SHOPRITE Bursary Scholarship Program 2022-2023

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Apply: SHOPRITE Bursary Scholarship Program 2022-2023

We are pleased to inform you about SHOPRITE Bursary Scholarship Program 2022-2023

Shoprite bursary programĀ gives a chance to the talented students to continue their study. The good news is finally arrived. This year, there are six criteria of the bursary. The chance is getting bigger and it is not limited to a certain major anymore. If your criteria meet a demand, you can apply and get the bursary. The first bursary is related to the Hospitality Management. It is specified for the National Diploma. If you take the Retail Business or Hospitality Management, you may enlist yourself. In fact, if you pick any major that is equivalent to those two majors, it is still possible for you to apply.

The next Shoprite bursary scholarship program is about marketing. The requirement of this bursary is the bachelor of Commerce. In addition, other degree which is equal to it is allowed. Then, if you are specified in the field pharmacy, you have the chance to get the bursary too. The Bachelors in Pharmacy will get the priority. The next criterion is the Logistics Management. Here, there are two main degrees. The first is the Bachelor of Commerce and the second is Bachelor of Science. If you belong to the first criterion, your degree must be about the Quantitative Management or Industrial Engineering.

Knowledge is important for everyone in order to make the life to be much easier and also better. By getting the knowledge people will easily get the job. Besides, people can also get the easiness in having the advanced life by having the knowledge. Therefore, college study is somehow important. In this case, the Shoprite bursary opportunity is available for you to get. There is so much easiness for you to get when you are dealing with the bursary for your college study. You can get so many things which will give you the advantages in your life. In case of making your college study to be more valuable you can get the bursary for covering your financial need.

First: accounting bursaryĀ is for students who are talented in the accounting program. Bursary will fund some talented students in here. However, you have to do the completion in the first six months in 60% for the average.Ā Second: information technology bursaryĀ provides for students who want try to create an innovative IT and ideas. The innovative programmers will be fund by Shoprite Bursary where is located in Western Cape.Ā Third: logistics bursaryĀ needs bachelors in engineering, logistics, and science fields.Ā Forth: marketing bursaryĀ needs bachelors in marketing field, and has to do the completion in the first six months in 60% for the average. Then, forĀ pharmacy bursaryĀ need bachelor in pharmacy, and should attract in health care retail industry. Last, hospitality management bursary must form national diploma which relates with hospitality management and business.Ā You can apply bursary in here:Ā LIST OF SHOPRITE BURSARY

Recent Shoprite bursary programme is opened for excellent students who expect to continue their tertiary education with ease. The bursary opportunity is varied from supply chain and logistic, information technology chartered accounting and more. The application should be submitted online through their official website before date is closed. And you should know that there some additional requirements for the bursaries that applicants should notice or they will lost their chance to win the bursary opportunities.

As previously mentioned, applicants who yearn for more information like complete list for Shoprite bursary open that available and so on, donā€™t hesitate to dig more information through their website. However, ensure that you meet the criteria above before you think about applying the bursary opportunity. Basically, the bursary from Shoprite will stay available in the whole year, however, it is better if you take this chance to secure your position as their potential bursars. The last yet not the least, you have responsibility to keep displaying best performance during the bursary program.

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