List of Courses Offered at Nelson Mandela University, NMU

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OfficialĀ  List of Courses Offered at Nelson Mandela University, NMU-Complete Course List/Programmes

Nelson Mandela University

We( team)Ā  are pleased to inform you about List of Courses Offered at Nelson Mandela University, NMU 2021-2022-Read full details below


Here are the available undergraduate courses students can apply to at Nelson Mandela University.

  • Dip: Public Management
  • Dip: Inventory & Stores management
  • BCur (Nursing)
  • HCert Pharmacy Support
  • BTech: Forestry [Part-time]
  • Dip: Public Management Extended
  • BTech: Public Management
  • BCur (Nursing) Extended
  • Dip: Agricultural Management Extended
  • Dip: Agricultural Management {George}
  • Dip: Forestry
  • BPharm (Pharmacy)
  • Dip: IT(Support Services)
  • BEngTech (Civil Engineering)
  • BEngTech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • BTech: Radiography (Diagnostic)
  • Dip (Law Enforcement)
  • Dip: Game Ranch Management Extended
  • HCert: Business Studies {Port Elizabeth}
  • LLB (Law)
  • BTech: Agricultural Management {George}
  • BTech: Forestry [Full-time]
  • Dip: Agricultural Management {Port Elizabeth}
  • Dip: Nature Conservation
  • Brad (Radiology in Diagnostics)
  • BAdmin
  • BEngTech (Electrical Engineering)
  • BEng (Mechatronics)
  • Dip: IT (Software Development)
  • Dip (Sport Management)
  • HCert: Business Studies {George}
  • BTech: Quantity Surveying
  • BSc: Construction Economics (Quantity Surveying with Financial & BusinessManagement)
  • Dip: Public Relations Management
  • HCert: Veldfire Management [Full-time and Part-time]
  • BSc Extended ā€“ All programmes
  • Dip: Forestry Extended
  • Dip: Nature Conservation Extended
  • BHSc: Biokenetics
  • HCert Criminal Justice
  • Adv Dip Human Resource Management
  • BTech: Nature Conservation
  • HCert: IT (User Support Services)
  • Adv Dip: Analytical Chemistry
  • Adv Dip (Business Studies) (Management Practice) [Full-time] {PE Campus}
  • Dip Building
  • BHSc: Medical Laboratory Science
  • Dip: Human Resource Management Extended
  • BEngTech (Industrial Engineering)
  • BTech (Civil Engineering) Urban Engineering and TransportationEngineering
  • Dip: Logistics Extended
  • BSW (Social Work)
  • Dip: Analytical Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Environment Health
  • BA Psych (Psychology)
  • BEMC (Emergency Medical Care)
  • BengTech (Marine Engineering)
  • Dip IT (Communication Networks
  • Adv Dip (Business Studies) HR Management [Full-time]
  • Advance Dip (Technical and Vocational Teaching)
  • BA MCC
  • BTech IT Software Development
  • BTech IT Communication Networks
  • HCert Accountancy
  • Dip Logistics
  • Dip: Marketing Extended
  • Dip: Tourism Extended
  • BVA
  • BHMS
  • BTech Agricultural Management (PE)
  • HCert Mechatronics
  • Advance Dip in Economics
  • BTech Public Relations

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