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This is Love Teasers September & October 2020- Soapie Latest Teasers

We( team) gladly inform you about This is Love Teasers September & October 2020-Read full Episode 7 WatchOnline below 

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Monday 3 August 2020

Episode 1863

To safeguard himself, Sunil decides to expose Arijit in front of the Bhallas. Later, Raman and Yug apologise to each other.

Episode 1864

Raman hatches a plan to catch the culprit who falsified the company tender. Can he catch the mastermind behind the conspiracy?

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Episode 1865

Arijit gets furious when he spots the Bhallas happily making plans for Diwali.

Episode 1866

Arijit is shattered when Neeti goes missing. Later, Yug is overjoyed as he thinks that Aliya is pregnant.

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Episode 1867

Yug plans a romantic date for Aliya while Arijit receives a piece of good news. Elsewhere, Neeti hides from Bhuvan.

Episode 1868

Aliya tells Yug that she is not pregnant. Later, Ishita is perplexed when a scared Neeti falls unconscious.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Episode 1869

Mihika is left dumbstruck after spotting Neeti’s chain.

Episode 1870

Mihika agrees to track down the locket’s origin with Ishita.

Friday 7 August 2020

Episode 1871

After discovering Neeti’s sketches, Ishita comes up with an ingenious plan.

Episode 1872

Arijit lands in trouble when Neeti recognises him in front of the Bhallas. Later, he does the unthinkable to escape from the situation.

Monday 10 August 2020

Episode 1873

The Bhallas refuse to send Neeti with Arijit. Later, Arijit’s masterplan is revealed when he meets his secret accomplice.

Episode 1874

Arijit and Shardul decide to find Raman. Later, Ishita is baffled by Neeti’s drawing and addresses Shardul by his name instead of Raman.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Episode 1875

Arijit hatches a plan with Bhuvan’s help to secure Neeti’s custody. Elsewhere, Shardul is stunned when the police barge into his house.

Episode 1876

Ishita suspects foul play when Arijit does not turn up at the Bhalla House. While the Bhallas celebrate Bhaidooj with Ruhi, Ishita secretly meets Raman.

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Episode 1877

Arijit and Shardul hatch a plan to find Raman’s secret location. Meanwhile, Ishita thanks Sudha for helping her to keep Raman safe.

Episode 1878

Ishita and Sudha are worried since the real Raman is away.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Episode 1879

Ishita and Sudha find a way to delay Ruhi and Karan’s marriage, leaving Shardul confused. Later, Ishita is relieved as Raman regains consciousness.

Episode 1880

Raman’s return to the house gives Arijit a huge shock. Meanwhile, the Bhallas confront Ishita about playing with their emotions.

Friday 14 August 2020

Episode 1881

Ishita is in a huge dilemma when Shardul calls Raman an imposter. Later, the Bhallas support Shardul and agree for a DNA test.

Episode 1882

Ishita is shocked to see Shardul’s confidence while giving the DNA samples. Later, Shardul creates a scenario to mislead the Bhallas. Can Ishita expose Shardul?

Monday 17 August 2020

Episode 1883

Ishita takes the stunned Bhallas to her secret hideout. She is shocked by the DNA test result, while Shardul does the unthinkable.

Episode 1884

Raman asks Karan to bring Dr Sudhir in order to expose Shardul. Later, Bhuvan learns about Arijit’s secret and decides to help Ishita and Raman.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Episode 1885

Shardul lands in trouble when the police begin investigating Bhuvan’s murder. Later, the Bhallas discover some startling facts about Arijit.

Episode 1886

The Bhallas hatch an ingenious plan to trap Arijit and Shardul. Later, Arijit reveals his true intentions while Neeti makes a shocking confession.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Episode 1887

The Bhallas spend some quality time together after Arijit and Shardul get arrested. Later, Ishita and Raman are touched by Aliya and Yug’s sweet surprise.

Episode 1888

The Bhallas make arrangements for Karan and Ruhi’s marriage. While Ishita worries about Ruhi, the latter falls unconscious on the street.

Thursday 20 August 2020

Episode 1889

Ishita and Raman are stunned when the doctor reveals some devastating news about Ruhi’s condition. Elsewhere, Sudha plays a prank on Karan.

Episode 1890

The Bhallas are overjoyed when Dr Pankhudi announces the news of Aliya’s pregnancy. On the other hand, Ruhi learns a devastating truth.

Friday 21 August 2020

Episode 1891

While Ruhi struggles to come to terms with reality, Sudha and Karan plan a surprise for her. Later, the Bhallas celebrate Romi’s return to the house.

Episode 1892

Sudha and Karan are shocked to learn about Ruhi’s health condition and make an unexpected decision. Later, the Bhallas console a disheartened Ruhi.

