Home Teasers This Is Fate TeasersĀ September 2022 – Latest Episode

This Is Fate TeasersĀ September 2022 – Latest Episode

This Is Fate TeasersĀ September 2022 – Latest Episode

We are pleased to Inform you about This Is Fate TeasersĀ September 2022 – Latest Episode

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Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 26

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Sonakshi is pretending to be ill. Yashvardhan brings the police to the Luthra House. He cuts off ties with Sonakshi for refusing to file a false complaint against Karan and Preeta. Later, Karan and Kareena object to Preetaā€™s decision.

Tuesday 2Ā August 2022

Episode 27

Sherlyn questions Sonakshi about her decision of choosing Karan over Yashvardhan. Prithvi gets upset to see Rishabh arrive home, but the others are excited. Later, Sherlyn learns that Sonakshi has gone out.

Wednesday 3Ā August 2022

Episode 28

Meanwhile, the recruits of a drug kingpin, Marcos, prepare to get their drugs back from the Luthra House.

Thursday 4Ā August 2022

Episode 29

Sonakshi plans to use Pihu to get close to Karan. A misled Srishti tells Sameer and Karan that Rishabh is having an affair. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Kareena confront Rishabh.

Friday 5Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 30

Rishabh tells Karan a thing about Sonakshi. Sonakshi thinks about professing her love to Karan. Preeta fails to find Sarla while the Luthras begin the puja.

Saturday 6Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 31

The Luthras try a trick to outsmart Marcos and his recruits. Sonakshi avoids helping the Luthras against Marcos and his recruits. Surprisingly, the police arrive there and arrest them all. Later, Sarlaā€™s friend Sudha talks about prospective matches for Srishti.

Sunday 7Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 32

Sameer worries after learning that Sarla is looking for suitors for Srishti. Sameer tells Rishabh and Karan about Sarlaā€™s plan to get Srishti married. Later, Sherlyn follows Sonakshi to a hotel.

Monday 8Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 33

Sherlyn sees Sonakshi with Yashvardhan at a hotel. Srishti thanks Rishabh, Karan, Preeta and Sameer for helping her. Sonakshi returns home and Sherlyn threatens to expose her after showing some evidence.

Tuesday 9Ā August 2022

Episode 34

Rishabh asks Sameer to profess his love to Srishti. Sameer and Srishti get into an argument when she praises Rishabh. Later, Rishabh tells Karan about some business issues.

Wednesday 10Ā August 2022

Episode 35

Preeta goes to Sherlynā€™s room and finds her with Prithvi in an unacceptable position. Preeta threatens to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi. The duo promises to end their relationship and focus on their spouses. Later, Sherlyn pretends to be nice to Rishabh to trick Preeta.

Thursday 11Ā August 2022

Episode 36

Preeta tells Rishabh about their extra-marital affair. Preeta tries to convince Rishabh, who lashes out at everyone. Later, Prithvi makes fun of Preeta and she challenges to expose him someday.

Friday 12Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 37

Rishabh gets sure of Prithvi and Sherlynā€™s affair after finding evidence in Prithviā€™s pocket. Later, Rishabh apologises to Preeta. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Rishabh has learnt about their affair. Rishabh returns home, and Karan begins to worry for him.

Saturday 13Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 38

Karan fights with the police. Preeta poses as a doctor and secretly offers Sandeep INR 50 lakhs to withdraw his complaint against Rishabh. Prithvi meets Sandeep and foils Preetaā€™s plan.

Sunday 14Ā August 2022

Episode 39

Sandeep tells his lover Sudeepa his secret. Mahesh gets disheartened when Preeta fails to bring Rishabh home. Later, Preeta tells Karan, Sameer and Kritika a plan to outsmart Sandeep.

Monday 15Ā August 2022

Episode 40

Dr Shashankā€™s revelation about Sandeep upsets Srishti. Sarla motivates Karan and Preeta, but Prithvi learns about their plan. The verdict of Rishabhā€™s case shocks everyone.

Tuesday 16Ā August 2022

Episode 41

Karan follows Sandeepā€™s lawyer to Pune for evidence. Rakhi lashes out at Preeta, who gives Kareena and Sherlyn a befitting reply. Preeta goes to the market with Pihu and Sameer. Soon, she chases Sandeep and Sudeepa after seeing them there.

Wednesday 17Ā August 2022

Episode 42

Kareena and Dadi scold Preeta for her actions. Preeta sees Sandeep walking and calls Sameer and Srishti there. Later, Prithvi meets with an accident.

Thursday 18Ā August 2022

Episode 43

Preeta threatens to expose Sandeep if he doesnā€™t testify in Rishabhā€™s favour. Sherlyn decides to work out her marriage issues. Later, Prithvi visits Mahesh with some documents.

Friday 19Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 44

Rakhi, Preeta, and Sherlynā€™s changed behaviour worries Prithvi. Sandeep wakes up and is sure about double-crossing Prithvi. The next day, Rishabhā€™s hearing begins.

Saturday 20Ā Ā August 2022

Episode 45

Preeta, Srishti and Sameer look for Sandeep. A furious Prithvi chases Sandeep and runs over him with his car. However, Srishti and Sameer find him and rush him to a hospital. Karan tells Preeta something on a call, and she comes up with a plan.

Sunday 21Ā August 2022

Episode 46

Kareena sees Srishti with Sameer. Prithvi arrives at the hospital and plans to poison an unconscious Sandeep. Preeta talks to hospital staff for help and arrives there to stop Prithvi.

Monday 22Ā August 2022

Episode 47

Prithvi intimidates Preeta to get information about Sandeep. Later, the Luthras catch Prithvi trying to kill Sandeep.

Tuesday 23Ā August 2022

Episode 48

After failing to prove his innocence, Prithvi puts a dagger to Kritikaā€™s throat and holds her captive. After Sandeepā€™s testimony, Rishabh gets released and Prithvi is arrested. Later, Preeta visits Sanjana to talk to Sherlyn.

Wednesday 24Ā August 2022

Episode 49

Sonakshiā€™s return to the Luthrasā€™ house upsets Srishti, Preeta, and Pihu. Sameer and Srishti leave for Diwali shopping and see Sherlyn outside. An infuriated Rishabh leaves for the police station to check if she has gone to meet Prithvi.

Thursday 25Ā August 2022

Episode 50

Karan mistakes Sonakshi for Preeta and hugs her, but gets shocked to learn the truth. While everyone celebrates Diwali, Sonakshi comes up with another ploy.

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