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Prince Kaybee Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age


Prince Kaybee Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Prince Kaybee is one of our favourite artists who bring in the greatest hits. When his hit ‘Club Controller’ got onto the music scene, it immediately got everybody dancing.

Personal Life 

Prince Kaybee is one of South Africa’s most popular musicians. He is a talented percussionist and DJ. He was born in Senekal, near Welkom in South Africa, on 15 June 1989. Despite his obvious talent, Prince Kaybee has had anything but an easy childhood.

He is the youngest of 36 siblings and lived alone with his mother for most of his childhood. He has often commented on not knowing much about his 35 siblings as they all lived in different houses and only met them all at his father’s funeral when they were all called to the podium.

As for his education, Prince Kaybee dropped out of school in grade 11 because his mother could no longer afford his schooling.

The same year, Prince Kaybee had a romantic rendezvous with a young girl and impregnated her. Afraid of the consequences, Prince Kaybee ran away from home and did not see his mother for three years.

Living on the streets with no roof over his head and no way to nourish his aching body, Prince Kaybee bounced from club to club in search of a job.

Finally, he landed a DJing job at a Nigerian club. He now had enough money to feed himself but not enough to sustain a home. Fortunately, he met a lady at the nightclub who offered him a place to live.

Prince Kaybee’s Career 

How did Prince Kaybee’s career start? 

In 2015, Prince Kaybee entered the SABC1 reality contest 1’s and 2’s, won it, and launched his career as an electronic musician and DJ.

In 2016, Prince Kaybee was nominated in the “Listener’s Choice” category in the 6th MTV Africa Music Grants and things only went up from there.

Of all Prince Kaybee’s songs, perhaps the most popular one is Prince Kaybee’s Banomoya. This song took South Africa by storm and had more than 21 million views on YouTube. A list of some popular songs is as follows:

  • Prince Kaybee’s “Hosh”, “Uwrongo”“Fetch Your Life”, “Club Controller”, “Beautiful Girls” and “Gugulethu”

In fact, “Gugulethu” by Prince Kaybee deserves a special mention. For it, the popular DJ won the award for “Best Collaboration” at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival in Nigeria.

With over 40 songs across 18 albums, Prince Kaybee has made a name for himself not only in South Africa but all over the world.

The most popular Prince Kaybee’s album would have to be “I am Music”, released in 2017, but still very much loved and played by his fans today.

Prince Kaybee entertaining fans l Source: InstagramPrince Kaybee’s latest songs Hosh and Uwrongo, from the album “The 4th Republic,” were released in March 2021.

This Prince Kaybee new album has taken the world by storm and is definitely worth a listen. Fans across the world are eagerly awaiting his next release.

Prince Kaybee diversified his sources of income as he recently ventured into the wine industry after he bought a stake at the Blue Craine Vineyards. His brand is called Milani.

Prince Kaybee’s Relationships 

Who is Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend?  

There is much ado about Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend. According to sources, Prince Kaybee is currently not dating anyone. However, he has been in many serious relationships over the years.

The most talked-about was with Brown Mbombo, a social media influencer and a businesswoman.

Prince and Brown loved each other publicly. They left “lovey-dovey” messages for each other on their respective social media platforms. The two love birds have been neighbours since they were very young but did not know each other well at the time.

They actually met on social media in 2016. Prince Kaybee tagged Brown on Instagram frequently, which is how they started their very public courtship.

They dated seriously for about a year. Brown often accused Kaybee of not being supportive when she lost her grandmother. This ended their relationship briefly.

During the breakup, Prince Kaybee had a brief romantic encounter with a young lady and got her pregnant. He is now the proud father of an adorable baby girl named Nana.

Prince Kaybee and Brown got back together soon after Nana was born and were happier than ever. Unfortunately, Kaybee’s relationship with Brown came to an end. It later came to light that Brown and Kaybee had both moved on.

Prince Kaybee and Zola Mhlongo

Prince Kaybee then dated popular radio personality Zola Mhlongo. The two met on social media and instantly hit it off. However, Zola was in a relationship at the time and decided not to pursue her interest in Prince Kaybee.

Later, as luck would have it, Prince Kaybee was appointed as a resident DJ on a radio station that Zola worked for, sparks flew, and the two hit it off.

Prince Kaybee claims that he has never had a relationship like the one he had with Zola. He enjoyed talking to her, and the relationship had more to it than just sex.

Prince and Zola’s relationship seemed steady and solid until it was discovered that he had been unfaithful to her for years. This led to their eventual breakup.

Despite their separation, the two welcomed their child in 2021.

Prince Kaybee’s Controversy 

All you need to know about Prince Kaybee’s song theft allegations and other controversies

Being at the top is not easy. Prince Kaybee has faced numerous hardships, not only in his personal life but also in his career. Prince Kaybee allegedly stole a song from rapper Samuel Mokhele.

Mokhele claimed that Kaybee stole the concept of his song Wajellwa. More similar claims were made by artist Shimza, who accused Kaybee of stealing the song Club Controller.

Kaybee responded to this by saying that he began working on the song in collaboration with artists TNS and LaSoulmates long before Shimza knew about it. The song, however, leaked with the wrong title, causing a serious scandal.

Prince Kaybee has faced and still continues to face rivalry in the industry. One of his biggest social media trolls is DJ Maphorisa. He has also been in a recent Twitter war with DJ Black Coffee.

The back and forth between DJ Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee got pretty heated, so much so that tweeps had to intervene.

Just a while back, Prince Kaybee’s nude pics also created controversy, though he seems to have benefitted from that episode. The DJ said that he got booked for shows and deals in the aftermath of the incident. He also sued Hazel Mahazard for leaking the images after which she offered a public apology.

Prince Kaybee’s Car

Prince Kaybee’s cars match the millions of dollars he has to his name. He has several top-notch cars including, a BMW X6, a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG and a Volkswagen Golf Vi. Better still, he has pimped out his cars with customized colourful rims and custom paint jobs.

Prince Kaybee’s Net Worth

A man of great style, Prince Kaybee is known for his expensive tastes and lavish lifestyle. He’s definitely worked hard for that and his financial standing allows him to afford what he wants. Prince Kaybee’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Awards & Recognition

Prince Kaybee won the South African Music Award for Male Artist of the Year in 2018 as well as in 2020.

In 2020 Prince Kaybee also won the South African Music Award for Album of the Year and Best Dance Album of 2020.

Perhaps his biggest win yet is the award for Best Collaboration on his hit single Gugulethu at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival in Nigeria.

Social Media

Prince Kaybee’s Twitter: @PrinceKaybee_SA

Prince Kaybee’s Instagram: @princekaybee_sa


Is Prince Kaybee a Zulu? 

Prince Kaybee has denied all rumours of being part of the Zulu tribe. He was accused of tribalism when his hit song Banomoya won the title of Ukhozi FM Song of the Year.

Who is Prince Kaybee’s Father? 

Prince Kaybee’s father is Mr Motsamai. He was a father to 36 children, of whom Prince Kaybee is the youngest.

Who is Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend? 

Prince Kaybee does not have a girlfriend. But in the past, he has dated social media personalities Brown Mbombo and Zola Mhlongo.

How much does Prince Kaybee earn? 

Although the exact figures of Prince Kaybee’s salary remain unknown, his monthly earnings are estimated to be around $1430. However, being a musician, the monthly figures of his salary vary according to his work.

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