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Sho Madjozi Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age


Sho Madjozi Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age

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At such a young age, Madjozi gained a huge following. She takes pride in singing in her home language. Her signature braids have all kids in SA wanting them plus, the hit John Cena’s hit made her a favorite. Get more from this Sho Madjozi biography.

Personal Life

Sho Madjozi whose real name isĀ Maya Christinah Xichavo WegerifĀ was born in Shirley Village in Limpopo’s Elim community on 9 May 1992.

Sho Madjozi’s father, Marc Wegerif, a charity worker, travelled to many African countries, Tanzania and Senegal included, and took Sho with him on his trips.

Sho Madjoziā€™s love of culture and language comes from such travels. She speaks several languages including Swahili and French.

During her high school days, Sho Madjozi spent several years in Tanzania, when her father worked for the global charity organization Oxfam in Dar es Salaam.

She graduated high school at the International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania. Sho was offered a scholarship to study creative writing and African Studies at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, US.

At university, Sho Madjozi called herself Maya The Poet and wrote poetry concerning politics, identity, and race under the pseudonym.

When she moved back to South Africa to study at the University of South Africa, Johannesburg, Sho Madjozi began writing songs for other artists.

It wasnā€™t long before she began rapping to her lyrics and rose to fame after collaborating with rapper Okmalumkoolkat. The two produced two hits together, namelyĀ ā€œNgiyashisa Bheā€Ā andĀ ā€œGqiā€.

Also known as:


Real name:

Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif


Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Actress


9 May 1992


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Shirley Village , Elim, Limpopo


5’8 or 172cm



Net Worth:

$1.5 million or R23.3 million

Sho Madjozi’s Career

How Did Sho Madjoziā€™s Career Start?

As a result of her travels throughout Africa and the United States from an early age, Sho Madjozi grew up listening to Sade, the Fugees, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Kanda Bongo Man.

While in the US for her university education, Sho published poems about identity politics. She made a return to South Africa and went on writing, this time for local artists. She also composed her own music under her stage name Sho Madjozi.

2017 was a career-defining year for her. Her collaboration with rapper Okmalumkoolkat on his songĀ “Ngiyashisa Bhe”Ā andĀ ā€œGqiā€Ā catapulted her to fame.

In the same year, she released her debut single,Ā ā€œDumi HiPhoneā€Ā which got everyoneā€™s attention. She also appeared on DJ Maphorisaā€™s trackĀ ā€œProblemeā€Ā in his BlaqBoy Music Presents GqomWave album.

Things got even better for her.Ā Sho MadjoziĀ made herĀ first TV appearance, playing Tsakane Mboweni in the Mzansi Magic telenovela series Isithembiso.

There was no stopping her. Sho Madjoziā€™s latest songs come from her most recent albumĀ What A LifeĀ featuring some of her favourite South African artists.

The likes of Manu WorldStar, Dr Thomas Thauke, Makhadzi, and Sunglen Chabalala. Before this, the multilingual rapper released her long-awaited debut album in December 2018 called ā€œLimpopo Champions Leagueā€.Ā 

Along with it came a five-minute short film calledĀ ā€œTrickshotā€Ā which featured several tracks from the album. Some of the hit songs from the album includeĀ Idhom,Ā Kona,Ā Huku,Ā Going Down, andĀ Ro Rali.

In 2019,Ā Sho MadjoziĀ releasedĀ ‘John Cena’Ā a song that gave her global prominence. The song is about the American wrestler and was played widely and even caught his attention.

He gave Madjozi a shout-out on social media before she met her on Kelly Clarkson’s show.

The rapper has also been featured in a massiveĀ Times Square BillboardĀ and has joined the ranks of some of the worldā€™s most incredible artists as part of the YouTube Black Voices Class of 2021.

It looks like Sho Madjozi is expanding her craft into the television industry. SheĀ bagged her first television gigĀ and fans can watch her onĀ Tekalani SesameĀ season 13.

What Language Does Sho Madjozi Sing?

Sho Madjozi mainly sings in her native TsongaĀ as well as in Swahili.

What Is Sho Madjozi Known For?

Sho MadjoziĀ is known for her songwriting and rapping. She usually sings in her native Tsonga tongue and is also known for donning a traditional Tsonga skirt during her performances.

What Inspired Sho Madjoziā€™s Kona Song?

Sho sings in her native tongue Tsonga to honour her roots. Kona is a song that reflects pride in her heritage and the music video is a treat for the eyes too.

Did Sho Madjozi Meet John Cena?

Yes, Sho MadjoziĀ met John Cena while she was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show. The wrestler surprised her while she was performing her hit singleĀ ā€œJohn Cenaā€Ā on the show. He snuck out from backstage and began dancing behind her, at which point the rapper started screaming and jumping.

Did Sho Madjozi Write A Song On John Cena?

Sho Madjozi wrote the song John Cena and it was produced by Tboy Daflame & DJ Exit. Her single inspired by the American Wrestler became a huge hit and has even inspired an international dance challenge. Part of the lyrics go:

ā€œSome gonna act rough like John Cena

Some gonna get buff like John Cena

We used to be cool

When I used to come through

Now you wanna act tough like John Cenaā€

John Cena showed Sho Madjozi some love by giving her a shout-out on social media and even surprised her on stage while performing on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Which Is Sho Madjoziā€™s New Album?

In November 2020, Sho Madjozi released her first mixtape calledĀ ā€œWhat a Lifeā€. The album features some of Limpopoā€™s best talents, including Makhadzi and Dr Thomas Chauke, a Xitsonga music legend.

Sho Madjozi’s Family

Who Are Sho Madjoziā€™s Family Members?

