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Official Michaelmas College Admission Portal | Login and Perform Admission Activities

We(zainfo.co.za team) are pleased to inform you about everything you need to know about the Michaelmas CollegeĀ Admission PortalĀ  Login -read full details below

If the Michaelmas College begins to process your Admission, the Michaelmas College will send you an acknowledgment of receipt letter or email with an Admission number.

The Michaelmas College doesnā€™t send an acknowledgment of receipt until the Michaelmas College has opened your Admission and checked that itā€™s complete. There may be a delay between the date the Michaelmas College receives your Admission and the date the Michaelmas College opens it.

Your Admission will be returned to you if:

  • itā€™s incomplete
  • fees are missing or
  • itā€™s received after a program is paused, closed or a cap is reached

How To Process Michaelmas College AdmissionĀ 

Admission Procedures can only be processed at the Michaelmas College Official Website… or (Michaelmas College Student Portal)

For information and inquiries,Ā  and How to track Michaelmas College Admission 2020-2021, you can process the Action by visiting theĀ Michaelmas College Student Portalā€™s the official website

Tips to track your Michaelmas College Admission Status

If you mail your Admission

Use a courier service that requires a signature when delivered. This gives you a delivery confirmation and allows you to track your package.

For some paper Admissions, you can get detailed Admission status and your messages online. You can do this byĀ linking an Admission to an online account.

If you apply online

Youā€™ll see a confirmation page after you submit your Admission. Youā€™ll also receive an email asking you to checkĀ your account. A confirmation message with a confirmation number will be in your account. Keep your confirmation number for your records. from zainfo.co.za, Please note that it may take a few hours for you to receive an email from the Michaelmas College after youā€™ve submitted your Admission.

check the status of my Michaelmas College Admission?

It depends on the type of Admission.

For online Admissions (except eTA)

If you applied online, you can check your status in your account:

  1. Sign in to your Michaelmas College account.
  2. Under ā€œView my submitted Admissions or profilesā€ click on ā€œcheck status and messagesā€.

For eTA Admissions

If you applied for an eTA, you canĀ check your status online.

If you canā€™t use the check status tool

In some cases, like if you lost your approval email, you wonā€™t be able to use that tool. Instead, use this Webform:

  • Under ā€œType of Admissionā€ select ā€œElectronic Travel Authorizationā€.
  • Then select ā€œCase Specific Enquiriesā€.
  • Provide as many details as possible.

It can take us several days to get back to you.

For paper Admissions

There are 2 ways you can check the status of your paper Admission online.

Your status will only show once we start processing your Admission. There may be a delay between the date the Michaelmas College receives your Admission and the date the Michaelmas College opens it. See How can I check if my Admission has been received?

Michaelmas College Acceptance of admission

If you have been admitted conditionally or unconditionally, please visit the Michaelmas CollegeĀ Login(Michaelmas College Portal)‘ Student Centre’ to accept or decline the place that has been allocated to you.

If you want to enquire about the following, please log in to the Michaelmas College official website to get the contact email and number

  • You did not receive a confirmation letter.
  • Your status indicates ā€œawaiting resultsā€ despite the fact that you have already submitted your results as requested on your Admission form.
  • You want to change your study program.


  • Always state your name, surname, student number, ID number, and contact number in your email and give an outline of your inquiry.
  • Check the correctness of your personal information as well as the status of your Admission on the Michaelmas College Login(Michaelmas College Portal) regularly.

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