UNISA Bursaries Application Forms & Requirements 2022

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UNISA Bursaries 2022: Application Forms & Requirements -Application & Requirements 2021-2022

We are pleased to inform You about UNISA Bursaries Application Forms & Requirements 2021-2022

Funza Lushaka Bursary 2021-2022 are pleased to inform you about Funza Lushaka Bursary 2021-2022-Application & Requirements

Unisaā€™s Student Funding Directorate (DSF) administers donor funds, in the form of study loans and bursaries, according to donorsā€™ criteria. Its main aim is to assist financially needy and academically deserving students. DSF is proud that it has empowered a large number of students from different colleges and diverse geographical groups. Its vision is to be a beacon of great hope and excellence to our clients.

Its mission is to effectively and efficiently administer all funding at our disposal by ensuring that every stakeholder, particularly students and donors, receive high-quality service from a committed and professional DSF team.



Generally speaking bursaries will cover at least:

  • Tuition fees
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Textbooks/Study materials

But you need to check with the individual bursaries to find out the exact coverage.



There are four Bursaries available:

NSFAS bursaries

Click to seeĀ the Requirements and How to apply forĀ NSFAS 2020 Bursary.


READĀ Ā Teaching Bursaries 2020: Applications & Requirements

Bursaries for Undergraduate Qualifications

Transport Education Training Authority bursaries

The Transport Education Training Authority awards bursaries annually for studies aligned to critical and scarce skills identified in the transport sector. Bursary awards are categorised according to sector requirements, with due consideration of the National Skills Development Strategy III, compiled by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Click hereĀ to see the bursary criteria.


ENQUIRIES (if youā€™ve applied already):

Tel: 011 577 7033/7018/7093.


Bursaries for Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas

Application process

All applications are submitted on the NRF online system:Ā https://nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za

Late or Incomplete applications will not be considered.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the following:

  • The application is completely filled with the correct information.
  • To observe the institutionā€™s internal closing date.

Click hereĀ for the application guide andĀ click hereĀ for the framework document.

Internal closing date:Ā November 25, 2019.

For more info about the Bursary:Ā Click here

Bursaries for Masterā€™s and Doctoral Degrees

Application process

All applications are submitted on the NRF Online system atĀ www.nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za

Late and incomplete applications will be rejected.

The process of masterā€™s and doctoral applications has changed. Applications will undergo a college review / vetting before they can be submitted to the NRF.

Click hereĀ for the Application and Funding Guide for 2020.

Click hereĀ for the Masterā€™s and Doctoral Scholarships for Full-Time Studies Framework 2020 document.

Click hereĀ for the 2020 Application and Funding Guide for first-time masterā€™s and doctoral applicants.

Internal closing date:

  • All calls except first-time aplications for masterā€™s degrees:Ā 2 July 2019
  • First-time applications for masterā€™s degrees:Ā 16 August 2019

For more info:Ā Click here

Tel: +27 12 481 4202
E-mail: [email protected]


READĀ Ā NSFAS 2020: Application Forms & Requirements (NOW OPEN)


Since Unisa bursaries consists of several bursaries, they all have different closing Dates depending on the type of Bursary.


Please use the details below:

Address:Ā Sunnyside Campus
Hall B, Eā€™skia Mphahlele Building

Naome Olamijulo
Manager: Bursaries
Tel: 012 429 2094

Nonhlanhla Mabuza
Deputy Director
Tel: 012 429 3460

Isaac Mabena
Manager: Loans
Tel: 012 429 3518


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