Elif Teasers February 2022

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Elif Teasers February 2022

We(zainfo.co.za team) are pleased to inform you about Elif Teasers FebruaryĀ 2022 – read full details

Monday 3 January 2022
Episode 156 (339)

Asuman goes to a party. Tulay helps out at the Emiroglu house. Melek meets someone who says he can help find Elif. The stress of living in the cold gets to Gonca.

Tuesday 4 January 2022
Episode 157 (340)

Elif and Inci join in the festivities at a birthday party to the birthday girl’s chagrin. Melek appears on TV news to spread the word about Elif. Asuman receives some bad news from her father.

Wednesday 5 January 2022
Episode 158 (341)

Melek and Kenan follows up a lead on Elif. Asuman finds out about who Elif is but Cemal tells her to forget about it. Asuman is insistent that she won’t marry Sedat.

Thursday 6 January 2022
Episode 159 (342)

Feride has some financial trouble and Tulay comes to the rescue. Asuman flees to her aunt at Necdet’s house and he makes her an offer.

Friday 7 January 2022
Episode 160 (343)

Cemal is furious at Asuman and is desperately trying to find her. Asuman finds out who Elif really is, but is prevented from taking her home.

Monday 10 January 2022
Episode 161 (344)

It’s clear that Asuman is trying to get Selim’s attention, but will meeting Kenan change anything? Elif tries to keep Inci calm by telling her stories.

Tuesday 11 January 2022
Episode 162 (345)

Necdet tells Asuman it’s time to make Selim fall in love with her. Inci makes trouble during Cemal’s gambling party.

Wednesday 12 January 2022
Episode 163 (346)

When a stranger arrives to one of Cemal’s card games, Elif is convinced she recognises him and comes up with a plan to see him again. Zeynep wakes up with terrible pain and has to be rushed to the hospital.

Thursday 13 January 2022
Episode 164 (347)

Cemal nearly gets into trouble by the police, but Veysel saves the day. Necdet catches Arzu, as she is about to go through with an evil plan. The family worries about Zeynep, while she is recovering at home.

Friday 14 January 2022
Episode 165 (348)

Tugce is feeling very lonely and Necdet thinks a visit from her mother will help, but things don’t go well. Asuman starts scheming to get closer to Kenan.

Monday 17 January 2022
Episode 166 (349)

Veysel and Cemal try to drink away their problems. Asuman fetches clothes from home and inadvertently leaves a clue for Cemal. Tugce is upset about what Arzu said about Asuman.

Tuesday 18 January 2022
Episode 167 (350)

Asuman needs to get her phone back, but her plan doesn’t work out. When Elif overhears Cemal’s conversation, her hopes of getting away go down the drain.

Wednesday 19 January 2022
Episode 168 (351)

Arzu is suspicious of Asuman’s intentions. Zeynep and Selim get bad news about their baby. Elif escapes but goes back to help Inci. Melek witnesses a man manhandling a child.

Thursday 20 January 2022
Episode 169 (352)

Elif takes care of Inci while she is sick, but this might cause more harm than good. Selim and Zeynep go through something terrible, will they be able to recover from this?

Friday 21 January 2022
Episode 170 (353)

Melek lies about the bruise on her face. Serdar agrees to help Gonca escape. Asuman gets caught and the wedding plans escalate.

Monday 24 January 2022
Episode 171 (354)

Gonca makes her move to escape with Serdar. Tulay and Aliye are worried about Zeynep, and Selim makes Tulay an unexpected offer.

Tuesday 25 January 2022
Episode 172 (355)

Asuman gets saved from a forced marriage. Necdet is in denial about his wife’s loyalty.

Wednesday 26 January 2022
Episode 173 (356)

Elif goes to Rabia’s house at a fortuitous time. Tulay agrees to work at the Emiroglu house. Gonca and Serdar are on the run.

Thursday 27 January 2022
Episode 174 (357)

Sukru gets released from prison and tracks down Melek. Elif goes on a sneaky grocery trip en gets caught. Asuman discovers who Melek is.

