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Code 14 Learnerships 2022-2023 Drivers Application Form & Dates

Code 14 Learnerships 2022-2023 Drivers Application Form & Dates

We are pleased to informed you about Code 14 Learnerships 2022-2023 Drivers Application Form & Dates

There are a lot of people who seek the Code 14 learnerships. Code 14 is a job code for drivers to drive vehicle which is over 16 thousand kilograms. It is also possible for them to drive a trailer with the weight of over 750 kilograms. However, it isnā€™t only about the position of driver.

As there are more jobs available with the urge of providing Code 14 license, people find out more that they have the chance to sharpen their skills through learnership. In order to be able to apply for this learnership, the applicants should have a license for being able to get the job.

When you want to get the code 14 learnership, you need to have code 14 license. This license is aimed to give permission for them to drive code 8, 10 and also EB vehicles.

In the following information, you can find out more about Code 14 learnership and some companies that offer this chance. The applicants can choose the right companies or institutes that can give you learnerships.

Transnet Company

Probably, Transnet has been popular among the South African. It is a contracting firm in South Africa which offers a lot of facilities. They are the general contracting, building services, and also construction management.

Currently, Transnet offers Code 14 learnerships for the applicants in South Africa. Therefore, when you want to participate in getting the chance of this learnerships, you need to make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements. This learnership is available in the position of forklift operator, fitter turner, welders, safety officers, and also general workers.

The main requirements of this learnership are having the driverā€™s licence code 14 with PDP skill, perfect time management and great attitude. Besides, the applicants should also have the orientation to customers as well as their abilities in making decision.

Find more informationĀ here.

The Coca Cola Company

As a phenomenal beverage company, The Coca Cola Company has taken a far leap in the business. They prove it by having more than 500 brands available in more than 200 countries.

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This company usually offers learnerships for drivers who need code 14 license. People who get the chance will be working in long hours or changing shifts, even at weekends. However, people will get nice experience to work in the frenzy atmosphere. They even treat their employees like families.

When you want to apply for the learnership, you need to wait because they havenā€™t opened it yet. As a suggestion, you need to check the websites from time to time so that there will be no missing information.

Find more informationĀ here.

MacDonaldā€™s Transport

A company that focuses in transportation and logistics in South Africa is MacDonaldā€™s Transport. It has been operating in the business for a long time, thus, they know the potential evaluation and also client focus well.

They usually offer learnerships for those who have code 14 license. In order to apply for the learnerships, the applicants should have the ability to drive heavy vehicle with code 14 license. It would have been better if the applicants had already had a few years of experience in relevant field.

The main requirement to apply for this job is a valid code 14 license. The applicants should also have some passion and interest to learn more before dealing in the right career.

Find more informationĀ here.


When customers seek satisfaction especially in transporting goods, Manline can be one of a help. This logistics company knows what the customers and also producers need. They have been working to provide solutions for every business to bring your cargo safely across the country.

Manline opens up a chance for those who are looking for a learnerships with code 14 license. This chance is available for those whose age is 22 or older. Having a code 14 is a must. They need to have the ability to read and also write in English. Besides, they need to have clear criminal records as well.

In this learnership, you will learn and get paid at the same time in transporting the goods to the destination safely. Sometimes you will work during the weekends too. In other words, you need to have time flexibility and you canā€™t double work while taking the learnerships.

Find more informationĀ here.

Imperial Logistics

If you are looking for a Code 14 learnership, Imperial Logistics can be one of the companies that offer learnership. As Imperial Logistics provides logistics services in South Africa, they need more people to work together across the nation.

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This company has been its prominent providers of transportation, warehousing, distribution, and also management. Therefore, hiring more employees to the company will help them expand to be better.

If you are a Matriculant and you want to develop your skills and qualification, this learnership should be on your list. However, there are some eligibility criterion that the applicants need to meet. Having a code 14 license and time flexibility are obligatory.

Find more informationĀ here.

