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Jessica Nkosi Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Jessica Nkosi Biography-Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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She had dreams of becoming a lawyer, but unfortunately, dropped out in her second year on varsity. She didn’t choose acting. Acting chose her. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in drama. Jessica Nkosi is a jack of all trades who made her debut on TV in 2013. Learn more about her in this biography.

Personal Life

Who Is Part Of Jessica Nkosi’s Family?

Born on the 20 January 1990, Jessica Nkosi, aged 32, grew up in KwaZulu-Natal’s Empangeni community. Her parents were Jabu Nkosi and Nhlanhlayethu Ntuli, and she was very close to them even after they separated.

Sadly, Jessica’s father died of Hodgin’s Lymphoma when she was in Grade 11. Jessica was devastated at the loss and described her father as her “best friend”.

She paid tribute to him in an emotional Instagram post:

“Today was a bit of a difficult day for me…Today is my father’s birthday. I keep telling myself to smile. He would be proud, not only of me but of my siblings as well. We are all thriving and making him proud. God is carrying us,

“We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to call him dad. Myself, sis Nomusa, Swazi, Junior, and Sphelele are so blessed… (RIP to my beautiful older sister Sis Nomusa),” she wrote.

Real name:

Ayanda Nkosi


South African TV Presenter, Actress


20 January 1990


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal


5’5 or 165


Namisa ‘Nami’ Dlamini

Net Worth:

$16 million

Jessica Nkosi’s Schooling

Jessica studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She began pursuing a degree in law but failed her second year. It was then that she was inspired to take up studies towards getting a Bachelor’s in Drama and Performing Arts. She graduated in 2012.

Jessica Nkosi’s Career

This talented beauty is best known for her leading roles in the popular telenovelas Isibaya, Ayeye, and The Queen; but Jessica Nkosi’s dream wasn’t to become an actress.

The beauty wanted to pursue a career in law. She did so unsuccessfully which is why she took up drama instead. She attended the University of KwaZulu Natal where she came across the drama department while hanging around the cafeteria.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and moved to Johannesburg to pursue a career in acting. She debuted with the role of Qondilise on the M-Net telenovela Isibaya in 2013. This was the role that made her a household name.

In 2015, she bagged a role in the telenovela Ayeye, as Eve. Her recent role in the popular show, The Queen, sees her play the role of Thando Sebata. She joined The Queen cast in 2020. While making her mark in the world of South African Telenovelas, Jessica also doubled as an MC and TV Presenter.

In 2017, she made her debut on TV when she co-hosted BET’s A-List along with fellow Isibaya star Nomzamo Mbatha.

Since then, the beauty has made appearances on several awards and variety shows such as the MTV Africa Music Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards, and MTV’s Lip Sync Battle, Africa as a celebrity guest.

She also made a guest appearance on Our Perfect Wedding and went on to host the show the following season. If acting and presenting weren’t enough, Jessica also enjoys prestigious brand ambassadorial roles for many famous brands like Clinique, Durban Tourism, Volvo, and G.H. Mumm.

Jessica Nkosi Leaves Isibaya

In 2020, Jessica Nkosi quit Isibaya. This was after the exit of the other actors. Nomzamo Mbatha and Menzi Ngubane also left the show not long before Jessica made her exit.

This came as a shock to fans, and many have their own explanations as to the cause of these high-profile departures. Everyone is now concerned about the future of the show.

According to Isibaya’s production team, Jessica was ‘taking a break.’ Philly Kubheka, M-Net’s head of public relations and publicity for local entertainment channels, wrote a statement to clear things up.

He said that Jessica’s planned trip to Ghana could explain why she left and hinted at a possible return.

On the other hand, Jessica said she wanted to explore and expand her talent a little further in the industry. And although she was grateful to the Isibaya team, she urged viewers to be on the lookout for her last episode on the show.

So, is she coming back or not? We’re not sure. Her recent entry onto the cast of The Queen may be an indication that she’s got other things in mind.

What Role Does Jessica Nkosi Play As The Queen?

Jessica’s role in The Queen involves her playing a character named Thando Sebata.

Is Jessica Nkosi Still The Queen?

Yes, although her character on The Queen is a far cry from the sweet Qondi on Isibaya, Jessica continues to awe fans with her talent on the show.

Jessica Nkosi’s Relationships

Who Is Jessica Nkosi Married To?

Jessica Nkosi is not married, nor has she ever been. She was in a relationship with TK Dlamini in 2018, but the relationship ended.

However, it seems as though they have rekindled their romance as the two have been exchanging lovely messages online.

The actress even said that she’s very much in love with her baby daddy and that their love grows stronger by the day.

Who Is Jessica Nkosi’s Boyfriend?

Jessica Nkosi and Uzalo star, Ntokozo ‘TK’ Dlamini reportedly started their romance in 2017. They kept their relationship private until July 2018, when Jessica confirmed they were indeed a couple.

She posted a picture with her boyfriend TK on Instagram and Twitter. “… this is the first and last time you will see him,” Jessica wrote.

Jessica Nkosi and her boyfriend TK Dlamini were set to walk down the aisle. The actress did not confirm the engagement but was spotted with a gorgeous rock on her “ring” finger in August 2018.

Sadly, TK never got a chance to be Jessica Nkosi’s husband, as the two called it quits in September 2019. Their romance ended abruptly after Jessica discovered TK was allegedly cheating on her.

