SciELO SA Login. Details & Everything about SciELO

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SciELO SA Login. Details & Everything about SciELO

Scientific Electronic Library Online

we are pleased to inform you about SciELO SA Login. Details & Everything about SciELO

Ā SciELOĀ Ā Ā  The Scientific Electronic Library OnlineĀ (SciELO) SAĀ  is South Africaā€™s premier open-access (free to access and free to publish) searchable full-text journal database in service of the South African research community. The database covers a selected collection of peer-reviewed South African scholarly journals and forms an integral part of theĀ SciELO BrazilĀ project. SciELO SA is managed by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), funded by the South African Department of Science and Technology and endorsed by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

about this siteĀ Ā Ā 

SciELO SAĀ focuses on strengthening the scholarly journal evaluation and accreditation systems in South Africa.

The SciELOĀ library is an integral part of a project being developed byĀ FAPESPĀ – FundaĆ§Ć£o de Amparo Ć  Pesquisa do Estado de SĆ£o Paulo, in partnership withĀ BIREMEĀ – the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information. Since 2002, the Project is also supported byĀ CNPqĀ – Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento CientĆ­fico e TecnolĆ³gico.

SciELO contributes to the development of national capacities in scientific editing and publishing to be on par with the international state of the art. The project aims to make visible the science of developing countries that the mainstream does not provide for this scientific communication.

The coordinating centers all follow the same methodology and technology developed and maintained under the leadership of SciELO Brazil. Each collection has its own Web portal with multilingual interfaces in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The interfaces include a bibliometric module that provides usage statistics based on article downloads and impact indicators based on citations. This allows for the following up of the performance of the collections and the individual journals, and contributes to the enhancement of the evaluation of scientific production.

TheĀ SciELO PortalĀ provides a single point of access to the SciELO Network of collections with searching, dissemination and bibliometric services. The SciELO Open Access collections represent an important global public good, contributing to the advancement of national programs and priorities on scientific research and communication.

South Africa joined the SciELO Program in 2009.

Journals are considered for inclusion in SciELO SA when they have received a favourable evaluation from ASSAfā€™s journal quality peer-review panel. For further information or to submit a journal for consideration, contact:

helpĀ Ā Ā 

The SciELO interface provides access to its serials collection via anĀ alphabetic listĀ of titles or aĀ subject listĀ or aĀ search formĀ by word of serial titles, publisher names, city of publication and subject.

The interface also provides access to the full text of articles viaĀ author indexĀ orĀ subject index, or by aĀ search formĀ on article elements such as author names, words from title, subject, words from the full text and publication year.

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