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Philippine Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR)

Philippine First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR)

This article provides an overview of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, a unit of the Philippines Army within the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The First Scout Ranger Regiment is known by a number of nicknames including: Musangs; FSSR; Strikers; Rangers; SR; and Scout Rangers.

The regiment is one of several units that form part of theĀ Armed Forces of the Philippines Special Operations CommandĀ (AFPSOCOM).

Part One of this article looks at women and the FSRR, then discusses the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 forces and highlights the methods of entry. It then outlines the roles and tasks of the FSRR before finally providing a brief history on its origins. Part Two looks at the organisation of the FSRR, identifies some key personalities, before moving on to outline the various SOF units. Part Three outlines the training courses open to potential and veteran FSRR members. Part Four looks at mascots and badges of the FSRR. Finally, Part Five provides some useful links and identifies other articles the reader may find useful.

1.1 Aim

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the First Scout Ranger Regiment.

1.2 Women and the FSRR

Unsure if women can join.

1.3 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Special Forces

The FSRR is sometimes referred to as ā€˜Tier 1ā€™ SF units because they are the units usually tasked with direct action. Other special operations forces are referred to as ā€˜Tier 2ā€™ units as they, usually, fulfil a supporting role for the Tier 1 units.

1.4 Method of Entry

Civilians cannot join the FSRR directly, one must join the AFP first and then apply.

1.5 Roles and Tasks

The role of the First Scout Ranger Regiment includes a number of specialist tasks, for example:

  • Anti-guerrilla operations;
  • Counter-terrorism (CT);
  • Hostage rescue;
  • Unconventional warfare;
  • Jungle warfare;
  • Raiding operations;
  • Ambushes;
  • Close quarters combat (CQB);
  • Urban warfare; and
  • Sabotage.

Its primary, and original, task is anti-guerrilla warfare.

1.6 Brief History

First Lieutenant Rafael ā€œRockyā€ Ileto, the father of the Scout Rangers, coined the term Scout Ranger. It was based on the two US military units that he had served and worked with during the Second World War ā€“ the Alamo Scouts (of the US 6th Army) and the 6th Ranger Battalion (of US Army special operations).

The First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSRR) was established on 25 November 1950 under the command of Rafael Ileto, who would later become the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Vice-Chief of Staff and Defence Secretary.

Initially, training was undertaken at Fort McKinley (Fort Andres Bonifacio) (Ranger Cabunzky, 2014). A marker erected in the 1950ā€™s still stands at the former home of the Scout Ranger Training Unit (SRTU), which is now the current location of the Army Support Command (ASCOM) (Ranger Cabunzky, 2014).


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