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Moonchild Sanelly Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Moonchild Sanelly Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Moonchild Sanelly, whose real name is Sanelisiwe Twisha, is a musician and dancer known for her self-created music genre known as Future Ghetto Punk. Early in her career, she would perform her hip hop music or her poetry at the Durban University of Technology. She was discovered by Red Bull through a song on an EP where she featured alongside DJ Shimza.

Personal Life

Sanelisiwe Twisha, known professionally as Moonchild Sanelly, is a recognizable face in Mzansi’s pop scene, thanks to her signature style and inimitable personality.

She’s also a talented singer, songwriter, and dancer. She’s known for her blue-coloured hair and a genre she calls ‘future ghetto punk’.

Real name:

Sanelisiwe Twisha


Singer, songwriter, dancer


20 November 1987


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Port Elizabeth, South Africa





Net Worth:


How old is Moonchild Sanelly?

Moonchild was born on 20 November 1987 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She began making a name for herself in the Durban poetry and music scene.

In 2005, she moved to Linea Fashion Design Academy in Durban to pursue fashion. She studied there for six years and later used this knowledge in her own brand. Moonchild relocated to Johannesburg to further her career in music.

Moonchild Sanelly’s Career

Moonchild Sanelly kicked off her career at the Durban University of Technology where she entertained the crowds with her poetry and hip-hop.

A few opportunities to perform at Gayasi FM and then a feature on DJ Shimza’s EP got her recognition from Red Bull, who invited her to perform at the Red Bull Music Festival.

Afterwards, she performed at the Sound Festival Primavera in Spain and later Die Antwood, the SXSW in Huston, Texas.

Moonchild Sanelly’s music fuses elements of different genres, such as experimental electronic, afro-punk, and edgy-pop, with hints of kwaito, hip hop, and jazz. She sings in mostly English and Xhosa.

What songs is Moonchild famous for?

Moonchild Sanelly has made many hit songs and has appeared on many, too. She guest-starred on Beyonce’s ‘My Power’ and ‘With Love to an Ex’ by the Gorillaz.

She’s also appeared on DJ Maphorisa’s songs’ Midnight Starring‘, ‘Iwalk Ye Phara’, and ‘Ur Sheetee’. She also lended her vocals to Die Antwoord’s ‘NAAI IS ‘N LEKKER DING’.

What are Moonchild Sanelly’s hit singles?

Moonchild Sanelly also got a bunch of hit songs of her own, such as ‘F-Boyz’, ‘Yebo Teacher’, ‘Bashiri’, ‘Thunda Thighs’, ‘Down Low’, ‘Fox with That’, and many more.

Her latest songs are ‘Yebo Teacher’ and ‘Yebo Mama’, both of which she released in 2021.

Which albums has Moonchild Sanelly released?

Moonchild Sanelly dropped her latest album, Phases, in June. It contains 19 tracks and features appearances from Wesley Joseph, Xavier Thomas, Aramboa, HOLLY, Sad Night Dynamite and TOKiMONSTA.

This was a follow-up to her album Nudes, released in 2021. The other albums she’s released include ‘Rabulapha!’.

These albums were released in 2021, 2020 and 2015, respectively. The albums have the following songs:

“Nudes”, “Bashiri”, “Thunda Thighs”, “Newtown Chips” (Aramboa Remix), “F-Boyz”, “Where De Dee Kat”, and “Weh Mameh”.

Moonchild Sanelly’s public image

Moonchild isn’t shy, and her public image is based on sex positivity and agency over one’s own body. She’s an expressive celebrity and supports sexual freedom.

She even owns a nude club! Along with the club, she has her own clothing brand called Moonchild Cultwear. Moonchild is also a gifted performer and electrifies her audience with every show.

Moonchild Sanelly’s Relationships

In an interview with Podcast and Chill, Moonchild Sanelly disclosed that she’d ended her relationship with her girlfriend Gontse More.

The poet says she isn’t in a position to accommodate relationships in her life and thus her single status.

In 2021, Moonchild Sanelly proposed to her Gontse More. The proposal was aired on the season finale of her reality show titled Moonchild Sanelly Woza.

Is Moonchild Sanelly a mother?

Moonchild Sanelly has three children, two of who are twins. There isn’t much information on her first two children. But the Sanelly twins apparently live in Port Elizabeth with their father’s grandmother.

Moonchild opened up about the mistreatment she faced from her baby daddy. She revealed that they got kicked out of home by their father when they were just five months old.

She said, ‘Too many lasts! When I got kicked out by my baby daddy with our twins of five months, turning seven, 2020. No tears, just love, digital tablets, good school, privacy & joy without knowing who he is! Found out he still says I took kids away when he kicked us out! We good tho!’

Moonchild Sanelly has a beautiful daughter called Artemis Wafika who is a rapper, a musician, a songwriter, and a self-proclaimed fashionista. She has close to 3000 followers on Instagram and is quite popular in her own right.

Moonchild Sanelly’s Controversy

In 2020, Moonchild found herself having to defend her song Aksies after it was pulled off the air as it was deemed to contain explicit content.

She was not happy with the development and took aim at radio stations for having double standards. Moonchild said that international songs that objectify women get endless airplay while her song that celebrates women’s bodies gets banned.

This was not the first time the poet was forced to reconsider her lyrics. After the release of her song Strip Club, fans expressed their displeasure because of how explicit the content is.

Some fans even urged her to open an OnlyFans account as it enables her to publish adult content but to a restricted audience. Others opined that she should quit music entirely.

Moonchild Sanelly’s Cars

In 2021, Moonchild was spotted in a BMW 330i limited edition. However, the car does not belong to her. She was taking part in the Celeb Rides: Chauffeur Services show where she drove with the host DJ Sabby.

Moonchild Sanelly’s Net Worth

According to online sources, Moonchild Sanelly’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000.

Awards & Recognition

Moonchild Sanelly has been nominated for a couple of awards, including the South African Music Awards (SAMA).

Social Media

Moonchild Sanelley’s YouTube: Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelley’s Instagram: @MoonchildSanelley

Moonchild Sanelley’s Facebook:  Moonchild Sanelley

Moonchild Sanelley’s Twitter: @MoonSanelly


When was Moonchild Sanelly born?

Moonchild Sanelly was born on 20 November 1987Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

How old is Moonchild Sanelly? 

As of 2022, Moonchild Sanelly is 35 years old.

Is Moonchild Sanelly married? 

Moonchild Sanelly is currently single after she broke up with her girlfriend Gontse More in 2021

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