Friday 28 January 2022
Episode 175 (358)

Feride calls Kenan to help Melek, while Selim and Zeynep return to class. Cemal catches Elif sneaking out to see Rabia, but doesn’t react the way one would expect.

Monday 31 January 2022
Episode 176 (359)

Cemal takes the girls to visit Rabia, but his intentions aren’t as pure as they seem. Zeynep and Selim get back into the swing of things at university.

Premiere episodes of Elif air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 18h25.

Elif Teasers, Cast, Video & full Episode

ElifĀ drama series is a narrative of a six-year-old girl, Elif, who is affected by circumstances created by adults in her life. Her mother, Melek, has to help her flee from her abusive stepfather (Veysen). She starts living at the wealthy Emiroglu household, away from her mother, unaware of her true identity

ElifĀ is a Turkish telenovela dubbed in Afrikaans. The soapie premiered on eExtra in September 2020. Have you started watching the premiere episodes? If not, here is the show’s plot summary and synopsis that will help you understand the storyline and have fun watching.

Elif plot summary

TheĀ soapieĀ narrates the story of Elif, a six-year-old girl, who finds herself at the centre of circumstances she did not ask for. Out of desperation, her mother Melek takes her to live at the rich Emiroglu family so that she can run away from an abusive stepfather who plans to sell her.

Elif is not aware that Kenan Emiroglu, the eldest son in the family, is her real father. Kenan is also unaware that her biological daughter lives in his household. Kenan had fallen in love with Melek, but she had to go away from the household to ensure Elif is safe. Elif’s safety at the Emiroglu family is not guaranteed, but she survives through the struggles until season five when her mother settles with Mahir, and they live happily as a family.

Elif synopsis

Elif lives with her mother and step-family. At barely five years old, Elif acts more mature than her step-siblings, Zeynep and Murat. She stays strong and preserves the cruelty of Veysel, her stepfather. Veysel is an addicted gambler who abuses both Melek and her daughter. He has plans to sell Elif to clear his gambling debts, but Melek finds it out. She asks her friend Ayse to help her save her daughter.

Ayse works as a servant at the rich Emiroglu household, where Melek used to be a servant too. Ayse learns the truth about why Melek got married to an abusive husband. She had fallen in love with Kenan Emiroglu, and the rich son loved her equally. However, she could not endure his evil mother’s dislike of her. She had to flee while pregnant with Elif and make it look like she had turned her back on Kenan.

Kenan later married Arzu. On the other hand, Melek started living another life, then welcomed Elif to the world. She tied the knot with Veysel. She had to endure difficulties while raising her daughter but never revealed who she really is. Desperation has led her to place Elif under Ayse’s care.

Elif, unaware that she lives with her real father, settles down in the Emiroglu household. Her presence at the wealthy household changes her life and that of other members of the family. She is a strong girl and can be without her mother.

While at the Emiroglu household, she has to endure Arzu’s evilness. Elif and her mother survive death at the hand of Arzu, but Kenan dies. She starts living with Yusuf, a bookstore owner, who marries Melek. Unfortunately, Yusuf dies in an accident.

Elif is again separated from her mother and starts living at the Macide’s house. She and her mother face problems at the Haktanir household when Kiymet, Mahir’s mother, comes to seek revenge. Melek meets Mahir by chance, and they fall in love. Mahir abandons his evil plans against the Haktanir family. Season five ends when Mahir, Melek and Elif become a family.

Elif teasers

The Turkish novela is now one of the most-watchedĀ Afrikaan TV seriesĀ in South Africa because of its entertaining episodes. In case you missed any previous Elif episodes, here are the teasers to keep you updated.

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Elif (TV series) cast

The telenovela has gained an enormous fan base in South Africa since its premiere on eExtra in September 2020. Who is your favouriteĀ ElifĀ character? Here are theĀ ElifĀ real names and the role they play on the soap opera.

Isabella Damla Guvenilir as Elif Emiroglu

She plays the main character in the soap opera. She has to be separated from her mother, Melek, because of her abusive stepfather, Veysen. Her life changes when she starts living at the wealthy Emiroglu family with her biological father.

