Visa for Canadian Student  2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about Visa for Canadian Student   2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

For Nigerian students wishing to continue their education abroad, Canada is a popular choice. Students must first acquire a legitimate student permit or study visa before applying for a Canadian student visa from Nigeria. This visa must be obtained from either a visa application center in Lagos or the Canadian Embassy in Abuja.

A current passport, evidence of financial assistance, a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), and a medical exam are all required of applicants. Depending on their condition, students may also be asked to submit extra documentation.

After submitting the required documents, the visa application will be processed, and a decision will be made in due course. This page will give you all the details you need on how to apply for a Canadian student visa from Nigeria in 2023.

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How to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa from Nigeria in 2023

Here are what you need to know on how to apply for a Canadian student visa from Nigeria

Requirements for Canadian student Visa from Nigeria in 2023

 1. A valid Nigerian passport with at least six months validity remaining beyond the intended departure date from Canada.

 2. A completed study permit application form includes a letter of introduction, a declaration, and photographs. 

3. Proof of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada. 

4. Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation for your stay in Canada. 

5. A medical examination report.

 6. A police certificate. 

7. Evidence of payment of applicable visa fees. 

8. Any additional documents requested by the visa officer. 

Note: All documents must be in English or French. The applicant must provide a certified translation if the documents are in another language. The visa application process is subject to change, and the requirements may be modified or replaced at any time. Applicants are advised to check the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website for the latest information.

The process involved in how to apply for a Canadian student Visa from Nigeria in 2023 

Find out if you are eligible for a Canadian student visa

The Government of Canada has established specific requirements for international students to apply for a study permit. You must meet the requirements before you can apply for a student visa. Check to see if you meet the requirements at the following link: 

 Get a Canadian study permit

To get a study permit, you must submit an application package to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This package includes the following documents:

  • Completed Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM 1294); 
  • Valid passport or travel document;
  • Proof of acceptance to a Canadian university or college;
  • Proof of financial support; 
  • Two recent passport photos;
  •  Police certificates; 
  • Medical exam results (if demanded). 

You may request a study permit online or by mail. 

To apply online, visit 

To apply by mail, download the application package at the following link: 

 Pay the fee

You must pay your study permit application fee before IRCC can process it. The current fee is $150 CAD. You can pay online or by mail. To pay online, visit

 Submit your application

Once your application package is complete and you have paid the fee, you can submit your application to IRCC. You must apply to the visa office responsible for your country or region. Check the contact information for the visa office responsible for Nigeria at the following link:

 Wait for a decision

You must wait for IRCC to process your application and decide on it. This process can take several weeks or months. IRCC will contact you by mail or email after processing your application.

 The cost of a Canadian student visa from Nigeria is $150.

The Time Frame for the Processing of Canadian Student Visa from Nigeria 

The processing time for a Canadian student visa from Nigeria varies depending on the visa office processing the application. Generally speaking, it can take 3–6 months to receive a decision on your application.

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In 2023, Nigerian students interested in studying in Canada must apply for a Canadian student visa. The application process may include the following:

  • Submitting a study permit application.
  • Providing proof of financial support.
  • Providing a valid passport.
  • Providing proof of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada.

It could be necessary to provide more information, such as police reports, medical records, and other papers. The accuracy and currentness of all submitted documents and information, as well as knowledge of the particular specifications for each visa category, are essential. Everything you need to apply for a student visa to Canada from Nigeria in 2023 is on this page.

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