Afrikaans Educator Needed-See details

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Afrikaans Educator Needed-See details

A private school based in Linbro Park, Johannesburg. We are looking for a dynamic, professional and passionate educatorĀ that strives for excellence. We would like toĀ invite suitably qualified and matric experienced subject leaders with appropriateĀ experience to apply for the following positionĀ and be part of a dynamic team for the year starting 2020:

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the employee to fulfil the following:

Form Class Responsibilities


  • Attendance registers (including control of absenteeism).
  • Subject assessments, grade schedules and reports.
  • Learner welfare and discipline.
  • Class room appearance maintenance and order.
  • Learner profiles.
  • Learner/parent particulars and liaising with parents.
  • Invigilator tests and exams as per duty roster.
  • Ground duty, relief duty and car park duty as per the rosters.
  • Assembly duty ā€“ supervising the class during assembly attendance.
  • Detention supervision.



  • Plan collaboratively for student learning.
  • Planning process to include assessments.
  • Reflect a transdisciplinary nature of the curriculum.
  • Plan to allow for differentiation and different learning styles.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of individual studentā€™s learning.
  • Effective classroom management and organisation.
  • Effective student behaviour management.
  • Effective use of technology in a meaningful way to promote studentsā€™ learning.

Assessment and Reporting

  • Use a range of balance of assessment strategies and tools.
  • Development of test papers, worksheets and assignments.
  • Communicate student progress honestly.
  • Collaborate with teacher professionals.
  • Build a proactive relationship with parents, keep them well informed about student progress and include them in any ā€œsupportā€ plans.
  • Reporting model: termly reports parent teacher conferences student portfolios


Curriculum and policy development

  • Contribute towards the school wide curriculum and policy development.
  • Contribute towards school process and procedural development.

Co-curricular and school events

  • Meaningful participation in co-curricular programme to achieve school wide goals.
  • Attendance and participation in all school events and willingness to contribute in events and activities.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Minimum 5 years of experience

Qualification in subject

Package & Remuneration

Market related salary and benefits

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