Monday 24 August 2020

Episode 1893

While Karan attempts to convince Sudha about his marriage to Ruhi, the Bhallas are thrilled to meet Pihu. Later, Karan reveals his ultimate decision to Ruhi.

Episode 1894

Raman helps Sudha and Karan after a car accident knocks them unconscious. While Ruhi takes a drastic step, Ishita goes missing.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Episode 1895
Final episode

Madhu cooks delicious food for Ruhi while Simmi gifts her a precious necklace. As Ruhi and Karan get hitched, Sudha makes a shocking discovery.

Premiere episodes of This is Love air on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00 and 19h30.

This is Love comes to an end on 25 August as they are no longer filming/producing more episodes. A new show called Complicated love replaces it on 26 August at the same time.

Important: kindly check back for This is Love Teasers October & November 2020, we will soon Update this Page.


This is Love Teasers, Full story, Plots summary and Casts

This is Love is an Indian drama tv series that premiered on Glow Tv from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00 and 19h30. Created by Ekta Kapoor, And been created beneath Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel. This story is partly supported Manju Kapur’s novel, Custody. Set in Delhi, the show follows the story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Bhalla. Ishita and Raman’s daughter, Ruhi become showing emotion hooked up to every different. thanks to circumstances, Raman and Ishita marry one another later fall in love.

Ishita Iyer and Raman Bhalla are 2 folks from completely different cultures who are brought along by Raman’s daughter Ruhi Bhalla. Tamil dentist Ishita lyer and Punjabi businessman Raman Bhalla sleep in urban center. Ishita, who is infertile, forms a motherly bond with Raman’s female offspring, Ruhi who was abandoned by his former wife Shagun Arora. Gradually, Ishita, who is dearly known as “Ishima” by Ruhi, and Raman equated, fall in love and marry. Shagun continues to make bother for the 2 however later reforms. She unites with the Bhalla family, Raman and with their elder son Aditya “Adi” Bhalla.

Ishita finally features a female offspring with Raman who they name Pihu. Later, a scheming professional Nidhi kidnaps Pihu. so as to rescue Pihu, they dump Ruhi therefore Nidhi kidnaps Ruhi and takes her away.

7 years later:
Ishita currently lives in Australia with her childhood friend Mani, and his kinswoman Aliya, who is coincidently a grown-up Ruhi’s secretary, who lives with a painful Nidhi. Ishita finds out concerning Ruhi and unites with Raman. Shagun and Mani unify. Adi falls for Aliya and that they marry.

1 year later:
Shagun, Mani, Aliya, and Pihu live in Bangkok, Thailand. Raman keeps a detailed eye on them. Pihu finally meets Ishita and accepts her as her mother. They come to India.

Back in India, they struggle with Ruhi’s love interests, and Raman’s multiple arrests as he’s erroneously cursed for Ishita’s sister, and Mani’s death. His innocence is tested once Mani is brought alive. Pihu accidentally pushes her first cousin Ananya down the steps and he or she dies. Ishita takes the blame and is captive.

2 years later:
The Bhallas visit Budapest, Hungary for a business trip, as a part of a revenge scam by Simmi, and her husband Param, for his or her female offspring Ananya’s death. Aliya begins gambling, and Pihu is during a private school wherever Simmi tortures her. Raman is depressed and offers away his company to Param in dejection. Ishita is free as terminally sick, and a reformed Ashok reopens her case. Simmi instigates everybody against Ishita, medicine Raman, and any tries to border Aliya during a murder case, however is defeated and exposed by Ishita.

Ishita tries to penalise Ruhi’s wrongdoer Nikhil, however loses her eyes within the scuffle. Raman regains his mental health, and Ashok dies, saving Ishita. Simmi finds out Pihu was behind Ananya’s death and submits her to juvenile custody. Adi begins to conspire against Raman however is thrown out of the house. He kidnaps his 1st wife Roshni and Ishita is forced to shoot him.

8 months later:
Pihu returns to visualize Ishita alienated from the Bhallas for killing Adi who currently shelters a pregnant Roshni. The Bhallas theme to induce Roshni back as she is carrying Adi’s kid. Roshni guarantees at hand over the custody of her kid if the Bhallas settle for Ishita. They settle for her condition.

Roshni’s baby is two-handed over to Mihika. Param kidnaps Pihu and Simmi reforms. Raman suffers from spinal injury within the rescue and it any worsens as he’s improperly treated by an alcoholic doctor Rajat, who later commits suicide thanks to his humiliation.

