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Jub Jub Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Jub Jub Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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One of South Africaā€™s top entertainers, Jub Jub, has become a household name for his versatile music career and his ability to conquer one genre after the other. This talented musician has also made a mark within the corporate environment where his gigs and partnerships make him quite a fortune. After his release from prison, he turned his life around. We are certain that he has a lot in store for Mzansi in the months to come. Here is Jub Jub’s biography.

Personal Life

Seems like Jub Jub was cut for this kind of life. Along with his versatile music career, he has been appearing in many adverts and commercials since he was young. However, his career hasn’t always been fantastic.

In 2010, Jub Jub and his friend Themba Tshabalala were involved in a race under the influence of drugs which resulted in the death of four school children.

Both received a jail sentence but were released after serving four years. Before all this, let’s take a look back to where he came from.

Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye, is named after a marshmallow candy.ā€Æā€ÆHe was born on 29 June 1980 in Soweto, South Africa.

His father is Sydney Maarohanye, a marketing guru and businessman. After primary school, he secured a scholarship to study in America and attended LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in New York, Manhattan.

Real name:

Molemo Maarohanye


TV Presenter, Rapper and Musician


29 June 1980


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Soweto, South Africa


5’10 or 178



Net Worth:

$100,000 and $1 million

Who Is Jub Jubā€™s Mother?Ā 

Jub Jub is the eldest son of the renowned Jacqueline ā€œJackieā€ Ramohlola.Ā ā€˜Mama Jackieā€™, as she is popularly known in Diepkloof, was a mother to all kids who had no mother. As the son of the famous Mama Jackie, his rise to fame began as a toddler when people noticed his panache for performing.

Jub Jub’s CareerĀ 

When he was 10, Jub Jub starred in an advertisement for Inkomazi. This got him a lot of public attention. He then joined the show Jam Alley on SABC 1.

As a gifted and very able performer, he bagged a role in the Oliver Schmitz crime drama,Ā Hijack Stories, a sombre introduction to the world of acting for a boy his age.

After this, the star moved on to music. Jub Jub releasedā€Æhis debut album,Ā The Rare Breed, in 2006. It featured the hit songā€ÆGood Time of Your Timeā€Æwhich enjoyed a lot of air time on the radio and a considerable amount of attention on music channels on TV.

As a result of the songā€™s popularity, Jub Jub was invited to sing it at the 2006 Metro FM Music Awards.

Jub Jub released his second studio album,ā€ÆMy Shine, in 2007. The smash-hit,Ā Ndikhokhele, translated toā€Æ’guide me Father,’ was from this album and gave him instant fame.

NdikhokheleĀ was a collaboration with the Jaziel Brothers. It was a gospel song that united musicians from different spheres and genres, and with Hip Hop elements, it took a different approach to gospel music.

As a result, it was nominated for multiple music awards and made Jub Jub one of the most decorated gospel rappers in the country.

It was nominated for the best Hip Hop song and Song of the Year category at the 2008 SAMA Awards. In addition, it was also nominated for the Song of the Year at the Metro FM Music Awards, 2008.

It sold 150,000 copies (X5 Platinum) according to the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) and became one of the most famous Jub Jub songs in South Africa.

Jub Jub has collaborated with different award-winning artists throughout his career. Thembisile Ntaka, RJ Benjamin, Lungelo, Bonezitto, Amu, Zwai Bala, and Guffy Pilane.

After prison, Jub Jub released his first single, Ke Kopa Tshwarelo (Please forgive me), in 2017, followed by the video for the single in 2020.

In 2019, Jub Jub released the single, Rapela which translates toā€Æ’Pray’ā€Æin English, featuring former idols contestant Mthokozisi Ndaba. With a similar tone and message asā€Æ’Ndikhokhele,‘ Jub Jub’s new song was well-received by fans.

Uyajola 9/9

After its suspension in 2021 due to a rape case filed against Jub Jub,Ā his show Uyajola 9/9, returned to South African television, Moya Love.

The station’s head of channels said that he was remorseful about what happened and has been through sensitivity training and thus, his comeback.

UyajolaĀ premiered in 2019. The show aims atā€Æexposing infidelity by unmasking how cheaters sneak behind their partnersā€™ backs.

This South African version ofā€ÆCheatersā€Æfeatures different dramatic revelations of cheating moments. Jub Jub’s presenting skills have been responsible forā€Æmaking the show what it is today.

Jub Jub’s RelationshipsĀ 

Jub Jub was in a relationship with songbird Kelly Khumalo in 2010. The couple has a son named Christian. Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo had a stormy relationship which ended whenĀ Kelly KhumaloĀ alleged that Jub Jub abused her physically and emotionally.

Kelly made headlinesā€Æwhen she stated she did not need Jub Jub’s help toĀ raise their son. In a Drum Magazine feature, she said: ā€œI walked away from him the same way I walked away from drugsā€.

Kelly Khumalo also spilt the details in an interview with MTV Base in 2016.