Reef Tanker

An experienced company that focuses on transportation service is Reef Tanker. It is totally different from other transportation services in South Africa because it pays attention of delivering the high risk chemical products. They have a lot of safety measures to protect yourself and also the nearest environment.

The learnerships offered by Reef Tanker are suitable for applicants who like to deal with dangerous or risky situation. As the demand of the delivery of high risk chemical products keeps on increasing, code 14 learnerships can be a great help.

Having a code 14 license is very essential. Besides, the applicants should be able to have good communication skills and also writing skills. It would be better when you have the ability to communicate in other languages such as English.

Find more informationĀ here.

Pick n Pay

When you are looking for the largest and the most successful food retailers and clothing, Pick n Pay can be the one in South Africa. It has shown its consistent success from time to time which makes its name get more popular.

Pick n Pay is currently offering code 14 learnerships for the youths who want to find experiences. Besides, this learnership also helps people to find network for further benefits.

They offer the learnerships for the drivers in transporting the goods from a place to another. Thus, they need dedicated and committed applicants to handle all the responsibilities and duties. As the main duty is mostly transporting the goods, having a code 14 license is important.

Find more informationĀ here.


As one of the biggest food retailers in South Africa, Shoprite has proven its capabilities by its nearly 3000 outlets in 15 countries. The base of this company is in Western Cape, South Africa.

Shoprite wants to ensure that all products and goods they sell will be delivered right to their doorsteps. They want their customers find their satisfaction and trust them more. Therefore, they offer learnerships for those who are excited to work and learn as a driver.

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In order to apply for the learnerships, there are some requirements to fill by the applicants. First, the applicants should be a South African who is between 18 to 35 years old. You need to make sure that you are currently unemployed and not involved in any academic studies.

Find more informationĀ here.


In South Africa, the name of Sasol has dominated the popularity of chemical and integrated energy company. Sasol is also one of the biggest investors when it comes to technological research, capital projects, and also skills development.

As they keep on evolving and moving forwards, they also want to help those who seek for knowledge by providing learnerships. One of the learnerships they offer is code 14 learnership in the position of driver.

Applying the learnerships as a driver is apparently available for both men and women. If you plan to apply, you should have a national certificate in professional driving and also code 14 license.

Find more informationĀ here.

Ngululu Bulk

If you might need help in transporting or moving goods, you can choose the help of Ngululu Bulk in South Africa. Ngululu Bulk has been operating in the field to satisfy all the customers in South Africa.

For the youths who put interests in being a driver, they are currently offering learnerships as a driver. Therefore, when you wish to improve your skills and knowledge as well as your qualifications, Ngululu Bulk can be the company to rely on.

The main requirements you should have are the national certificate in professional driving and also code 14 license. The applicants should also be more responsible and willing to work during the weekends.

Find more informationĀ here.

Overall, when you seek the code 14 learnerships, there are some companies or institutions which offer them. However, you need to make sure that you have met all the requirements to be able to get the chance for the learnerships. The main thing is that you have already had your code 14 license.

If you think that this is the right time for you to apply for the learnership, you can check the official websites from time to time. It is to avoid missing any kinds of information about the learnerships.

Note: If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.


  1. hi I’m Sinphiwe mgobhozi from KwaZulu Natal but now I’m based in Gauteng I’m looking for learnership job I have EC14 with pdp I’m 25 years old thanks my number 0791382137

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  3. Good day I’m willing to join the team as code 14 truck driver.as a dedicated individual with love of serving south Africa to distribute products of company’s.as a person who needs knowledge and experience to operate the difference trucks and trailers .so please help me to learn about this job in order serve people of SA.

  4. Good day. I like to apply for code 14 learnership but am struggling to apply online here. I like to know how to apply

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      My name is Thabo and I have a code 14 and prdp. I’m in need of a learnership (0797869924)

  5. Good day i’m a South African citizen looking for a code 14 learnership. I have a valid code 14 drivers licence with PDP

  6. Good Day I am willing to be a part of the Code 14 Driver Learnership I possess code 14 drivers license and a Valid PRDP with a passport please can you help me with the details of how to apply because there is no email address to send my cv


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