Ruhi receives a wedding proposal from Rohan, however he mistakes Aliya for Ruhi, and falls in love along with her. A single Aliya at first rejects him in spite of the family’s desires, however agrees later. Ruhi falls in love with Rohan’s brother Karan. it’s later disclosed that Rohan and Karan are Dr. Rajat’s nephews, and therefore the whole proposal could be a sham to offend the Bhallas. Rohan opposes his mother’s plans, and sides with the Bhallas.

Ishita encounters Yug, Adi’s lookalike. Karan brings in Yug to drive a wedge between Rohan and Aliya, however is roped in with Rohan’s opinions and shortly begins to fall crazy with Ruhi. Yug reminds Aliya of Adi. an insecure Rohan tries to win Aliya back by sexually following her and finally ends up victimisation force, once she is saved by the family.

Aliya marries Yug, once a lady Neha comes in and claims to be his wife, and begins to measure with the Bhallas.

Glow Tv CASTS of This is Love:

  • Divyanka Tripathi as Dr. Ishita Iyer– Madhavi and Vishwa’s daughter; Vandu and Mihika’s sister; Raman’s wife; Ruhi, Adi, Yug and Aliya’s adoptive mother; Pihu’s mother
    Divyanka Tripathi
    Divyanka Tripathi
  • Karan Patel/Chaitanya Choudhry as Raman Bhalla– Santoshi and Omprakash’s son; Simmi and Romi’s brother; Ishita’s husband; Ruhi, Adi and Pihu’s father; Yug’s adoptive father
    Karan Patel
    Karan Patel
  • Ruhanika Dhawan as Young Ruhi Bhalla– Shagun and Raman’s daughter; Adi’s sister; Ishita’s adoptive daughter/Pihu Bhalla– Ishita and Raman’s daughter
    Ruhanika Dhawan
    Ruhanika Dhawan
  • Aditi Bhatia as Ruhi Bhalla– Shagun and Raman’s daughter; Adi’s sister; Ishita’s adoptive daughter; Karan’s former wife
    Aditi Bhatia
    Aditi Bhatia
  • Krishna Mukherjee as Aliya Raghav– Mani’s daughter; Ishita’s adoptive daughter; Aditya and Rohan’s former wife; Yug’s wife
  • Abhishek Verma as Aditya “Adi” Bhalla– Shagun and Raman’s son; Ruhi’s brother; Ishita’s adoptive son; Aliya’s former husband/Yug Bhalla– Ishita and Raman’s adoptive son; Aliya’s husband (2019–present)


