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UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2022-2023

Official UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2022-2023

We are pleased to inform you about UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2022-2023 | read full details below


The University of South Africa (UNISA) is the largest university in the country, with over 400, 000 students taking courses from its colleges or affiliates. One of the primary objectives of the institution is to transform the landscape of South African education. This mission is accomplished by providing accessible academic opportunities to both local and international students.

Part of UNISAā€™s mission is to ensure that quality education is available to the public, including the underprivileged population. They achieve this objective through the provision of bursaries to promising students in need of financial aid. These programs have helped thousands of people successfully complete their studies and progress their education.

The UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2022-2023

The UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors bursary offer financial aid to UNISA students who cannot afford tuition fees. Eligibility for this assistance is based on a candidateā€™s academic merits and the availability of funds. Applications are considered by a selection committee, which decides the amounts awarded to successful candidates. Decisions made by this committee are final.

The bursary is open to all South African students taking a postgraduate diploma or honors degree in any field. Priority will be given to students who completed their undergraduate course with UNISA. Special studies programs are not eligible for this bursary. Students with a postgraduate degree at a similar or higher level also do not qualify. Only the first two consecutive years of a postgraduate course is funded by this bursary.

UNISA Postgraduate Diploma and Honors Bursaries 2022-2023 Application Requirements

Candidates applying for this bursary have to satisfy a number of base requirements in order to qualify for funding. Students who fail to meet these criteria will be automatically disqualified. When applying for this bursary, you should:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Have completed an undergraduate course
  • Have obtained (or maintained) an average grade of 60% or above
  • Have registered for the postgraduate course at UNISA

Application Process

Applicants for the UNISA postgraduate diploma and honors fund will require a student ID (username and password) to access UNISAā€™sĀ online student portal. Only applications submitted on the myUnisa platform will be taken into consideration. The application should be accompanied with the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Proof of registration
  • A certified copy of your academic record

incomplete application, email applications and late submissions will be immediately disqualified from the running.

Contact Details

For further queries regarding this bursary program, please contact the Postgraduate Bursaries Administration Office directly:

Email:Ā CGS-pgb@unisa.ac.za

Or Contact,

Mr Muzi Mamba
Telephone Number:Ā 012 429 3462
E-mail Address:Ā mambama@unisa.ac.za
Address:Ā Ā Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Building, 9-127 Sunnyside campus


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