Geet starlife Teasers April 2020-watch Full Episode

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official Geet starlife Teasers April 2020-watch Full Episode

Geet Teasers April 2020 on starlife

we are pleased to inform you about Geet starlife Teasers April 2020-watch Full Episode-see full details below

Geet Teaser Wednesday 1 April 2020

Episode 33

Maan asks Geet to help him in getting registration for the land. Geet is devastated thinking about Dev. She is shocked to learn about her pregnancy and conceals the same from her family.

Geet Teaser Thursday 2 April 2020

Episode 34

Geet calls Dev after being afraid thinking of Brij. But Nayantara doesn’t allow Dev to talk to Geet. Then Guruvinder tells Geet that Channi was killed because she was pregnant.

Episode 35

Naintara sends a message to Geet to manipulate her to think that Dev wants to meet her. Gurvinder escapes from getting killed by Brij. Geet agrees to go to Amritsar with Maan. Naintara books a ticket to India.

Geet Teaser Friday 3 April 2020

Episode 36

Rajji informs Gurvinder that Geet has asked her to keep him in the Handa house. Geet asks Maan Singh to not interfere in her personal matters. Brij asks Rajji about Geet. Geet is shcoked when Naintara tells her that she is Dev’s wife.

Episode 37

Naintara insists that Geet abort her baby and asks her to sign the abortion papers. Brij informs Rano that Geet has run away. Geet signs the property documents. Maan Singh rescues Geet from an accident.

Geet Teaser Saturday 4 April 202

Episode 38

Daarji asks Brij to bring Geet home. Rupinder tries to console Rano. Daarji confronts Geet for trying to escape from the house. Geet informs Daarji that she had been to Amritsar to meet Dev. She tells Daarji that she is pregnant

Episode 39

Geet wants Mohinder’s support as pressure for an abortion mounts. Darjee then tells Maan – who comes with a copy of the registry papers – that Geet hasn’t returned.

Geet Teaser Sunday 5 April 202

Episode 40

Geet asks Maan Singh to take Gurvinder with him. Daarji informs Daima that the Handas want to abort Geet’s baby.

Episode 41

Geet tries to hide to save her child but Brij spots her in the storeroom and attacks her. The others save her and ask Brij for more time to convince her to abort the child. Darjee orders Brij to kill Geet!

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Geet Teaser Monday 6 April 2020

Episode 42

Gurvinder helps Geet get away and Brij’s men attack Gurvinder while Geet manages to escape. Brij orders his men to kill Geet on sight. Channi’s brother spots Geet and she runs away from him.

Geet Teasers April 2020 on starlife

Episode 43

Maan is upset that Geet is injured and tries to tend to her wounds. Geet is relieved to find herself in safe hands! Brij’s men chase them and Maan manages to get them into a hut, with Geet barely conscious.

Geet Teaser Tuesday 7 April 2020

Episode 44

Geet gets back to her house to seek justice instead of going to the police station. Everyone is shocked to see Geet alive. Later, Maan advises Geet to seek legal help.

Episode 45

Geet tells everyone about Brij’s attempt to kill her. Geet’s father asks Darjee to accept his mistake and Geet says she wants to cut ties with the family. Arguing with Geet, Brij accidentally confesses to killing Channi!

Geet Teaser Wednesday 8 April 2020

Episode 46

Geet reaches Delhi and her old friend Pinky comes to fetch her. Geet asks Pinky to take her to the Canadian embassy, but Pinky gets a call from her office and rushes there with Geet.

Episode 47

Shasha mistakes Geet for a candidate for the post of Maan’s secretary. Shasha and Adi interview Geet, who is quite confused.

Geet Teaser Thursday 9 April 2020

Episode 48

Maan keeps thinking about Geet. Geet decides to takes up the job in the office. Later, she requests staff at the Canadian embassy for Dev’s contact details, but they refuse to disclose any information.

Episode 49

Maan is shocked to see Geet in his office. Geet is worried about working with Maan, but she also fears losing the job that she needs badly. from, Maan and Geet get into an argument and Geet is shocked to learn that it is Maan who appointed her.