Selin Sezgin as Melek Ozer

Melek is Elif’s mother. She used to work at the rich Emiroglu family where she fell in love with the family’s eldest son. However, she flees to protect her unborn child and has to get married to an abusive husband. After more than five years, circumstances force her to take Elif to live at her real father’s household, although none of them knows the truth.

Volkan Colpan as Kenan Emiroglu

Kenan is the firstborn son of the rich Emiroglu household. Elif is his biological daughter from his former love, Melek, who was forced to leave by his family. Kenan married Arzu after Melek’s departure. He meets Elif when she is six years old.

Hasan Balliktas as Veysel Simsek

Image: instagram.com, @hasanballiktas
Source: UGC

Veysen is Elif’s stepfather. He is the father to Murat and Zynep. Veysen is a hopeless gambler who forces Elif to flee when he plans to sell her to repay his gambling debts.

Emre Kivilcim as Selim Emiroglu

Selim is Kenan’s younger brother. He is also Zynep’s husband. He has to protect his family’s business after Kenan is killed by Arzu, who continues to seek revenge against the Emiroglu family.

Gulcin Tuncok as Zeynep Emiroglu

Zynep is Veysel’s daughter. She got married to Selim, Kenan’s younger brother. She supports her husband through struggles.

Aysun Guven as Aliye Emiroglu

Aliye is the owner of the Emiroglu household. She is Kenan, Selim, and Ipek’s mother. She is Elif’s grandmother.

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Umut Ozkan as Yusuf

Yusuf is a bookstore owner who befriends Melek and Elif in season four of the show. He later marries Melek. Unfortunately, he dies in a car accident on their way to another city.

Fatih Ayhan as Mahir Keskin

Mahir meets Melek by chance in season five and falls in love with her. Mahir and his mother Kiymet plot to bring the Haktanir family to ruins but he abandons the evil plan after finding love. In the end, Mahir, Melek and Elif start a new life together.

Cemre Melis Cinar as Arzu Karapinar

Arzu is Kenan’s wife and Tugce’s mother. She is not ready to lose her position at the Emiroglu household. Arzu is the main villain in the series in season one, two and three.

Gurhan Gulbahar as Necdet Karapina

Necdet is Arzu’s father. He conspires with her daughter against the Emiroglu family. He also marries Gonca, Arzu’s maid.

Dilara Yuzer as Gonca Tunc

She starts as Arzu’s maid. She later gets married to Necdet (Arzu’s father) and Serdar (the biological father of Arzu’s daughter Tugce). Arzu kills her in season three.

Zeynep Ogren as Tugce

Tugce is Arzu and Serdar’s daughter. Arzu does not want Kenan to know the truth about her. She dies in season three together with Kenan when Arzu sets the house on fire.

Ozlem Savas as Kiymet Keskin

Kiymet is Mahir’s mother and the main villain in season five. She seeks revenge against the Haktanir family. However, she is defeated in the end.

The following are other Elif novela cast and the roles they play.

