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Pearl Modiadie Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age


Pearl Modiadie Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age

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She was once a shy girl. She overcame her lack of confidence after she was thrust into the spotlight after a chance encounter with a casting agent. An aspiring singer even wrote a song about her.

Personal Life Ā 

If youā€™ve ever caught yourself wondering how old Pearl Modiadie is, youā€™ll be delighted to know that Pearl Modiadieā€™s age is 34.

Pearl Modiadie was born on 29 December 1987, in the Xubeni section of Tembisa township in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng province of South Africa.

Together with her two sisters, they were reportedly raised by a single father after they lost their mother. Pearl is said to have been 19 years old.

She went to Norkem Park High School in Kempton Park in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng and graduated in 2005. In 2007, she enrolled at Rosebank College to study Media Studies and Journalism. She completed her diploma in 2009.

Also known as:

Pearl Moody, Black Pearl

Real name:

Pearl Modiadie


TV presenter, Radio DJ, Actress, and Writer


29 December 1987


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa


5’7″ or 170CM


Olivier Lewatle Oppenheimer

Net Worth:

$2 million or R32 million

Pearl Modiadie’s CareerĀ 

Pearl Modiadie is a television presenter, radio DJ, actress, and producer loved by so many fans here in Mzansi. Although she began her career at a young age, she has stuck to her guns and cemented a position as one of Mzansiā€™s most famous faces.

During her time in college, Pearl presented the e.tv kids showĀ Craze. Sheā€™d also hosted the kids’ game showĀ ā€˜Crazed Outā€™. Pearl was also a DJ at YFM and produced content for the TV showĀ ā€˜Sistahoodā€™, which she hosted until April 2012.

It was in 2013 that she made her debut on the e.tv soap operaĀ ā€˜Scandal!ā€™.Ā There, she played the character of a feisty young girl called Kefilwe Malope.

Her character was nuanced and deep, with a chequered past that included drug abuse. Her character also had many ulterior motives, thus providing fine-acting fodder for Pearl.

Later on, Pearl showed her charisma and skills when she started hosting the SABC1 music lifestyle showĀ ā€˜Zaziwaā€™.Ā This excellent show gave viewers a chance to know their favourite celebrities through popular music that shaped their lives.

The popular Pearl ModiadieĀ was also a regular field presenter on SABC 3’s breakfast show, calledĀ ā€˜Expressoā€™.Ā She was a radio host at Metro FM alongside Thomas Msengane every weekday.

Around 2015, she was one of the 10 celebrity contestants on the eighth season of the reality competition series ā€˜Strictly Come Dancingā€™. Pearl was partnered with professional dancer Grant Esterhuizen.

Pearl Modiadie’s the backstage | Source: InstagramShe also hostedĀ ‘It Takes A Village‘. In January, she was revealed as one of the stars ofĀ 1 Magic TV rom-com ‘Entangled’. She plays the role of Andiswa, a highly materialistic woman who hides her reality.

Pearl Modiadie’sĀ Relationships

Pearl Modiadieā€™s BoyfriendĀ 

Pearl Modiadie found herself a new bae. Initially, many thoughtĀ she and Andile Ncube were an item, but it all turned out to be rumours.

According to popular blogger Musa Khaluwas, Pearl’s boyfriend is Kgosi ZImba. The two were spotted at the wedding of Denise Zimba, Kgosi’s brother.

Pearl Modiadieā€™s Husband

Pearl Modiadie was engaged to Nkululeko Buthelezi in 2015 while on holiday in Zambia. Sadly, they broke up after two years.

After that, Nathaniel Oppenheimer was Pearl Modiadieā€™s partner. Pearl Modiadie has a child with him, although they arenā€™t married.

Pearl Modiadieā€™s WeddingĀ 

Pearl Modiadie called off her wedding twice in the space of two years. She and her ex, Nkululeko Buthelezi, were set to get married in May 2021, after a flashy engagement, but the pair called it quits.

