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Rami Chuene Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age


Rami Chuene Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Rami Chuene is a celebrity that is definitely doing very well for herself. Not only is she an actress but she is also a successful author. She’s had many roles in her acting career but one she is best known for is her role as Gracious Mabuza on the tv show The Queen.

Personal Life

Rami Chuene was born on 3 July 1975 in Polokwane, South Africa. Very little is known about her family as not much is known about her parents and sister. Rami Chuene’s mother celebrated her 70th birthday in 2021 and she shared the happiness with her social media fans. Rami Chuene grew up in Polokwane alongside her five siblings

Rami has gone through some dark times in her life. When she was young, she was sexually abused twice, at the age of six and eight, by people close to her. In 2021, Rami Chuene mourned the loss of two loved ones, her aunt and her nephew’s wife Charlotte Sekgobela.

Real name:

Rami Chuene


Actress, Author, Singer, Emcee


3 July 1975


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Polokwane, South Africa


Rami Chuene pursued fashion design but did not complete her studies as she fell pregnant. Rami later studied music at Fuba school of music and then went to Tshwane University of Technology but did not graduate as her acting career picked up.


Rami Chuene is a multi-talented artist but is mostly known for her acting. She’s appeared in several major shows with her first being The Pearl in Backstage. She’s gone on to feature in shows like Muvhango where she played the role of Khomotjo Mojalefa and The Queen where she played Gracious Mabuza and Isono, where she plays Jumima, a gossipmonger.

Rami Chuene left The Queen in 2020. Reports suggested she was fired by the Fergusons after she sided with a victim who claimed that they underpaid their actresses. In a cryptic social media post, Rami Chuene hinted that the Fergusons re-hired her.

Other shows Rami Chuene appeared on include “Rockville”, “iNkaba”, “Life Above All”, “The Republic”, “Complicated”, “Aba Mzolo” and “Partners and Harvest”.

In 2021, Rami Chuene made her television presenting debut on the show ‘Away From Repair’, a 13-week reality television programme.

Rami Chuene wrote the book “We Kissed The Sun And Embraced The Moon”. It’s a collection of stories in which she shares her personal experiences.

In 2020, Rami Chuene launched her foundation whose aim is to do good and inspire people to do the same to everyone.


Rami Chuene divorced her now ex-husband Tsepo Desando in 2013 after enduring a couple of difficulties in their marriage. Rami says there’s nothing wrong with divorce as you’d be better off leaving a bad situation than staying in one.

Rami Chuene is single despite dating several men since her divorce. There isn’t a new boyfriend to tell you about and it seems she’ll stay that way.

Did Rami Chuene get married?

Rami Chuene admitted that the picture of her in a white wedding gown was not of an actual wedding but of a shoot for SABC 2.


Rami Chuene and Tsepo Desando have three daughters. Her first daughter was born when she was 19, her second daughter when she was 21 and the third during her marriage. Rami Chuene’s childrens’ names are Kefiloe Chuene, Botshelo Chuene, and Nthateng Chuene.

One of her daughters’ Kefiloe, who is married to Smash Afrika, made her grandmother when she gave birth to her first child in 2021. Rami Chuene’s son-in-law Smash Afrika has nothing but amazing words for Rami whom he says is a hands-on grandmother.


Rami Chuene’s posts about “The Hawks” raised eyebrows after she called on them to do a clean sweep on the South African entertainment industry as many artists are left broke due to the levels of corruption in it.

Some tweeps quickly concluded that Ferguson Films co-owned by Connie Ferguson and the late Shona Ferguson was the target of her tweet as their relationship ended on a bitter note. Rami Chuene fired back and said that the industry is too big for people to only aim it at one person. She further told them that she has nothing to expose to them as some of the ills in the industry are well known.

Still, on Twitter, Rami Chuene angered a section of Tweeps after she used religious texts to show that men are not worthy. When probed about the comments, she refused to provide an explanation and simply said it was part of an ongoing conversation and has no control over how people interpreted the information.

Rami Chuene doesn’t shy away from voicing her mind. This time, it was about domestic workers. She posted a thread on Twitter, complete with screenshots of the income and expenditure of the domestic worker, which detailed how an unidentified woman financially abused her house help. Her pay was deducted for minor things like eating Oreos and bread in her house. Rami first got wind of the story from her sister’s house help and decided to expose everything on her Twitter page.


Rami Chuene drives around in an Audi, a car that’s been sponsored by Avari cars.


Rami Chuene might not have displayed her house on social media but must have a number of them or at least enough to loan the Fergusons’ one.

Net Worth

There are different estimates of Rami Chuene’s net worth. She’s had a long-standing career in acting, music and being an author. Figures indicate she’s worth approximately $2.5 million.

Awards & Recognition

2021: Nominated for the SAFTA Golden Horn Awards for the Best Supporting Actress for her role on Isono.

Social Media

Rami Chuene’s Instagram: @RamiChuene

Rami Chuene’s Twitter: @RamiChuene

Rami Chuene’s Facebook: Rami Chuene


How old is Rami Chuene?

Born on 3 July 1975, Rami Chuene’s age is 47

What happened to Rami Chuene?

Rami Chuene shared her brutal experience with the COVID-19 vaccine. She said that she almost died and reached out to her doctor in the dead of night as she felt numbness, headaches and fatigue.

Who is Rami Chuene married to?

Rami Chuene admitted that the picture of her in a white wedding gown was not of an actual wedding but of a shoot for SABC 2.

Who is Rami Chuene’s husband?

Rami Chuene was married to Tsepo Desando but they divorced in 2013 due to irreconcilable differences.

Who was Rami Chuene married to?

divorced her husband Tsepo Desando in 2013 after they went through various difficulties during her marriage. She also admitted that it was not smooth sailing and she took the decision as she wasn’t happy anymore.

Where is Rami Chuene from?

Rami Chuene was born in Polokwane, South Africa.

Who is Rami Chuene’s new husband?

Rami Chuene did not get married. The picture of her in a white wedding dress was part of a scene she did for a show on SABC 2.

Who is Rami Chuene dating?

Rami Chuene revealed she is single despite seeing several men since she got divorced.

Why did Rami Chuene leave the queen?

Rami Chuene left The Queen after she sided with Vatiswa Ndara who claimed that they underpaid their actresses. In a cryptic social media post, Rami Chuene hinted that the Fergusons re-hired her.

Who is Rami Chuene?

Rami Chuene is an actress, singer and author.

Who did Rami Chuene marry?

Rami Chuene was married to Tsepo Desando but they divorced in 2013.

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