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Simphiwe Dana Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Simphiwe Dana Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Simphiwe Dana is a talented Xhosa singer and songwriter. Known for her unique combination of different styles including jazz, Afro-soul and traditional music, she has even been hailed as the new Miriam Makeba. This is Simphiwe Danaā€™s biography.

Personal Life

Simphiwe Dana was born on 23 January 1980 in Butterworth, Eastern Cape but was raised in Lusikisiki.

She was raised in a family with a strong religious background. Her father was a pastor and due to his devotion to the church, Simphiwe got exposed to gospel music.

Simphiwe Danaā€™s late mother was a retired nurse. She died in 2021 after contracting coronavirus whilst also battling diabetes.

Real name:

Simphiwe Dana


Singer, songwriter, record producer


23 January 1980


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa


6’0″ or 182cm


Two children

Net Worth:

$1 – $5 million or R17 million to R84 million

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Schooling

Simphiwe Dana attended Vela Private School and later graduated from the Wits Technikon Johannesburg with a national diploma in IT

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Career

Simphiwe Danaā€™s love for music began when she was young thanks to the exposure she got from church.

She credits her mother and siblings for inspiring her to get into music. The themes of Simphiweā€™s music are largely borrowed from her childhood days in Transkei.

Her professional music career started in 2002 and she spent two years performing in clubs in Johannesburg.

Two years later, Simphiwe Dana worked on her first album,Ā ‘Zandsile’,Ā which won her multiple awards – Ā Best Newcomer and Best Jazz Vocal Album at the South African Music Awards in 2005 – and was enlisted on the Billboard Charts after its international release.

Since then, Simphiwe Dana has dropped hit songs and albums that have led to her being likened to the legendary Miriam Makeba.

Her songs, which are sung in her traditional Xhosa language, fall into the jazz, afro-soul genre.

The combination of her vocal strength together with the instruments gives a traditional, modern feel to her songs. Consequently, Simphiwe Dana has a cross-generational fanbase.

Simphiwe has explored various themes with her music from political, and social issues as well as her personal experiences.

Some of her best songs includeĀ ā€˜Ndiredeā€™,Ā ‘Zandsileā€™,Ā ‘Nzinga’,Ā ā€˜Bantu Bile Streetsā€™,Ā andĀ ā€˜Troubled Soldierā€™.

So far, Simphiwe Danaā€™s discography includes five studio albums. Her most recent isĀ ā€˜Bamakoā€™, named after the capital city of his country Mali and produced by Salif Keita. It carries thirteen tracks.

Before this, Simphiwe Dana releasedĀ ā€˜Zandsileā€™ her first album,Ā ā€˜Bantu Bikoā€™,Ā ā€˜Kulture Noirā€™, andĀ ā€˜Firebrandā€™.

Simphiwe Dana has received recognition for her work which can be demonstrated by the awards she’s accumulated.

She won the Best Female Artist at the South African Music Awards for her songĀ ā€œThe One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Streetsā€™

Her other accolades include Best Contemporary Jazz and Best Female after the release ofĀ ā€˜Kulture Noirā€™.

Due to her talent, Simphiwe Dana has headlined several events like the CapeTown International Jazz Festival, Koroga Festival in Kenya and the Standard Bank Joy in Jazz.

In 2020, just before she releasedĀ ā€˜Bamakoā€™, Simphiwe Dana shocked fans when she announced that she would beĀ stepping away from the stage.

The songstress attributed this to the fact that music is not a financially sustainable endeavour and as a single mother, she needed to diversify her brand.

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Relationships

Simphiwe Dana announced through her Twitter account that she is gay and made it known that theĀ opera singer Pumez is her partner.

Shortly afterwards,Ā they got engagedĀ with the intention of marrying but they are yet to reveal the details of their wedding.

Before coming out, Simphiwe Dana dated Leshoto Itsweng. The two have been on each otherā€™s throats and are caught in a legal battle over assault allegations.

The musician alleged that Leshoto strangled her, spat on her face, threatened to slit her throat and warned her against going to the police.

