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Bonang Matheba Biography -Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age


Bonang Matheba Biography -Profile, Net Worth, Career & Age

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Known for traveling the world in style, conquering television, radio and the internet, winning accolades, and popping champagne, Bonang Matheba reigns supreme. Read more about her in this Bonang Matheba biography.

Also known as:

Queen B, Your Girl B

Real name:

Bonang Matheba


Television presenter, Radio personality, Businesswoman, Producer, Model, Philanthropist


25 June 1987


South African

Star sign:


Birth place:

Mahikeng, North West, South Africa


5’0 or 1.53cm



Net Worth:

$7 million or R100 million

Personal Life

Affectionately referred to as Queen B, Bonang Matheba whose full name is Bonang Dorothy Matheba was born on 25 June 1987, in Mahikeng borough of North West, South Africa. She is from the Bantu-speaking ethnic group Tswana.

Bonang Matheba’s Parents

Bonang Matheba’s mother is the Executive Vice-President for Human Resource and Corporate Affairs of Sasol, Charlotte Mokoena. Her father, Gampi Matheba, is a senior lecturer at North-West University.

Bonang Matheba’s Siblings

Matheba has two siblings, an older sister, Reabetswe Sechearo. After her parents divorced, her mother married Joe Mokoena. Together, they have a son named Thabo Mokoena, who is Bonang’s half-brother.

Bonang Matheba’s Schooling

Bonang Matheba’s biography shows that she attended Fourways High School, a co-ed government school in Fourways, Johannesburg. This was after her family moved to Leondale, which is in the East of Johannesburg.

After her O levels, Bonang Matheba enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at the University of Johannesburg.

Unfortunately, she failed a few modules more than once and decided not to pursue the course anymore.

Bonang Matheba’s CareerĀ 

Who is Bonang Matheba?

Bonang Matheba,Ā aka Queen B, has a glittering biography. She is a television presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, producer, model and philanthropist.

She glided into the limelight in 2002 when she was just 15 years old and still in school. Bonang Matheba got an opportunity to be on television and appeared on theĀ ‘Manhattan’s Fantasy Challenge’.

Born to live a life of greatness, Bonang Matheba’s big break came as a presenter of LIVE on SABC1, followed by a radio host position at Metro FM. From here, Queen B’s career took an upward trajectory.

Her vivacious and energetic presenting skills, accompanied by her signature voice helped carve her spotlight in the industry.

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When did Bonang Matheba debut on TV?

Bonang Matheba’s biography shows that she made her television debut in 2002 on SABC 2 kids’ showĀ Manhattan Fantasy Challenge. This was followed by her first TV job in 2007 for a music show,Ā Live.

Just to make it into this show, Bonang auditioned five times and even moved from city to city to audition. Her persistence finally paid off as she was crowned the winner.

The show gained quick fame as South Africa’s most-watched series, and Bonang Matheba came to beĀ ‘South Africa’s original it girl’.

The pressure of popularity was so immense that Bonang had to drop out of school to focus on her career.

Bonang Mathebaā€™s parents, particularly her father, a former university professor, was not happy with the decision.

What is Bonang Matheba known for?

Bonang Matheba is known for her radio hosting, TV presenter, and MC skills. She is a Global Citizen ambassador and style icon and undoubtedly one of Africa’s social media sweethearts.

Sheā€™s hosted many awards shows and events like MTV Africa Music Awards 2016, Miss South Africa 2018, the pre-show for the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards and BET Awards 2016. She is also known for being the first Black South African to beĀ featured in several magazines.

Such is theĀ charisma of Bonang MathebaĀ that in 2016, she adorned the cover of Forbes Woman Africa, together with three other women who were celebrated for being the Faces of Entrepreneurship.

What are some notable works of Queen B?

In 2008, Bonang Matheba made her debut drama role on the SABC 1 show,Ā InterSEXions, where she played Nurse Seipati.

The success of her television career saw Bonang Matheba set up her own production house in 2017, Bonang Matheba Entertainment. It producedĀ Being Bonang, a show which showcased Matheba’s daily life.