During Jub Jub’s arrest in 2010, Kelly hinted that she was:

ā€œDealing with a partner who [was] going through a very serious case, who was also very abusive, emotionally and physically.ā€Æā€œ

Jub Jub, however, denied the accusations. In 2019, Kelly Khumalo revealed that she banned Jub Jub from ever seeingā€Æhis sonā€Æagain to protect the boy.

Is Jub Jub Still Married?

Jub Jub revealed that he was off the market, but left fans unsure of whether he married or was just dating. He has kept his relationship very private and hasnā€™t revealed the identity of the woman who kept him strong during his time in prison.

Who Is Jub Jub’s Wife?

Now, we know the identity of his wife. Her name isĀ Zenith MiaĀ and the two reportedly got married in 2017. They’ve kept their relationship private, considering Jub Jub’s relationship history.

Jub Jub’s Controversy

Jub Jub on Podcast and Chill

Jub Jub’s wild tongue landed him in trouble after he described the mother of his son Kelly Khumalo as a witch andĀ accused her of using ‘Muthi’Ā or black magic, during his interview on the popular showĀ Podcast and Chill.

His employer, Aubrey Tau, gave him anĀ ultimatum to apologiseĀ to the award-winning singer, as he stated that his company, Moja Love, stands in solidarity with women and doesn’t tolerate abuse.

At the same time, Jub Jub revealed intimate details about his relationship with Amanda du-Pont and this also did not go down well.

Amanda Du-PontĀ maintains that Jub Jub raped her and making fun of it on the show was nothing short of mockery. Again, he was called out for this and was forced to apologise.Ā Amanda du Pont’s legal caseĀ against Jub Jub is ongoing.

What Happened Between Jub Jub And Ndikhokhele?Ā 

The classic smash hitĀ NdikhokheleĀ got a new avatar in 2020. The remix of the critically-acclaimed singleā€ÆNdikhokheleā€Æwas well-received by all.

And while chatting toā€ÆSlikour, the rapper explained why he left out the Jaziel Brothers, the original producers of the track this time round:

“We are doing this whether you (Jaziel Brother) like it or not, and I’m doing it with or without you, and it will be big with or without you. It’s funny how back then, what made the guys big was Ndikhokhele,

“You feed somebody, then they come back, and they forget. Jaziel Brothers were never big; they were big because ofĀ Ndikhokhele, but now we are on the same level, and we have been in the game longer than them.”

Why Was Jub Jub Imprisoned?Ā 

Jub Jub and his homeboy Themba Tshabalala caused an accident on the 8 of March 2010. According to the court report, they were drag racing on a public road under the influence of drugs.

The two suddenly collided with each other and a group of schoolboys. The collision led to the death of four school kids and permanent brain damage to two others who sustained injuries.

On the 5 of December 2012, they received a 25-year jail sentence each for attempted murder and driving under the influence.

After two years of serving their sentence, they had an appeal on 7 February 2014, and on 8 October that year, their appeal was successful.

As a result, the murder ruling was weighed down to culpable homicide, and their sentence was reduced to 10 years.

Finally, in 2017, Jub Jub and Themba were both released on parole. They had both served over four years of their sentence.

Jub Jub and Amanda Du Pont

Amanda Du PontĀ accused Jub Jub of rape. She said she was scared of reporting and even leaving him as the singer threatened her and her mother. The model eventuallyĀ left after Jub JubĀ strangled and attacked her.

Jub Jubā€™s Turnaround And PhilanthropyĀ 

BesidesĀ UyajolaĀ and the hitā€Æ‘Ndikhokheleā€™ remix, Jub Jub has done other things to turn his life around post-prison release.

Following in his motherā€™s footsteps, a pioneering personality with NGOs and founder of the famous Ithuteng Trust School, Jub Jub has alsoā€Ædecided to engage in some good deeds.

He launched the Jub Cares Foundation in 2017. The star said it was his way of giving back to the community and that he had a renewed purpose of impacting the lives of young people.

Through the foundation, Jub Jub undertakes school visits and gives motivational talks.

Jub Jub’s House and Cars

Jub Jub came out of prison reformed. He has established a career for himself since he rejoined societal life. With the financial advancement heā€™s made, he definitely can afford to live largely and drive brand-name cars.

Jub Jub’sĀ Net Worth

Jub Jubā€™s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 and $1 million.

Awards & Recognition

2008: SAMA Best Hip Hop Song and Song of the Year for Ndikhokhele

2008: Metro FM Music Awards Nominated for Song of the Year for Ndikhokhele

Social Media

Jub Jub’s Instagram:Ā @official_jubjub

Jub Jub’s Twitter:Ā @official_jubjub

Jub Jub’s Facebook:Ā Jub Jub


How old is Jub Jub?

Born on 29 June 1980, Jub Jub’s age is 42.

Where is Jub Jub from?Ā 

Jub Jub was born and brought up in Soweto, South Africa.

Who is Jub Jub’s wife?Ā 

Jub Jub’s wife is Zenith Mia. The two reportedly got married in 2017 after Jub Jub was released from prison.

Is Jub Jub still married?

Now, we know the identity of his wife. Her name is Zenith Mia and the two reportedly got married in 2017. They’ve kept their relationship private, considering Jub Jub’s relationship history.

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