  • Deniz Irem Morkov as Inci Gurbuz, Elif’s close friend
  • Tugba Duygu Erman as Asuman Sahin, Inci’s older sister and Erkut’s wife
  • Abdullah Sekeroglu as Cemal Gurbuz, Inci and Asuman’s father
  • Batuhan Soncul as Murat Simsek, Veysel’s son
  • Beril Eda Yesil as Feride Cetin, Melek’s close friend and Murat’s lover
  • Ilker Gursoy as Melih Ozer, Melek’s brother and Ipek’s lover
  • Esin Benim as Ipek Emiroglu, Kenan’s younger sister
  • Ozanay Alpkan as Ayse Dogan, Melek’s close friend
  • Aysegul YalƧiner as Kiraz, a maid at the Emiroglu family
  • Pelin Caliskanoglu as Pelin, Ipek’s friend who competes against Zeynep for Selim
  • Kivilcim Kaya as Efruz Baba, Melih’s foster father
  • Kerem Akdeniz as Sadik, Kiraz’s husband and assistant at the Emiroglu family
  • Hakan Bozyigit as Serdar Acar, Tugce’s real father
  • Umut Olcer as Erkut Sahin, Veysel’s friend and Necdat’s assistant
  • Derya Sen as Tulay Simsek, Veysel’s wife
  • Sinem Akman as Feraye, Pelin and Ipek’s friend
  • Asuman Kostak as Rabia, Cemal’s neighbour
  • Esra Oztop as Aysel, Melek’s co-worker at the sewing room
  • Yildiz Asyali as Rana Kaya, in love with Tarik but later betrays him
  • Murat Prosciler as Tarik Karakas, Humeyra’s husband and the main villain in season four
  • Berna Keskin as Humeyra Haktanir, the daughter to Macide
  • Seyda Bayram as Parla, Kerem’s friend
  • Nevzat Can as Kerem Haktanir, Macide’s son
  • Melisa Dongel as Sureyya, Kerem’s lover
  • Ozge Yildirim as Vildan, a maid at the Haktanir household
  • Burcu Karakaya as Birce Demiray, works with Asli
  • Parla Senol as Leman, Safak’s mother
  • Ugur Ozbagi as Safak, Julide’s lover
  • Melis Gol as Julide, Melek’s friend and Safak’s lover
  • Cem Kilik as Levent Bakir, a worker at the Haktanir household and Humeyra’s boyfriend
  • Nur Gurkan as Macide Haktanir, the mother to Humeyra and Kerem
  • Omer Faruk Caliskan as Emirhan, Julide’s son

Frequently asked questions

TheĀ ElifĀ novelaĀ has become a household favourite in South Africa. If you are yet to start watching, you are missing out on great entertainment. Here are some of the questions fans ask.

What does Elif mean?

The name Elif, pronounced as ey lif, has Turkey and Arabic origins. In Turkey, Elif means honest. It could also mean slim and tall.Ā The nameĀ is given to girls in the country. In Arabic, it means letter A, only, unique or one.

How old is Elif?

Elif is six years old in the Turkish drama series. In real life, Isabella Damla Guvenilir (Elif on the show), is 11 years old in 2020. She wasĀ bornĀ on 18th January 2009 in New York City, USA.

Does Netflix have Elif?

TheĀ originalĀ TV seriesĀ is on Netflix in the United Kingdom and the United States. The drama has been reproduced and dubbed in various nations since its original release on Kanal 7 in 2014. In South Africa, it is dubbed in Afrikaans.

How many episodes of Elif are there?

The drama series has 940 episodes and five seasons. It was originally released on 15th September 2014 and aired its final episode on 7th June 2019 on Kanal 7. In South Africa, the show premiered on 14th September 2020 on eExtra. The show is aired on weekdays at 6.35 p.m.

TheĀ ElifĀ novelaĀ is one of the most-watched Turkish series across the globe since its original premiere on Kanal 7 in 2014. The South African audience is also falling in love with the narrative of little Elif. The above synopsis will help you understand the full story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Elif so much. I cant wait to see her unite with her mother.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Loret Bornman says:

    I love this series about Elif, but it’s so unnatural that Arzu and her father gets away with all the evil things they do! When will it get better with Elif and Melek?

  4. Boniswa says:

    As a single mother this teaches me to be there for my daughter as long as im available it’s a very sensitive Turkish soapie it hurts to see how elif has to go through sooo much pain and suffering at her age i want kenan to find out about her and leave arzu for melek

  5. Anonymous says:

    Arzu you are a disgrace for a woman
    Women like you shouldn’t have children

  6. I’m so in love with Elif, Melek and previous Kenan. I hate Arzu and her father. Now I also like Tugce and dresses nice all the time

  7. jolene says:

    I can not wait for kenan to found out that elif is his daughter and not tugce, also I am glad that zynep recovers and that she and selim are going to be happy together. arzu must go to jail for all the wrongs that she has done the ermirgolu family. melek and kenana should get together and be a family with elif

  8. MM PRETORIUS says:

    Who is Erkuts afrikaans voice

  9. Penny says:

    Can’t wait to see Arzu suffer

  10. Neisha Williams says:

    Im hooked – Turkish Tv – nothing better

  11. Viola Chogumaira says:

    I wish Kenan will find out that Elif is her daughter ,and Tugce is not his.Arzu must be arrested for her evil deeds,Arzu is EVIL.