In December 2018, Bonang Matheba co-hosted theĀ Global Citizen: Mandela 100Ā concert alongside comedian Trevor Noah, supermodel Naomi Campbell and several other celebrities.

In 2019, Bonang Matheba starred and co-produced the award-winning documentary,Ā Public Figure, as well as her own episode inĀ ‘Activate’, the six-part National Geographic documentary series about Global Citizen’s efforts to eliminate poverty by 2030.

Did Bonang Matheba work in the radio industry too?

In 2009, Bonang Matheba hosted her weekend afternoon radio show,Ā The B* HiveĀ on YFM. It was an instant success mainly with the young listeners.

After leaving the radio show in 2014, Bonang Matheba was announced as a new radio DJ for Metro FM in 2015.

Matheba’s show,Ā The Front Row, had a great and joyful listenership, until, without her consent, she was expected to host the show alongside herĀ longtime industry rival Lerato Kganyago.

Annoyed by the station’s lack of communication, Bonang Matheba resigned immediately.

Queen B’s entrepreneurship ventures

Bonang Matheba’s biography also captures her success in the business world and by now, you might ask yourself, what can’t she do?

In 2008, Bonang Matheba launched her clothing line, which she calledĀ Just B. She collaborated with retailer Legit and then partnered with a London-based designer to create a handbag assortment called ‘Baby Star.’

The success of her first two ventures in fashion spurred a collaboration in 2014 with the high-end South African retail brand Woolworths.

They created an exclusive collection of seductive lingerie lines’ Distraction By Bonang’. It performed brilliantly.

Then, in 2018, Bonang Matheba, together with Superbalist, brought together a collection of T-shirts named ‘BONANG by Bonang Matheba.’

In March 2019, Bonang Matheba exclusively partnered with Woolworths. They launched a range of luxury MĆ©thode Cap Classique (MCC) called ‘The House of BNG.’ The luxury beverage brand introduced a range of MCCs (Brut and Brut Rose).

They recently expanded the range with a Prestige Reserve MCC. This endeavour made her the first black woman to be added to the MĆ©thode Cap Classique Association.

In 2019, Bonang Matheba launched her very own luxury beverage brand with the introduction of the House of BNG and its Brut and Brut RosƩ MƩthode Cap Classiques (MCCs).

Being one of the first African brands to produce a true sparkling wine in a can, The House of BNG continues to revolutionize its ascent in the South African luxury beverage market.

Did Bonang Matheba write a book?

In June 2017, Bonang Matheba released her autobiographical bookĀ From A to B. Replete with spelling, grammatical and factual errors, the book received bad publicity. The book was recalled, revised and replaced with a second edition.

Does Bonang Matheba work for Global Citizen and Bursary Fund?

When she’s not setting the red carpet on fire with her style or in front of the camera, Bonang Matheba is an activeĀ ambassador for Global Citizen.

She also manages the Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund, which has the ambitious goal of seeing 300 girls through tertiary education by 2025.

Bonang Matheba’s Family

Does Bonang Matheba have a child?

Bonang Matheba does not have any children. In fact, as specified in more than a few interviews, she is in no haste to have children. Looks like those keen to see a Bonang Matheba baby will just have to wait it out.

Bonang Matheba’s Relationships

Is Bonang Matheba married?

They say you can’t always have everything. Perhaps it’s the case for Bonang Matheba becue this section of her biography is one that has endured some struggles.

Is she married? No, she isnā€™t married but Bonang Mathebaā€™s boyfriend remains a mystery. She took to Twitter to let her fans know that she found ‘the love of her life but did not give away a name. In fact, she confused her followers after she said that she wished it was one person.

Who has Queen B dated?

Before becoming famous, Bonang Matheba used to date Slikour, a South African celebrity. They did have a long relationship, but it was not meant to be.

In 2012, Bonang Matheba dated record producer andĀ disc jockey Euphonik. All was not well. EuphonikĀ was charged with assaultĀ after it surfaced that he physically assaulted Bonang Matheba.

She later dropped the charges after the couple reconciled, and called it quits.

Are Bonang Matheba and AKA dating?

