Catch-up with Iron Rose star Aracely Arámbula

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Behind-the-scenes on Iron Rose 1 in 2017

She’s back and she’s as bad as ever…

Or is she?

Iron Rose returned for Season 2 on Monday, 22 June, with Telemundo fave Aracely Arámbula at the helm once again as Altagracia “Iron Rose” Sandoval.

Who better to give a perspective on the character’s journey than Aracely herself? – especially since three years have passed between seasons.

You’ve seen our recap of Season 1 here, now move in close to see what Aracely has to say… we caught up with her to get her perspective on the connections between Seasons 1 and 2:

TVSA: How has Altagracia changed between the beginning of Season 1 and the start of Season 2?

Aracely: At the beginning of Season 1, Altagracia was a woman who was primarily interested in wealth and power and at the beginning of Season 2, Altagracia will continue to be strong and ambitious, but she will also be more humane, sensitive and supportive of the people she loves.

TVSA: What is her biggest challenge in Season 2?

Aracely: To perform the greatest pain a woman can suffer, but also find the strength to recover and continue fighting for justice.

TVSA: What is the biggest difference between Altagracia and the other characters you’ve played?

Aracely: Altagracia is a woman who follows her own law and her own justice, with a terrible past that made her both a victim and a victimizer.

TVSA: What are the three most important things that people need to remember from Season 1 as they watch Season 2?

Aracely: The most important things people must remember about the first season are: a) Altagracia gave up the only man she had loved in her adulthood, for the happiness of her daughter;

b) Altagracia had to escape from the justice of her country, even though that same justice turned its back on her when she was almost a child and she was abused;

c) Altagracia lost her prestige, her power and most of her wealth when the police were ordered to capture her due to the murders or disappearances of four of her rapists.

The feelings that Aracely speaks of are unfolding on the show at this very moment in relation Monica’s disappearance and… see more in the latest teasers here: Iron Rose Teasers – July 2020
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