Friday 10 April 2020

Episode 50

At his mother’s behest, Dev calls his older brother Maan and thanks him for repaying all his loans. Meanwhile, Maan gets angry about Geet’s unprofessional work habits and warns her to be careful.

Episode 51

Dadi Ma is angry with Maan for telling his secretary Geet not to transfer personal calls. Geet stays back late in the office and when she leaves some goons chase her.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Episode 52

Maan rescues Geet from the thugs and drops her home. The next day, at Dadi Ma’s behest, he brings Dev, Nayantara and Pammi home. It looks like Nayantara has an eye on the property.

Geet Teasers April 2020 on starlife

Episode 53

Dadi Ma meets Geet in the office and complains about Maan’s arrogant behavior. Meanwhile, Geet annoys Maan by spilling coffee on his shirt. When Sasha tells Tasha to throw Geet’s things away, Geet refuses to leave until Maan tells her to.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Episode 54

Dadi Ma wants Maan to stay with Dev and the family and not in the outhouse. Maan’s clients almost reject his project due to an erroneous printout, but Geet convinces them not to. Geet and Maan blame each other for the mistake.

Episode 55

Geet plans to talk with Maan about Sasha’s accusation of inefficiency. Later, Geet searches for Dev on the net. Maan realizes his mistake with the printout and asks a shocked Sasha to leave the room so he and Geet can talk in private.

Geet Teaser Monday 13 April 2020

Episode 56

Dadi Ma calls Dev to the office and asks the brothers to forget the past. Geet is surprised to find herself thinking about Maan. Later, Dadi Ma teases Maan about his rare apology to Geet.

Episode 57

Maan orders Geet to take over the project and arrange a party for the client. Geet and Dev book party halls in the same hotel.

Geet Teaser Tuesday 14 April 2020

Episode 58

Maan advises Geet on arranging a party, cautioning her against mistakes. But Sasha tries to ruin the party by ordering the wrong food. Dev also arranges a surprise party for Nayantara.

Episode 59

Dev impresses Nayantara with the party. Tasha gives Geet clothes for the party, saying Maan has sent them. But later, Maan tells Geet to change, as she is not dressed right!

Geet Teaser Wednesday 15 April 2020

Episode 60

Everyone makes fun of Geet for wearing a sari to an office party. from, Later, Geet is further embarrassed because her torn sari comes off! Maan’s guests mock the food and Maan is furious.

Episode 61

Rahul’s cheap comments upset Geet and she leaves the party. Maan finds her at the hotel lobby and consoles her. He offers to drop her at home but Geet refuses, saying that she can’t always expect his help.

Geet Teaser Thursday 16 April 2020

Episode 62

Geet fears facing people after the party and refuses to come to the office. However, Maan convinces her to come. Maan removes Rahul from the project. Geet comes to office and takes up the projects Sasha was eyeing.

Episode 63

Geet thanks Mann for encouraging her to come to office and brings him roses as a gift. However, Mann criticises this as unprofessional and asks her to throw them away. An angry Geet decides to avoid Mann.

Geet Teaser Friday 17 April 2020

Episode 64

Maan calls Geet at night about the project but she thinks he is an eve-teaser. After the misunderstanding is cleared, he calls her to his house to finish the project. He also hopes Geet will speak at the project discussion meeting.

Episode 65

Geet goes to office late at night on Maan’s insistence, but carries a knife with her. Upon entering the office, she inadvertently locks both Mann and herself in.

Geet Teaser Saturday 18 April 2020

Episode 66

Dev comes to Mann and Geet’s office but does not enter because he thinks that they are spending private moments. He plans to trace Geet’s past.

Episode 67

Geet gets emotional while talking about her family. Maan-Geet fall asleep in the conference room as the power goes off due to weather. Maan supports Geet’s head on his shoulder and covers her with his jacket. Geet Teasers April 2020 on starlife

Geet Teaser Sunday 19 April 2020

Episode 68

Geet decides to face her colleagues boldly. However, Sasha sends pictures of her and Mann sleeping in the office together. Geet feels vulnerable and refuses to go for a client lunch.

Episode 69

Geet and Sasha argue about who is more important to Maan. However, since Geet has asked him to stay away, Mann doesn’t call her. Still, Geet gives Mann an idea about a project which impresses him.

