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Linda Mtoba Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Linda Mtoba Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Linda Mtoba is the epitome of class and sophistication. This actress has been gracing our screens and allowing us to bask in her style and beauty and has left a very unforgettable mark on many of her fans and admirers.

Personal Life

Linda Mtoba was born on 11 November 1991 in Umlazi, South Africa. She was raised by a single mother Celiwa Mtoba and her stepfather after her father died when she was 13 years. Linda Mtoba has a sibling who is eight years younger than her. Consequently, she admits that she’s very protective of him and the difference means that they are always on different phases of life thus at times it makes it difficult for both to have related experiences.

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11 November 1991


South African

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Birth place:

Umlazi, South Africa




Before she got into acting, Linda Mtoba was an isiZulu teacher to grades 1 and 5 students. She says that teaching gave her the confidence to become a performer. Itā€™s fair to say that Linda didnā€™t quite envision going into acting but her friends, who found her to be bubbly and lively, encouraged her to audition. Consequently, she landed a role onĀ “Isibaya”Ā television series where she played the role of Zama Ngwenya. In 2018, Linda Mtoba left Isibaya on an emotional note after her on-screen death.

This was a breakout role for Linda Mtoba who wentĀ on to act in “The River”. She portrays the character of Nomonde, a manipulative woman whom she said during her interview withĀ Afternoon Express, she wouldnā€™t desire a friendship nor be an enemy of in real life.

In 2020,Ā Linda Mtoba launched her foundationĀ to help children realise the future. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired this initiative as its devastating effects shone through and Linda desires to help alleviate those struggles.


Whilst Linda Mtoba is very picky with what she shares with the public about her, she has given Mzansi details, enough to satisfy their curiosity about her relationship. Linda Mtoba and her husband Steven Meyer did a traditional wedding in 2017. It was Linda Mtobaā€™s desire that her boyfriend performs the Lobola process and ask for her hand.

That done, he made the next big step, the proposal. Speaking to Metro FM breakfast show, Linda Mtoba revealed that her husband popped the question on a lovely Sunday morning. Linda Mtoba has snapped images of her wedding ring.

As for how they met, Linda Mtoba revealed they first met at a club before they came across one another on Facebook. He inboxed her but she had forgotten about their initial meetup. Linda eventually recalled it and as they say, the rest is history.


Linda Mtoba and Steven Meyer have one child. The actress gave birth to a baby girl on 3 October 2019 and christened her Baby Bean, not her real name, as she doesnā€™t intend to share it with the public. As is the case nowadays, Linda Mtoba went all out with herĀ all-white themed baby shower.


Whether they like it or not, celebrities will always get unsolicited advice on just about anything from fans. Linda Mtoba expressed her distaste to a fan who faulted her forĀ posting a picture of her helper Emma, on her Instagram page. The fan assumed that she did it without Emmaā€™s permission. Linda Mtoba set the record straight and let the fan know that Emma is part of her family and it was not the first time her image was on Instagram.

In another controversy, Linda Mtoba explained how a dress thatā€™s said to beĀ Minnie Dlaminiā€™s wedding dressĀ ended up on her for her role on Isibaya. Linda laid the blame on the productionā€™s doorstep as she doesnā€™t make any decision with regard to the props they use. The production crew of the show reached out to the designer and Minnie Dlamini and apologised for the incident.

Linda Mtoba’sĀ parenting skills have been questionedĀ by her social media followers. Firstly, it was about her not cooking for her husband. She defended her decision and stated that she cooks whenever she feels like it and people should stop imposing their beliefs on others.

The next thing she had to explain to her online following was her breastfeeding decisions. Linda posted videos of her breastfeeding her baby girl and people opined that she was too old to be doing it. In response, Linda pointed out to World Health Organisation’s recommendation that children be breastfed up to two years old and encouraged mothers to shun away criticisms.

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Linda Mtoba lives a luxurious lifestyle and this can be seen in the cars she moves around in. Though we cannot ascertain the brand, she splurges her money on some of the best cars money can buy.


Linda Mtoba might not have shown us her house but going by her Instagram profile, she lives a luxurious lifestyle. She has expensive taste and we can’t wait for her to give us a glimpse into her house. We are sure it’s just as beautiful.

Net Worth

Linda Mtoba has a net worth of approximately $500,000. She makes money from brand endorsements and acting which allows her to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

Awards & Recognition

2017: Best Newcomer on Television at the Simon Sabela Awards

Social Media

Linda Mtobaā€™s Instagram:Ā @Linda_Mtoba

Linda Mtobaā€™s Facebook:Ā Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtobaā€™s Twitter:Ā @Linda_Mtoba


How old is Linda Mtoba?

Born on 11 November 1991, Linda Mtobaā€™s age is 32

Who is Linda Mtoba married to?

Steven Meyer is the name of Linda Mtoba’s husband’s name

Linda Mtobaā€™s husband’s name is Steven Meyer. The pair got married in 2017 at a traditional wedding.

Who is Linda Mtoba’s husband?

Linda Mtobaā€™s husband is Steven Meyer. The actress is very protective of him as she keeps him away from the public eye thus not much is known about him.

When did Linda Mtoba get married?

Linda Mtoba got married to her husband Steven Meyer in 2017.

Why did Linda Mtoba leave Isbaya?

Linda Mtoba left Isibaya in 2018 after her on-screen character Zama Ngwenya was murdered.

Who is Linda Mtobal dating?

Linda Mtoba is married to Steven Meyer

How tall is Linda Mtoba?

Linda Mtoba is thought to be 5ā€™5.

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