True Love Teasers November 2020 Glow Tv

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True Love Teasers November 2020 Glow Tv

We are pleased to inform you about True Love Teasers November 2020 Glow Tv -read full details below

Glow Tv True Love October 2020 Teasers

Thursday 1 October 2020

Episode 1379

Mukta begs vishnu to come back to senses as she misses him real bad.

Episode 1380

Raghuvendra holds Maharani at gunpoint and the police barge in. Maharani escapes with Meethi to a temple. Meethi prays to the Goddess to save her. The temple bell falls on Maharaniā€™s head and she dies.

Friday 2 October 2020

Episode 1381

Meethi is hounded by reporters as Akash takes her away safely. Pavitra and Gomti criticise Meethiā€™s stay in the brothel and Akash confronts them. Mukta thanks Yuvan for donating blood.

Episode 1382

Sumitra humiliates Damini and asks her to watch the news on TV. Meethi swears by the holy ā€˜Bhagavad Gitaā€™ about her sanctity. Meethi learns that Mukta holds Akash responsible for Vishnuā€™s condition.


Monday 5 October 2020

Episode 1383

Meethi tells Akash that Yuvan is responsible for Vishnuā€™s injury. Akash scolds the reporter for humiliating Meethi on TV. Sumitra decides to mock and humiliate Meethi. Sumitra gives an interview.

Episode 1384

Meethi reveals her doubt about Yuvan to Raghuvendra. During a ritual, the ladies criticise Meethiā€™s presence and leave the house. Raghuvendra notices that Vishnuā€™s condition is improving.

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Episode 1385

Raghuvendra informs everyone about the improvement in Vishnuā€™s health. The doctor informs that Meethi is pregnant. Gomti criticises Ekadashi to confirm if the child belongs to Akash.

Episode 1386

Raghuvendra learns that there is no person or company by the name of Yuvan. Vishnuā€™s condition makes Mukta sad, Tapasya consoles her. Ekadashi asks Akash to abort Meethiā€™s child but he refuses.

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Episode 1387

Akashā€™s employees demand two monthā€™s salary. Yuvan convinces Mukta to pray at a mosque for Vishnu. Two men file a police complaint against Akash. Akash is arrested by the police.

Episode 1388

Ekadashi advises abortion, Meethi disapproves of it. Raghuvendra requests the doctor to give him information about Yuvan but she refuses. He sneaks into the doctorā€™s cabin to get the information.

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