Geet Teaser Monday 20 April 2020

Episode 70

Geet tells Maan about Sasha spreading rumours about them but he doesn’t believe her. Sasha wants to attend the party in place of Geet and plays a game with her to get the pass.

Episode 71

Geet arrives at the party but doesn’t fit in. She orders a crab unknowingly but doesn’t manage to eat it. Mann is shocked to find her there and tries to protect her.

Geet Teaser Tuesday 21 April 2020

Episode 72

Dev bumps into Manchanda while tracing Geet. Meanwhile, Geet takes Maan to a dhaba for dinner. It is a completely new experience for Maan as Geet forces him to perform Bhangra.

Episode 73

Dev teases Mann about his secretary. Mann avoids Geet in the office due to guilt. However, when it starts raining, Geet is very happy and hugs Maan, who hugs her back.

Geet Teaser Wednesday 22 April 2020

Episode 74

Geet wonders why Maan is behaving indifferently towards her. Maan is annoyed when thoughts of Geet keep him from working. He decides to distance himself from her and gives her project to Sasha.

Episode 75

Maan gives Geet’s cabin to Sasha. When Geet asks why Maan is behaving this way, he doesn’t answer and asks her to stay away from him. However, Maan struggles to get Geet’s thoughts out of his head.

Geet Teaser Thursday 23 April 2020

Episode 76

Maan is shocked to find that Geet has organised a corporate party with an Indian theme. Geet tells him that it is impossible to work with him as he doesn’t respect her ideas.

Episode 77

Maan’s client appreciates Geet’s design. He tries to apologise to her as he understands his mistake. Dadimaa advises Geet to forgive Maan. Will Geet re-join the company?

Geet Teasers Friday 24 April 2020

Episode 78

Dadimaa offers to appoint a secretary for Maan, which he refuses. Dev asks Maan to join the business. Meanwhile, Geet is awed to see Dadimaa’s house.

Episode 79

Maan can’t concentrate due to Geet’s absence at office. Meanwhile, Geet takes up the job offered by Dadimaa. Maan comes home and finds Geet sleeping on the bed.

Geet Teasers Saturday 25 April 2020

Episode 80

Geet doesn’t believe Maan when he says it is his room. Maan finds that all his belonging have vanished from the room. To her shock, Geet finds out that Savitri Devi is Maan’s Dadimaa.

Episode 81

Maan and Geet fight about who should have the bed. They decide to share it but they irritate each other throughout the night. In the morning, Maan gets up to find Geet missing from the room.

Geet Teasers Sunday 26 April 2020

Episode 82

Geet divides the outhouse between her and Mann’s territory. Later, she gets wet from the shower and asks Maan to hand her new clothes. Maan says that he will only do so if she leaves the house.

Episode 83

Maan is irritated because he has to share a kitchen with Geet. He teases Geet as she is unable to find the ingredients to cook her dish. He cooks pasta for himself but burns his hand in the process.

Geet Teasers Monday 27 April 2020

Episode 84

Maan hurts Geet. Dadimaa tells Maan not to punish every woman for Sameera’s betrayal. However, hurt by Maan’s statement that she is wooing him for his money, Geet decides to leave.

Episode 85

Geet senses something bad is going to happen. She wonders why she is not getting affected by Maan’s arrogant behaviour and still cares for him.

Geet Teasers Tuesday 28 April 2020

Episode 86

Maan and Geet are surprised by their feelings for each other. Geet does not find Maan in the house and goes in search of him. She finds him at the mosque, but he is angry because she left Dadimaa home alone.

Episode 87

Dadima tries to convince Maan that Geet cares for him. Geet doesn’t tell Maan about her concern for him. Later, Dev and Naintara get into a tiff over Geet.

Geet Teasers Wednesday 29 April 2020

Episode 88

Maan asks Geet to work for him again. She decides to do it, but also vows to avoid Maan. However, she is worried that she will have to meet him every day.

Episode 89

Geet wants to work with Sasha to explore her skills. Sasha questions her relationship with Maan, as she is staying in his house, and decides to take revenge on her. Meanwhile, Naintara hires a private detective to find out about Geet.

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