Jessica Nkosi put up this strong message on Instagram:

“To you who is seeing the father of my child behind my back, you are free to be with him fully now. *No more hiding lol*,” she wrote. Jessica added in a separate post: “And yes… I am heartbroken, shattered actually but you know what, I will be fine… Good in fact.”

It was Jessica’s loyal fans who helped her uncover the truth. They took pictures of TK and the other woman while they were sneaking about.

When Was Jessica Nkosi’s Baby Born?

Jessica Nkosi confirmed her pregnancy when she was on the cover of True Love magazine’s July 2018 issue. She also shared a picture of the cover on her Instagram page.

“So I have something to share with you all. I’m very sorry I’ve been quiet and kept you in the dark about me. I’ve been going through a few things and decided to take a little break and get alright but I’m much better now… Now I’d like to share with you the blessing that God has gifted me with (well not just me… US lol). I feel chosen and blessed beyond comparison,” she wrote.

At the time, Jessica didn’t share any details about who the baby’s father was. In celebration of her pregnancy, Jessica hosted a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Jess” themed baby shower in July and confirmed she was having a baby girl.

Some of her famous friends were there to grace the occasion including Thando Thabethe and Ntando Duma.

“I am so blessed though… I literally want to cry right now. Our little angel is even MORE BLESSED… She brings and exudes so much LOVE…” Jessica wrote on social media.

Jessica Nkosi held a second baby shower a few weeks later, and former Isibaya co-star Linda Mtoba attended the lavish event.

“You’re going to be an amazing mom and both of you are great parents. I hope she has your kindness and warm nature. How you’re able to love without words,” Linda gushed on Instagram.

In September 2018, Jessica Nkosi gave birth to a baby girl. She put up a lovely Instagram post in October in which she showed how the new mom was beaming. Jessica named her daughter Namisa ‘Nami’ Dlamini.

Who Is Jessica Nkosi’s Baby Daddy?

In July 2018, Jessica revealed that TK Dlamini is her baby daddy. She posted a pic of them together and captioned it;

“Parents,”. In another Instagram post, she published after the birth of their daughter, Jessica thanked TK for giving her the best gift. “Thank you, Nami,” she wrote.

And if that wasn’t enough confirmation, TK wrote a love letter to the baby in October 2018 that melted his Instagram followers’ hearts.

“A month ago, we received the greatest gift in the world,” he shared, “Dear Daughter, I promise to protect, lead, guide, provide and love you always. I also pray that God guides and shapes us to be the best parents we can be.”

Jessica Nkosi’s Controversy

It hasn’t just been TK Dlamini’s cheating drama that’s added spice to Jessica Nkosi’s life. The actress has also been accused of cheating.

Some reports claimed that in January 2015, Jessica and fellow Isibaya actress Nomzamo Mbatha were no longer friends because of an alleged affair with Nomzamo’s fiancé at the time, Khaya Mthethwa.

After finding steamy text messages between Khaya and Jessica, she lashed out at the secret lovers. She sent them angry emails on the 28 of December and also gave them her “blessings” to carry on.

When their friendship ended, neither Jessica nor Nomzamo confirmed the reason. However, a 2016 interview on Expresso Nomzamo, did hint that she once had beef with someone in the industry.

“It was bad beef. We were friends and we’re not friends anymore. There’s no beef anymore, we’re having chicken stir fry,” she joked.

Jessica Nkosi Dresses To Impress

As one of the most stylish actresses in the industry, fans always keep an eye out for what Jessica Nkosi wears through her social media pictures.

The dresses she dons at red carpet events are incredibly inspiring, and many women look up to her as a fashion icon.

Jessica Nkosi’s Car

Jessica Nkosi flaunted her new car Volvo Car on Instagram, in a lovely post in which she posed in front of her new red XC60. She’s also been seen with the XC40P8.

Jessica Nkosi’s House

Where I Jessica Nkosi’s house?

Jessica Nkosi currently resides in Johannesburg. Even so, Jessica often visits her family home in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal. She also moved back into the house shortly after giving birth to her daughter.

When it was time for her to return to Joburg, some of her family went along with her so they could help her around the house while she adjusted to being on her own with the baby. Jessica spoke about how grateful she was for the help:

“It was so difficult, so all of my mothers came back with us – Ntokozo’s mom too. So basically, my entire family came and helped us move back. The first week was good,

“I didn’t feel like it was just me and Nami … until everyone left and then reality sunk in. It’s just the three of us and what do we do now? But we found such a lovely helper,” she told the Sowetan.

Jessica Nkosi’s Net Worth

As queen of South African soaps and with the numerous awards shows and events that she’s hosted, Jessica has made quite a fortune over the years. Jessica Nkosi’s net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Awards & Recognition

Nominated at the Royal Soapies Awards

Won Favorite Actress at the 2016 – You Spectacular Award for her role in Isibaya.

Social Media 

Jessica Nkosi’s Instagram: @JessicaNkosi

Jessica Nkosi’s Twitter: @JessicaNkosi

Jessica Nkosi’s Facebook: Jessica Ayanda Nkosi


Who is Jessica Nkosi married to?

Jessica Nkosi is not married. Her relationship with TK Dlamini was short-lived, as they broke up after she found out that he cheated on her.

Who is Jessica Nkosi’s baby daddy?

The biological father of Jessica’s daughter is actor TK Dlamini.

What role does Jessica Nkosi play as the Queen?

Jessica plays the role of Thando Sebata.

Is Jessica Nkosi still the Queen?

Yes, although her character in The Queen is a far cry from the sweet Qondi on Isibaya, Jessica continues to awe fans with her talent on the show.

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