  12. Dorah says:

    It’s so sad that Elif has to suffer so much I wish Melek could just tell Kenan about her existence. He still loves her and will be overjoyed to find out about his child .

  13. Ruvarashe says:

    If Kenan dies i n my family will never watch those turkish soapies again i remember at Bittersoet Kemal died n noew if kenan dies its over!!!!

  14. Marsha Lawrence says:

    I am simply hooked on all Turkish dramas. You guys are amazing and very humble people. Why did not get to see all of these years ago.

    You guys are the best ever.

    Much love

  15. Carmen says:

    I am just sad that Kenan has to die because of Arzu’s evil plans of destruction, but in the end she is getting shot by Selim!!!!!

  16. anonymous says:

    when will elif catch a break from all this evil things that are being done to her? Arzu & Veysel are getting away with every evil thing that they are doing, it is not fair really!!!

  17. Eleanor Classen says:

    I wish that Kenan can find out the truth about Elif. Then he must divorce Arzu and marry Melek. He must also find out that Tuche is not his child. Selim and Zeynep must get married and Melek must find out that Melih is her brother. Then Melih and Ipek must get married. Melih must get shares on the farm and the business because he and Melek are the rightful owners.

  18. Naz says:

    There’s people like Arzu in all families
    Mothers beware of such women for your sons
    It’s a pity if such evil persons like Arzu breed children
    What a disgrace of a woman
    She makes me sick

  19. Sandra says:

    when will Arsu stop with what she is doing to Elif and Melek, i want to see her rot in jail, Selim snd Zainep should get married now they belong together, Melek should find her hrother niw and live happy with the man dhe loves…Kenan, i love this soapie,

  20. Ntibi says:

    Theres too many swcrets in this drama. My wish is for melek and kenan Ć nd elif to be a family. Zeynep an selim to marry. And selim ro tell kenan the truth about elif

  21. Marlena says:

    Please dont punish all thr Emiroglus or Aliyes doing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im just happy that Veysel will die and Arzu will kil her husband and childšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

  23. Annah alinah says:

    I wish melek and kenan to meet all the truth to be revealed so that arzu can go to prison and melih to work with kenan as his brother in law

  24. Anonymous says:

    I wish Selim and zynep get married and Melih confronts melek about how they related

  25. NEO G says:

    I wish Erkut leave Zeynep alone and Selim marry her

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see Arzu get a piece of her meds. She is so toxic it hurts..

  27. maria says:

    it will happen that melek and kenan meet
    am telling u melek and elif are very rich i just want to see arzu next plan and her spoiled child

  28. Neo M says:

    I so wish melek meets kenan and reunite with elif nd they build a family together. Far away from anyone else

    • sonia maluleke says:

      i so much wish that aliye learns about arzu’s tricks on everyone in her family. more especially the fact that she wanted to kill selim. i want so much to see how could she react because aliye is the one who brought.

  29. Rosemary Mavuso says:

    If only Melek and Kenan could bump to each other as they have dissapeared togeda..how i wish they can see each other..

    Tugce Tugce Tugce…oh bby gal..stop your mom’s attitude..
    Its not your place..

  30. Anonymous says:

    I want melek to meet keenan and re unite with Elif

  31. Raquel says:

    I am happy Melek recover but oh its so heart breaking the way they treat Elif I cant take it , its very sad
    Really feel sorry for that girl and her mom.Hope everything will work out for them.

  32. Rosemary Mavuso says:

    M happy that Melek rcovered, hence tanks to Zenep fo taking care of her, its a touchy story which is an eye opener. I wonder Veysel n Arzu’s evil plans wil end to ??

    • Anonymous says:

      My heart is stolen with this Turkish drama I’m in love with it I love elif though is a touching story if I’m not at home I make sure that the episode is recorded I love it

  33. Anonymous says:

    im hooked on these turkish dramas…i love it

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