Leshoto filed counter-charges of defamation against Simphiwe, a move that angered the musician.

She questioned why the legal justice system allowed persons accused of abuse for filing counter-charges.

Simphiwe presented herself to the Norwood Police Station where she was detained.

Simphiwe Dana’s husband

Simphiwe Dana does not have a husband. Her dating history only points to her relationship with Leshoto Itsweng, her ex-fiancee.

As for marriage, Simphiwe Dana disclosed that she would marry her partner Pumeza Matishika.

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Family

Simphiwe Dana has two children and raises them alone. She claims that her baby daddy left after she stopped financing him and also said that her car accident which left scars on her face contributed to his departure.

After his long disappearance, Simphiwe announced on Twitter thatĀ the father of her children resurfacedĀ ten years after he walked out on them.

Her children were delighted to see him and so was she. In what seemed like a move to mend bridges, Simphiwe said that she forgave him and was ready to open a new chapter with him.

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Controversy

Skinny shaming

These days, everyone and particularly celebrities have to be very careful about what they say and their choice of words whenever they share their opinion.

Simphiwe Dana tried to strike the delicate balance between calling out tweeps who body-shamed Thickleeyonce whilst also stating that being petite doesn’t equate to being healthy.

Her choice of words – skinnies – got tweeps firing back at her as they stated that she also body-shamed petite people.

Men are liars

Simphiwe Dana has made her feelings known on matters concerning men. On separate occasions, sheā€™sĀ termed them as gold diggers and liars.

This is after the father of her children walked out on her when she stopped financing him.

Mzansi did not take her description kindly as some opined that she needed to be more specific about the man she was referring to.

On President Cyril Ramaphosa

This time, Simphiwe Dana had a dig at president Cyril Ramaphosa. According to the singer, Ramaphosa is the ā€œworst president SA has had.

She ignited a debate about the countryā€™s leadership and as expected, a section of Mzansi agreed with Simphiwe whilst others pointed to her silence during Jacob Zumaā€™s controversial reign.

Did she bag the cash?

After her tweet on President Cyril Ramaphosa, Simphiwe Dana found herself being investigated for unsavoury business dealings.

The musician reportedly received a grant of R500,000 from the National Lotteries Commission in a record two weeks.

Some linked the investigations to her comments about Ramaphosa while others opined that it was a mere coincidence.

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ CarĀ 

Fans came to Simphiwe Danaā€™s rescue after she announced on Twitter that her car was stolen by an employee at PanelBeaters, an auto dealers company.

She posted pictures of her suspectsĀ on social media and it didn’t take long before her Chevrolet was found abandoned.

She thanked her social media followers for helping out in the search and said the thieves might have been scared after her post got traction on social media.

Simphiwe Dana’sĀ Net Worth

Despite her wanting to quit music due to its financial instability, Simphiwe Dana has made good money from her illustrious career. Simphiwe Danaā€™s net worth is estimated to be $1 – $5 million.

Awards & Recognition

2018: Best African Artist at the South African Music Awards

2007: Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year at the South African Music Awards

2005: Newcomer of the Year at the South African Music Awards

Social MediaĀ 

Simphiwe Dana Instagram:Ā @SimphiweDana

Simphiwe Dana Twitter:Ā @SimphiweDana

Simphiwe Dana Facebook:Ā Simphiwe Dana


Who is Simphiwe Dana?

Simphiwe Dana is an award-winning singer and songwriter, celebrated for her jazz, afro-soul, and traditional blend of music.

How old is Simphiwe Dana?

Born on 23 January 1980, Simphiwe Danaā€™s age is 42

Is Simphiwe Dana gay?

Yes. Simphiwe Dana came out in 2020 and confirmed she is gay. Her partner is an opera singer called Pumeza Matishika.

How many children does Simphiwe Dana have?

Simphiwe Dana is a single mother to two children. The father of her children took off after she stopped financing him but resurfaced after ten years. Even so, Simphiwe says she has no problem raising her kids by herself.

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