted that the individual was ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman. Another screen capture showedĀ Stephanie OtoboĀ uncovering her bosoms while on a supposed video call with ApostleĀ Johnson Suleman.

Stephanie OtoboĀ said: ā€œIf these screen captures were phoney, how could I get his pics that arenā€™t public in any case and why Iā€™m quick to deliver this sort of pics of him? He has changed his hairdo two times since I emerged to make some noise with receipts. He has done a great deal to seem unique.

ā€œOn the off chance that the d*ck pic isnā€™t his, what is he going to say about the scar to his left side thigh? His significant other canā€™t reject that scar. How could I realize he has a scar to his left side thigh on the off chance that we didnā€™t have closeness? Haha. Assuming he denies it, he ought to open up his thigh; how about we see. His nails also say everything.ā€

She affirmed that the pastor attempted to prevent her from advancing and nearly took her life.

ā€œCertain individuals continued to ask why I came out uncovering ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ and why I havenā€™t given up from that point forward. I wonā€™t ever want to. He pushed me to the divider, and the main way I could retaliate was to shout out and spread the word. Satan grins.

Net Worth

With a net worth of US$1.2 million, ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ is one of Nigeriaā€™s wealthiest pastors.

He is also one of the few Nigerians with private planes. He bought his private plane in April 2019, just before announcing that he would be creating his airline with over 3000 employees.

Social Media

Connect with ApostleĀ Johnson SulemanĀ via:

  • Facebook: @Apostle Suleman Johnson
  • Instagram: @ApostleJohnsonSuleman
  • Twitter: @ApostleSuleman

Kindly visit the Omega Fire Ministryā€™s official website.

  • Website: Ofminternational.org

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