From 2015 to 2017,Ā Bonang Matheba dated rapper AKA. This relationship was filled with drama as they had an affair while AKA was still dating DJ Zinhle. DJ Zinhle exposed their fling in August 2015, following their break-up.

TheĀ Bonang Matheba and AKAĀ romance allegedly started while AKA’s then-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, was pregnant with their first child. Both Bonang and AKA denied the cheating claims and threatened to sue.

After months of rumors, AKA and BonangĀ made their relationship official on Instagram in 2016.

Their romance ended in late 2017. AKA, probably upset about their break-up, alleged that she had bewitched him during their contentious relationship.

Bonang Matheba’s Controversy

For someone of her profile, there’s no way Bonang Matheba’s biography would miss a controversial section. Here’s some of hers.

Tax Fraud

Itā€™s not the first time nor the last that youā€™ll hear a celeb being taken to court over unpaid taxes. Bonang Matheba was in this exact situation in 2018.

She was accused of tax fraud as she allegedly failed to remit personal and company tax between 2008 & 2017 and 2014 & 2017 in that order.

Bonang Exit House of BNG

Bonang Matheba cut ties with her management in 2021. This is bound to be a messy break-up as Bonang accused her now ex-management of ā€œcriminal conductā€. She shared this development via Twitter.

Part of the statement read: ā€œToday I announce that I have terminated the contract with them (management company) and they no longer represent me, or any of my business ventures.

I have instructed my lawyers to investigate the possibility of criminal conduct by the company and its representatives.

I will revert over the next few days with more updates so that others can be aware of what I consider their unsavory behavior.ā€

Ā It remains unclear which management company she is referring to. Previously, sheā€™s worked with CSA Global and DNA Brands Architects.

Another Legal Battle

In 2021, Bonang Matheba filed a lawsuit against Gopane’s podcast which she accused of spreading lies about her.

In an episode of the show, Gopane and his partner Blvck Steph alleged that the TV star introduced her former boyfriend Kieran Forbes alias AKA to cocaine.

Through her lawyers, Bonang Matheba demanded a retraction of the statement, a public apology and R500,000 in damages.

Gopane posted an apology on all his social media platforms but did not offer a public apology. It’s not clear if he financially compensated Bonang.

Bonang Matheba’s Lifestyle

How does Bonang Matheba manage her wardrobe?

This is one of the most fascinating elements in Bonang Matheba’s biography. Bonang Matheba’s dresses that she puts on the red carpet are always flamboyant and impressive.

Queen B spares no expense when it comes to her dresses and is known to fly New York-based stylist H. Diddy to style her for her big gigs.

Bonang Matheba’s Instagram account with 4.4 million followers is populated with pictures of Queen B at her stylish best.

Despite Bonang Mathebaā€™s height of 1.53 m, she is infamous for her love for heels. Bonang once admitted to owning over 200 pairs of shoes.

Where does Bonang Matheba live now?

Queen B, whoĀ moved to the Big AppleĀ in May, has been updating her followers on social media ever since she landed in the USA.

From receiving her COVID-19 vaccine to giving a little tour of her flat on the Upper East Side and more recently enjoying a picnic at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.

Does Bonang Matheba post pictures without makeup?

Bonang Matheba without makeup? We are used to seeing Bonang Matheba in full hair and makeup.

But recently, she pleasantly surprised us with a more natural look ā€“ minus the weaves, eyelashes and a full face of makeup.

What colour is Queen B’s Hair?

Have you seen Bonang Mathebaā€™s natural hair? She is rather legendary for not revealing it. A few years ago, Designers Quiteria & George shared a video of Queen B trying on one of their dresses while rocking her natural afro. The video was eventually taken down.

Bonang Mathebaā€™s Birthday

Queen B will turn 35 this year and she never fails to impress. During her 34th birthday, she stepped out in an elegant green dress all the way from New York as she received an outpouring of birthday wishes from fans worldwide.

Bonang has served some of the best television South Africans have watched over the years. She doesnā€™t hold back from celebrating her milestones and achievements. Why would she? Sheā€™s earned it.

