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Holy Ten Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age


Holy Ten Profile-Biography, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Mukudzei ChitsamaĀ (born November 18, 1998), addressed professionally asĀ Holy Ten, is a gifted rapper, composer, and music producer from Zimbabwe.

He is well-known for his hit songs likeĀ Hoo Zvangu,Ā Ko Makuitasei, andĀ Violence.

After working with well-known musicians likeĀ TakuraĀ andĀ ProBeatz, he rose to fame.

Holy Ten: History ā€¢ Bio ā€¢ Photo
Full Name: Mukudzei Chitsama
Stage Name: Holy Ten
Born: 18 November 1998 (age 23 years old)
Place of Birth: Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Height: N/A
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife ā€¢ Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend ā€¢ Partner: Kimberley Richard
Children: N/A
Occupation: Rapper ā€¢ Record Producer
Net Worth: US$30,000

Early Life & Education

On November 18, 1998,Ā Mukudzei Chitsama, a.k.a.Ā Holy Ten, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe.

He was raised in Harare, where he first became interested in music. He started recording some of his tracks with legitimate record labels while he was 18 years old and still in high school.

Holy TenĀ attendedĀ Speciss College, where he started his music career.


Holy TenĀ had an interest in hip-hop music before entering the music business, but he had no idea how to start the process of realizing that dream of stardom. At the high school,Ā Speciss College, where he studied, there was a classmate (affectionately known asĀ JT) who was already interested in music.

Therefore,Ā Holy TenĀ misledĀ JTĀ about his beat-making skills to join his gang. When it came time for him to make his case using Fruit Loop, he could not do so. Out of sympathy,Ā JTĀ taughtĀ Holy TenĀ everything he knew about Fruit Loop and creating beats, andĀ Holy TenĀ was subsequently born into the music business.

Holy TenĀ started his profession in 2016 while still a high school student and only 18 years old. Following that, he put out songs likeĀ Hoo Zvangu,Ā Ko Makuitasei,Ā Violence, and numerous others. By working with other well-known musicians likeĀ Takura,Ā ProBeatz, and many more, includingĀ Anita Jaxson, he boasted of his reputation.

Holy TenĀ gained notoriety when he released the Grammy-winning hit tracksĀ Hoo ZvanguĀ andĀ Ndaremerwa.

More than 100,000 people have subscribed to YouTube since it first launched. More than 67 videos have been uploaded to it, with the majority beingĀ Holy TenĀ music videos.


  • Wakatuka Amai
  • Mbuya Vana Munya
  • Gundamwenda
  • Ma Chills
  • Under Pressure ā€“ JUTA PIPO
  • Gamu
  • Zviri Pa 2
  • Sahwira
  • Mwana Ndakubirai
  • Pandichamuka
  • Miss Please
  • Mr. Holy
  • Bho Zvangu
  • Hanging Nevaskana
  • Amai
  • Taura Zvinokunetsa
  • Appetite ā€“ Risky Life
  • Musazvituma
  • Ghetto Redu
  • Figo ā€“ One World
  • Kumba kune vanhu
  • Ndanzwa Nekufunga
  • Musatinetse
  • Youngest Achiever ā€“ Risky Life
  • Ndaremerwa
  • Ko Makuitasei? ā€“
  • Donā€™t Go ā€“ Suicide Notes
  • Remember Me
  • Tavada
  • Violence
  • Vanopedza Zvese ā€“ JUTA PIPO
  • Murder ā€“ Murder

Awards & Nominations

At the 10th Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards, which were hosted at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), Rainbow Towers, in December 2020,Ā Holy TenĀ received seven nominations. He won three of the seven categories in which his song Ndaremerwa was nominated.

Personal Life

No important information regardingĀ Holy TenĀ girlfriends or relationships can be gleaned through research.

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However, the news that one of his girlfriends had cheated on him quickly disappeared from the internet after going widespread.

Holy Tenā€˜s girlfriend isĀ Kimberley Richard. According to reports, she cheated on the superstar rapper.Ā Holy TenĀ has no married wife or kids.

Net Worth

Holy Tenā€™s net worth is near to or over US$30,000. His YouTube income is US$1,000 each month, or US$20,000 annually.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @HolyTenmusic
  • YouTube: Holy Ten
  • Facebook: Holy Ten
  • SoundCloud: Holy Ten

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