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Municipalities in South Africa – Full Details

Full Details of South Africa Municipalities

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There are three kinds of municipalities in South Africa: metropolitan, district, and local. Some of their representatives can participate in legislative proceedings with the NCOP. They all have councils, a mayor, and administrators who are responsible for providing services to your home; this includes utilities such as water, electricity, and sanitation services. These municipalities collect revenue through rates, taxes, and service charges.

The South African government recognizes and cooperates withĀ traditional leaders, such as kings, queens, and chiefs, as well as traditional councils throughout the provinces who are subject to the Constitution. In recent years, theĀ politics of patronageĀ has become deeply ingrained. There have been widespread allegations ofĀ corruption and fraudĀ at state organs.

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South Africa has made progress in improving theĀ well-beingĀ of its citizens since it moved to democracy in the 1990s. The post-apartheid government has also joined regional and continental bodies such as theĀ Southern African Development Community (SADC)Ā and theĀ African Union (AU). These strive to eradicate poverty and promote unity and solidarity among the African States.

However, this progress has slowly reversed over the last decade. For instance, the stateā€™s capacity has steadily eroded and reports of irregular expenditure have risen. Meanwhile, the poverty rate rose to more than 57% in 2015 with a prediction of reaching 60% in 2020. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this worse.

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