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SABC Internships 2022-2023

Official SABC Internships 2022-2023 | Full Application Details

SABCĀ works with ethical vision, and it has a mission of rapid growth or expansion.Ā SABC InternshipsĀ are a good way to permanent employment at SABC although not guaranteed.Ā SABC is the government owned broadcasting company, the South African Broadcasting Company, of the Republic of South Africa established in the present form 17th July 1950, with headquarters in Johannesburg.

SABCā€™s main business and objective is to deliver high quality programs through Television and Radio for the information, education, entertainment and support of the general public of the Republic of South Africa and abroad, and to achieve the objectives as envisaged in the Broadcasting Act 4, 1999.

SABC Internships: What to expect from SABC?

The world of radio and broadcasting is an entertaining world with many opportunities. TV presenters, newsreaders, music aficionados, sports enthusiasts, educationists and many people in all walks of society converge in this platform to share news and views. Career opportunities are multifold in this sector and there is something for anyone with a penchant for exposure in the media world. SABC, like all major media channels covers all areas of broadcasting. Education is one of the major territories of SABC internships.

While the SABC does not guarantee jobs to its interns, there is no doubt a slew of openings for deserving candidates after completion of their internships. Some of the jobs available are in other mainstream broadcasting companies and can be availed of from job portals across the globe. Hence, with an internship in SABC, like SABC sport internships, essential knowledge will be gained to work in fields like live stream producing, media planning, video journalism, sports journalism, news anchoring, news writing or as a graphic artist, studio technician etc. The list is actually exhaustive.

Internships like sabc radio internships, media internships and sport internships allow candidates to gain workplace exposure in the exciting world of Broadcasting in their chosen field. Graduates who possess a 3 or 4 year Diplomas/Degrees from recognized institutions are offered exciting opportunities to participate in the internship programs.

SABC Internships Available in 2019-2020

These Internships could be available during the year:

  • SABC radio internships
  • media internships
  • sport internships
  • Journalism (News)
  • New Studio Production
  • News Archives
  • Marketing
  • SABC Sport
  • Television
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Travel Office
  • Compliance
  • Monitoring and Operations
  • Finance
  • Logistics

SABC Internships Requirements

Minimum requirements forĀ sabc media internshipsĀ are:

  • Educational ā€“ Matric certificate/3-4 year diploma/degree certificate2.
  • Computer literacy with MS packages
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English
  • No previously completed internships
  • No prior work experience in the field of study
  • Prepare to enter into the 10 month learning agreement
  • Applicants apply directly to their relevant provinces

How to apply for SABC internships?

SABC Internship Online Application

If you want to apply for an Internship at SABC you can find all the required information on theirĀ website. Here you canĀ download the formĀ for online applications. You can alsoĀ email themĀ if you have any questions.


  1. English and Sociology major graduate , did media and writing as an elective at University of Cape Town.Been a lover of writing and have always loved writing , still write to this .I write articles targeting social ills .I have always intrigued the way of living .It has always been my goal to research and investigate way of life.I graduated last year but still no internship availbale.

    Assistance would be appreciated as it is not accessible in the website.

  2. I am looking to do an internship with your company. I am a final year student at Unisa, studying a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications. I am keen to be in the communications environment. I believe I can be an asset in your institution, as I am passionate about public relations and communications.

  3. As a final year media studies student at the University of Venda, an internship would be an ideal opportunity for me to gain new skills and experience. I also believe that I can do the work and deliver exceptional results and I would be great addition to the team, because I am a hard worker.

    I am confident I would be an asset in your office, I have developed excellent writing skills in my three year degree. In addition I am also a member of Arts and Culture society at Univen, I do stage and theater drama. I’m also a finance operating officer of an NGO called giggling Moon studios, which deals with cultural dances, theater drama and modeling. My writing and financing skills would be beneficial in writing briefings, research summaries, correspondence and many opportunities as they would come, if I’m offered an internship here.

  4. My name is Lonwabo Belewa , I study sound engineering with Damelin in Port Elizabeth. I am passionate about music and would like to get more exposure in studio technology . I have been trying to be on the internship program with SABC . i have been looking for the online application forms but I cannot seem to get them kindly help.

  5. Iā€™ve loved acting since I was young, in a play at school I was supposed to be a villager in the story of Christ, but ended up playing the role of Mother Mary. I canā€™t wait to share my acting with SA.


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