After that, she gave Buthelezi another chance, and the two planned to marry again. She said, “I went back the first time because you want to give them a second chance. You know you want to see if you were right or wrong about them.” Unfortunately, they broke off the wedding a second time and called it quits.

Pearl Modiadieā€™s Baby

Pearl Modiadie has a young son named Olivier Lewatle. Heā€™s adorable and fans can see the cutest pictures of him on her Instagram feed.

Pearl Modiadieā€™s Baby Daddy

Pearl Modiadieā€™s baby daddyĀ is Nathaniel Oppenheimer. The two ended their relationship a few monthsĀ after they welcomed their baby boyĀ Olivier. Their split began as a rumour, but Pearl later opened up about their break-up. She said sheā€™d rather be alone than unhappy.

She said, ā€œI wasnā€™t able to achieve my dream of having the family Iā€™ve always longed for. But out of it came my beautiful son and for that, Iā€™m eternally grateful,”

The two are co-parenting their son Olivier.

Pearl Modiadie’sĀ Controversy

Pearl Modiadie took legal action against her former employer Metro FM after they failed to act on sexual harassment complaints sheĀ raised against her managerĀ at the station.

She was a co-host of the show,Ā Lunch with Thomas and Pearl. Pearl had been with the station for five years. SABC, the company under which Metro FM operates, condemned sexual harassment, encouraged its employees to speak out and use internal policies in handling such cases.

Twitter also rallied behind Pearl with the hashtag,Ā Justice For Pearl. Pearl said that she was grateful for the support as well as the reporting around the case.

Pearl Modiadie’sĀ Car

Pearl Modiadie purchased a luxury car for herself and her son on Motherā€™s Day. She shared a photo of the carā€™s interior, and the logo on the steering wheel reveals that it may be a Porsche.

Pearl Modiadie’s HouseĀ 

Her name may be Pearl, but she has a heart of gold. This was highlighted when Pearl ModiadieĀ bought a brand-new houseĀ for her father.

She shared her achievement on social media and was applauded by her many fans. Pearl said that was the proudest day of her life.

Pearl Modiadie’s Net Worth

Pearl Modiadieā€™s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She has spent the last decade or so of her life in the journalism, acting and DJing world that has elevated not only her profile but that of her pockets as well.

Awards & Recognition

Favourite TV presenter – Mzansi viewers choice Awards 2019

Most Stylish Performing Artist in Film or TV 2019 – SA Style Awards

Social Media

Pearl Modiadie has over 3 million fans on Instagram. She has over 4000 posts that she shares with her millions of followers. Her posts are filled with pictures of her, her child, her baby daddy, and more. The best thing about Pearl Modiadieā€™s Instagram feed is the looks she serves to her fans. She also endorses many brands on her social media.


Pearl Modiadie has over 200,000 followers on Twitter. She regularly entertains her fans with tweets and updates from her life. Sheā€™s active on Twitter and itā€™s a great place to catch up on what Pearl gets up to in her life.

Pearl Modiadieā€™s Twitter:Ā @PearlModiadie

Pearl Modiaidieā€™s Instagram:Ā @PearlModiadie

Pearl Modiaidieā€™s Facebook:Ā Pearl Modiadie


What did Pearl Modiadie study?Ā 

Pearl Modiadie went to Norkem Park High School in Kempton Park in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng and graduated in 2005. In 2007, she enrolled at Rosebank College to study Media Studies and Journalism. She completed her diploma in 2009.

Is Pearl Modiadie married?Ā 

Pearl Modiadie got engaged to Nkululeko Buthelezi in 2015 while they were spending a holiday in Zambia. They were engaged twice but called it off both times. They broke up after two years. After that, Pearl met Nathaniel Oppenheimer. She has a child with him, although they arenā€™t married. Currently, Pearl is single.

Who is Pearl Modiadieā€™s husband?Ā 

Pearl Modiadie is currently single. No husband, no fiance, no relationship.

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