Sho Madjozi’s parents are Marc Wegerif and Rosemary Phaweni. Her mother, Rosemary, is of African descent while her father is Swedish.

Sho Madjoziā€™s father Wegerif lived in Rosemaryā€™s community during the apartheid era. He ran an NGO that helped people with their land claim applications. He met Rosemary while in the Tsonga village and fell in love.

ā€œMy mother was a village beauty who fell in love with a white boy. She was tall and slender,” Sho Madjozi told the Mail and Guardian in 2018.

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Who Is Sho Madjoziā€™s Father?

While reminiscing about her father, the star went on to say:

“My father met my mother when he was laying low during the apartheid era. I was raised by people that loved who they were and Iā€™ve spoken Xitsonga for as long as I can remember. My dad lived in the village and was a true village man. He spoke Tsonga, and for me, he was Tsonga. He even joined stokvels and everything. He was (and still is) truly invested in the culture.”

Sho is an only child but has half-siblings. Her parents divorced while she was still very young.

Sho Madjozi’s Relationships

Who is Sho Madjoziā€™s Boyfriend?

At one point,Ā Sho Madjozi was suspected to be datingĀ Sjava, a Kwa-Zulu Natal artist. The pair were seen getting very close at a music show.

However, Sho quickly shot down the rumours insisting that the two were just friends and that her career was her priority. According to Sho Madjozi, her love life comes secondary to her career, at least for now.

During her acceptance speech at the 2019 South African Music Awards, she took a swipe at one of her ex-boyfriends. She dedicated a song to him and revealed that she had a ā€œcrazy heartbreakā€ while recording her debut album.

ā€œFor my now ex, who’s probably regretting…there’s a song on my album that I would like to dedicate to him. It’s track two in the Limpopo Champions League; it’s called Idhom,” she said.

Sho Madjozi’s Controversy

In 2019, Sho Madjozi withdrew from the Africa Unite Concert and accused its organisers of exploiting the xenophobia crisis as a marketing gimmick than to bring people together.

In another controversy, Sho might be dating a new fella. Although the rapper shut down rumours of her and Sjava, something might be in the offing.

She recently posted images on her Instagram account, posing at a gorgeous natural location in Rwanda.

The multi-talented Maps Maponyane also shared photos of himself at the same location. This fuelled speculations that the two may be on vacation together.

Back home, Sho seems to be the talk of the town and for the wrong reasons. Sheā€™s been linked with strange allegations about interfering with the lateĀ Anele Tembe and AKAā€™s relationship.

According to Sunday World, Anele was furious with Shoā€™s phone call to AKA at 1 AM the morning. Sho, through her manager Shawn Nkuna, maintained her innocence as she stated that it was a business call.

Sho Madjozi’s Net Worth

With an approximate annual revenue of $35 to $56 thousand in 2021, Sho Madjoziā€™s net worth is said to be around $1.5 million or R23.3 million. The star makes her fortune through her songwriting, music and brand endorsements.

Awards & Recognition

Sho Madjozi has been around for a minuteĀ but her awards listĀ is something to really marvel about. Here are some of the awards Sho Madjozi has collected:

  • 2021:Ā Nominated for E! Peopleā€™s Choice Awards.
  • 2020: She won Favorite Star (Africa) and was nominated for Favorite Global Music Star at the Nickelodeonā€™s Kids Choice Awards.
  • In 2019, Sho Madjozi was featured in Forbes Magazineā€™s list of 30 under 30 creatives category.
  • 2019 AFRIMA Awards, Nominated Sho Madjozi for Best Newcomer, Best Female SA and AFRIMA Video of the year forĀ ā€œIdhomā€.
  • In June 2019, she won a BET Award for Best International Act.
  • Nominated for Best Music Video for hit singleĀ ā€œHukuā€Ā at the 25th South African Music Awards.
  • 25th South African Music Awards- won Newcomer of the Year and Best Female Album.

  • Social Media

  • Sho Madjozi’s social media platforms have a combined following of more than 2.7 million. Sho Madjoziā€™s Instagram account contributes 1.2 million followers of that share, whilst Facebook which is the highest at 1.5 million, Twitter and Tik Tok contribute the rest. Interested in following Sho Madjozi? Find her social media handles below.
  • Sho Madjozi’s Instagram:Ā @ShoMadjozi
    Sho Madjozi’s Facebook:Ā Sho Madjozi
    Sho Madjozi’s Twitter:Ā @ShoMadjozi
    Sho Madjozi’s TikTok:Ā @ShoMadjozi
  • Q&A

  • What is Sho Madjozi known for?

  • Sho Madjozi is known for her songwriting and rapping. She usually sings in her native Tsonga tongue and is also known for donning a traditional Tsonga skirt during her performances.
  • What language does Sho Madjozi sing in?

    • Sho Madjozi mainly sings in her native Tsonga tongue as well as in Swahili.
  • Is Sho Madjozi Kenyan?

  • Sho Madjozi is a South African. She was born in Limpopo, South Africa, and is part of the Tsonga tribe. She does, however, speak Swahili since she spent part of her early life in Tanzania.
  • Did Sho Madjozi meet John Cena?

  • Yes, Sho Madjozi met John Cena on the Kelly Clarkson show. The wrestler surprised her while she was performing her hit singleĀ ā€œJohn Cenaā€Ā on the show. He snuck out from backstage and began dancing behind her, at which point the rapper started screaming and jumping.
  • How much is Sho Madjozi worth?

  • With an approximate annual revenue of $35,000 to $56,000 in 2021, Sho Madjoziā€™s net worth is said to be around $1.5 million or R23.3 million.

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