  • Anita Hassanandani as Shagun Arora– Mihir’s sister; Raman’s former wife; Ruhi and Aditya’s mother; Mani’s wife
  • Sumeet Sachdev as Abhimanyu “Mani” Raghav– Ishita’s childhood friend; Shagun’s husband
  • Kaushal Kapoor as Omprakash Bhalla– Santoshi’s husband; Raman, Simmi and Romi’s father
  • Shahnaz Rizwan/Usha Rana as Santoshi Bhalla– Omprakash’s wife; Raman, Simmi and Romi’s mother
  • Abhay Bhargava as Vishwanathan “Vishwa” Iyer– Madhavi’s husband; Ishita, Mihika and Vandu’s father
  • Neena Kulkarni as Madhavi Iyer– Vishwa’s wife; Ishita, Mihika and Vandu’s mother
  • Aly Goni as Romesh “Romi” Bhalla– Santoshi and Omprakash’s son; Raman and Simmi’s brother; Mihika’s husband
  • Mihika Verma/Avantika Hundal as Mihika Bhalla– Madhavi and Vishwa’s daughter; Ishita and Vandu’s sister; Mihir’s former wife; Romi’s wife
  • Shireen Mirza as Simran “Simmi” Bhalla– Santoshi and Omprakash’s daughter; Raman and Romi’s sister; Param’s wife; Ananya’s mother
  • Anurag Sharma as Parmeet “Param” Khurana– Simmi’s husband; Ananya’s father
  • Pankaj Bhatia as Bala Chandran– Vandu’s husband; Shravan’s father
  • Amita Yadav as Kiran Bhatnagar/Kiran Chandran
  • Mihir Arora as Shravan Chandran– Vandu and Bala’s son
  • Shruti Bapna as Vandita “Vandu” Iyer– Madhavi and Vishwa’s daughter; Ishita and Mihika’s sister; Bala’s wife; Shravan’s mother
  • Vidisha Srivastava as Roshni– Aditya’s former wife
  • Raj Singh Arora as Mihir Arora– Shagun’s brother; Mihika’s former husband
  • Gautam Ahuja as Young Aditya “Adi” Bhalla– Shagun and Raman’s son; Ruhi’s brother; Ishita’s adoptive son
  • Sangram Singh as Ashok Khanna– Shagun’s former boyfriend
  • Abhishek Malik as Rohan Shrivastav– Sudha’s son; Karan’s brother; Aliya’s former husband
  • Nikhil Chaddha as Karan Shrivastav– Sudha’s son; Rohan’s brother; Ruhi’s former husband
  • Sudha Chandran as Sudha Shrivastav– Rohan and Karan’s mother
  • Ajay Nain as Sahil Shah
  • Hemaakshi Ujjain as Muskaan Shah
  • Mithil Jain as Arjit Saxena
  • Neeru Agarwal as Neelu, Bhalla family’s domestic helper
  • Bhanujeet Sudan/Amit Tandon as Dr. Subramaniam Chandran
  • Anjali Ujjwane as Devyani Chandran
  • Bhavesh Bhinhani as Young Shravan Chandran, Vandu and Bala’s son
  • Vineett Kumar as Sooraj Khanna
  • Sweety Walia as Pammi Mehra Yukti
  • apoor as Ishita’s colleague
  • Shakti Arora as a marriage prospect for Ishita (2013)
  • Deep Jaitley as Prateek, Ishita’s former fiance (2013–2014)
  • Pratik Parihar as Karan, Aliya’s former fiance (2016)
  • Resha Konkar as Tin Arora (2013–2015)
  • Neel Motwani as Neel Paathak (2014–2016)
  • Garima Jain as Trisha Tandon (2014)
  • Sareeka Dhillon as Saarika Singh (2014–2016)
  • Gaurav Nanda as Rajeev Tandon (2014–2015)
  • Arshima Thapar as Sanjana Arora (2014)
  • Karishma Sharma as Raina, Bala’s blackmailer (2014)
  • Vivek Dahiya as Abhishek “Abhi” Singh, a police inspector; Ishita’s friend; Divya’s fiance (2015–2018)
  • Benazir Shaikh as Divya, Abhishek’s fiance (2017)
  • Abhilash Chaudhary as Mihika’s friend (2015–2016)
  • Darshan Pandya as Prateek Sharma, Abhishek’s friend (2015–2016)
  • Manoj Chandila as Manoj Paul (2015–2016)
  • Parveen Kaur as Aditi, a psychiatrist (2015)
  • Navina Bole as Dimple, Nikhil’s sister (2015)
  • Hargun Grover as Nikhil Malhotra, Rinky’s former fiance (2015)
  • Kanisha Malhotra as ACP Shalini (2015)
  • Shahina Surve as Lakshmi Kumar Chandran (2015)
  • Anju Mahendru as Sujata Kumar, Lakshmi’s mother (2015)
  • Ruchika Rajput as Vinni’s mother (2015)
  • Arishfa Khan as Vinni (2015)
  • Gopal Singh as Chand Mishra (2015)
  • Priya Shinde as Dr. Anita, Ishita’s psychiatrist (2015)
  • Kavya Ramnani as Ananya Khurana (2016–2018)
  • Pavitra Punia as Nidhi Chhabra, a lawyer (2016–2017)
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Sohail Behl, Nidhi’s brother, Ruhi’s former lover (2016–2017)
  • Ribbhu Mehra as Nikhil, Ruhi’s ex-lover (2017–2018)
  • Hritu Dudhani as Pooja, Nikhil’s ex-wife (2017)
  • Drishti Hemdev as Riya, Nikhil and Pooja’s daughter, Garewal’s granddaughter and Pihu’s friend (2017)
  • Deepak Wadhwa as Gaurav Bajaj, Simmi’s lover (2016–2017)
  • Sid Makkar as Vidyut, Ishita and Raman’s friend (2016–2017)
  • Kiran Bhargava as Shobhna Venkatesh, Aliya’s grandmother (2016–2017)
  • Swati Kapoor as Sanchi (2016)
  • Avdeep Sidhu as Anil Nagpal, Raman’s lawyer (2016)
  • Lalit Bisht as Amarnath Chaddha (2016)
  • Garima Kapoor as Pallavi Amarnath Chaddha, Amarnath’s wife (2016)
  • Manish Khanna as Shyaam Raichand (2016)
  • Zareena Roshan Khan as Ismail’s mother (2016)
  • Aashu Kohli as Malhotra (2017)
  • Gagan Anand as Gagan, Chandan’s brother (2017)
  • Charu Mehra as Sonakshi Gupta/Aarushi Gupta (2018)
  • Sharat Sonu as Keshav Kumar Dalmiya (2018)
  • Varun Parashar as a Dr. Rajat Srivastav (2018)
  • Ankit Bhatia as Sudha’s lawyer (2018)
  • Dinesh Mehta as Vijender (2018)


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