kykNET seeks passionate green fingers for new reality show Die Groenste Vingers

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This is a new one for our local TV scene… a flower-fest featuring avid gardeners and flower arrangers.

kykNET’s launching a new Afrikaans reality show this year called Die Groenste Vingers (The Greenest Fingers) and they’re on a search for flower arranging enthusiasts to compete for the title, a selection of undisclosed prizes and R20,000 prize money.

The format: two hotshot flower arrangers compete in a series of challenges to win the favour of the judges who must decide whose arrangements are blooming good and whose are verlep.

One of the judges is flower stylist Franz GrƤbe of Franz GrƤbe Flower Couture whose celebrity clients include Oprah,Ā Judith Sephuma, Minnie Dlamini and BrĆ¼milda van Rensburg.

The series is created by content creator, writer and director Philip Nolte, who was the series director of both seasons of South Africa’s version ofĀ Dinner Date. He describes Die Groenste Vingers as being like a cooking competition but with flowers.

This from the series producerĀ Lyall Ramsden of Phly Media:

Lyall: Who knows? We can possibly create a new flower culture in South Africa.

The series will be hosted byĀ actress and singer Edrien Erasmus (FiĆ«sta, Fluiters, Die Kasteel), who is also a flower enthusiast and avid gardener.

Edrien worked at a florist while she was at university, went on to have her own florist and her parents have a nursery in Botswana.

This is how she describes her relationships with the floral world:

Edrien: I’m not always convinced that I have green fingers but I’m a flower child and I definitely have a big love for our wonderful nature.

If you’re as mad about flowers as this lot, you can apply to be on the show here >>Ā Die Groenste Vingers application form


You need to be a South African citizen over 21 to apply.

Application closing date:Ā 12 February 2021

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