Bonang Matheb’s Cars

Is Queen B fond of cars?

Bonang has owned several luxury cars, including several Mercedes Benz vehicles over the years. Her latest set of wheels is a white Mercedes G-Wagon.

Bonang Matheba was the talk of the town in 2015 when she bought herself a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG for Valentine’s Day.

Bonang’s Mercedes Benz Maybach is estimated to be between 1.6 to 3.2 million rands. Besides her love of Mercedes, the Bonang Matheba car collection also features a BMW i8.

Bonang Matheba’s House

Bonang Matheba lives in the United States but has a house in one of South Africa’s posh suburbs. Her property is located in the serene and secure Waterfall Country Estate in Midrand, near the famous Mall of Africa.

The district estate boasts of its tranquillity and stunning designer homes from the world’s architectural experts.

Bonang Mathebaā€™s house was designed by Joanne Reynolds. Itā€™s made up of exposed timber, steel, a staircase, and concrete walls that give the palace a warm and natural feel.

Queen B’s home features a swimming pool, a garden, entertainment areas, and a white-black themed patio.

Bonang Matheba’s Net Worth

Bonang Matheba has already had an illustrious career as a television presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, producer and model.

She is considered to be one of the richest and most popular celebrities in South Africa.

Bonang Matheba’s net worth is estimated at around $7 million which is R100 million.

Awards & Recognition

Despite all the challenges Bonang Matheba went on to pursue her career, she has received many awards.

These include the South Africa Music Awards, Channel O Music Awards, South African Film and Television Awards, and beauty pageants like Miss South Africa.

Bonang Matheba is known for being the first Black South African to be featured in several magazines.

GQ Woman of the year 2020 – One of South Africa’s most prestigious awards ceremonies that took place in December 2020, awarded Bonang Matheba with the prestigious Women of The Year Award.

Ā In March 2020, Bonang won Favorite Personality of the Year at the DSTV Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards.

E! Entertainment People’s Choice Award: African Influencer Of The Year Award 2019.

In October 2019, Bonang Matheba won the latest & hottest challenged category in the E! People’s Choice Awards, “African Influencer of the Year”.

In May 2019, Bonang won the sought-after award for Best Inspiration & Influence at the esteemed Global Social Awards held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Glamour’s Most Glamourous Celebrity Icon Award 2019: Together with ten other women, Bonang was nominated as one of GLAMOUR’s Most Glamourous ā€“ with Bonang winning the title of Celebrity Icon.

In 2016, Bonang Matheba graced the cover of Forbes Woman Africa, and in 2018, she was featured in the September edition of the power issue of GQ SA.

Cosmo Influencer Awards – In June 2019, Cosmo Magazine held its first-ever COSMO Influencer Awards, and Bonang Matheba won the Celebrity Influencer category.

Bonang Matheba was featured by Forbes Women Africa: Top 50 Power List

Sunday Times Generation Next Awards – Bonang was nominated and won in the new category of Coolest Online Influencer.

Social Media

Bonang Matheba’s Website:Ā Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba’s Instagram:Ā @Bonang_M

Bonang Matheba’s Twitter:Ā @Bonang

Bonang Matheba’s Facebook:Ā Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba’s YouTube Channel:Ā BonangMatheba


How old is Bonang Matheba?

Bonang Matheba celebrates her birthday on the 25 of June 1987. She will turn 35 in 2022.

Where does Bonang Matheba come from?

Bonang Matheba was born and brought up in the North West’s capital city, M.

Is Bonang a sangoma?

No. Bonang Matheba is not a sangoma. Bonang has never publicly stated that she is a sangoma, nor has she ever spoken about a calling.

What does Bonang Matheba do for a living?

A Bonang Matheba biography would be incomplete without mentions of the many hats she wears. She is a television presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, producer, model and philanthropist. Her USP is her signature voice and her flamboyant presenting skills.

What is Bonangā€™s net worth?

Bonang Matheba’s net worth is estimated at around $7 million dollars. In Rands, Bonang Matheba’s net worth is R100 million. Bonangā€™s main source of income is generated from her career and her several businesses.

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